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  1. We would have won the 2012 series against England if he didn’t get injured. Alas ;((
  2. Laaloo

    Indian media !!!

    Bro how is the situation in Delhi now? Asking about those CAA riots from february
  3. Laaloo

    Indian media !!!

    Don’t forget M & M in europe calling for border reforms. Libtards
  4. Sure enjoy then because Kohli will never ever win a tournament for india. Most of us have seen the signs. There’s a reason why rcb never wins.
  5. Stop mixing formats up. Most people don’t have a problem with Kohli the captain. It’s the LOI captaincy that is the issue. it’s not a crime to laugh with the opponent. But you lost one of the biggest final your country played. You scored one run. Keep your freaking head down and stop giggling with the opposition. It’s the least you can do.
  6. No all ganguly did was beat England, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan to make the final. He also reached two CT finals and would have won one of them if not for rain. Ever since the 2007 World Cup debacle, ICC has made it ridiculously easy for top teams to make the QF and SF.
  7. Making to a SF with 3 good teams is not a great achievement.
  8. No one has any issues with Kohli the batsman. It’s his captaincy and his team selections that is the main issue. Selecting to chase against Pakistani in the CT final after you already whooped their asses batting first before. And then losing one of the biggest final to your arch rivals and then laughing with Amir. What the hell was that about? Why does he try and sledge Kendrick Williams in a pointless match but seen laughing and giggling after losing a big match?
  9. Jihadi Merkel now calling for border reforms after letting everyone and their mothers in
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