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  1. You don’t wanna see thala bat in the super over?
  2. I won’t even watch that video. So sad
  3. @Mariyam honest question, what do you think of SRKs daughter? I find her cringeworthy.
  4. I think you answered your own question in the last sentence.
  5. @EnterTheVoid your recent unbiased views on this?
  6. This happened just two weeks after that 2o year old Pakistani refugee killed two people in a lunch break at Charlie hebdo office and they didn’t even work for them. And his terrorist father said he made Islam proud and the journalist was laughing. Kitne ghatiye log hai yaar
  7. These people will never change. We need to educate our families to stay away from that. As simple as that.
  8. Yeah bro I’m so deeply hurt. I don’t want Punjab, rcb, or Delhi to have more ipl championships than mumbai Looks like I touched a nerve. I don’t know why you question my fandom everytime but yeah I’m a mumbai fan because of Tendlya. Dude the last time you went to Delhi was what two years back? And that was what after 25 years? Lol and you’re questioning me
  9. See how delusional chuskis are? Still trying to find ways to see if they can make the playoffs.
  10. Most people in the world are happy as well since well the chuskis are at the bottom
  11. Believe it or not, I used to be a huge fan of thala back in the days. The posts are not on ICF anymore but I have even defended thala against yuvi .!I think it was that centurion test match where he kept bowling Raina and pretty much conceded the match. Raina gave up 77 runs in 7 overs. This is where I went to the dark side. And all those process after process interviews just pushed me off the ledge. It was also a constant feud with chuski fans and dhoni was an easy target
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