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  1. Hope it doesn’t take him 150 balls to do so
  2. Shashtri to pujara maine tujhe bola tha ki agar teri batting nahi aayegi toh you will owe me a bottle.
  3. Thanks root. That mean this will probably be the last over of the day.
  4. No I despise him cause he always seems to do well against us in critical situations. We’ve lost 3-4 test matches if not more cause of him so I have every right hate this trundler.
  5. Cause he’s an oily rat. Check his pockets for jelly beans.
  6. Lol unless indian lose 4 wickets, this is india’s day by far.
  7. Finally. But we still couldn’t get the little fker out
  8. I despise him. never liked him. Don’t like him. Will never like him.
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