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  1. 10 wickets in an innings. Not 10 wickets in 10 innings.
  2. Hopefully we get a spicy pitch in mumbai so these hacks can’t make easy runs and save their asses for the next two years
  3. Mera hardik aayega mera hardik wapas aayega Ek baar aur karke aayega
  4. Didn’t know you were a big srk fan? That was a strange movie to watch. @Mariyam
  5. One of the greatest cricketer of all time. Always an entertainer. So exciting to watch.
  6. And miss all time great feuds against Kesrick Williams? No way jose
  7. First of all, I’ve been going after this entire t20 team for more than a decade now. Their lack of innovative shots, power hitting, aggressive intent. You seem to have issues with only the lower order hitting. Well newsflash, I’ve had issues with them too. But the top order has been a problem for more than a decade now. Warner took apart iMad in the power play yesterday after an early wicket. You know what our maharathis would done? Single single dot dot single dot. That’s the difference. In the mindset, in the approach. You give a long rope to kishen and Shaw at the top and they will fail a
  8. Lol keep living in denial. There are so many other aggressive openers out there. Even Afghanistan tries to hit sixes if they are 3-4 down. Meanwhile our kaptaan is busy taking singles in the poweplay. Our openers are happy hitting occasional boundaries. The rot starts at the top. You start giving opportunities to aggressive openers and it will trickle down to the bottom.
  9. India is having issues with top order batting. If they showed more intent and scored more, it would be good. Have you been watching this shitty ass t20 team for more than a decade now? Our openers have always been bad. We got saved because of yuvi and then Kohli in 2016. how many games has kishen played?
  10. Big match? They close their forums after losing to Zimbabwe as well.
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