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  1. Lol it was on the second page I think or third. That’s as far as I went for now.
  2. Wet dream lol. Chup hoja aur badam thoos chaparganju
  3. They probably would have won it with today’s power play rules and two new balls.
  4. Hard to say. Australia also found it very difficult to score in the death overs. That will most likely be the case here as well.
  5. Haha I’m veggie but I used to eat non veg years ago
  6. My cousin just had a baby girl in Surat and they celebrated as there was no virus. There were at least 10 different families touching the baby. And I dont think anyone wore masks. These people just do not understand the gravity of the situation.
  7. At least made the match interesting
  8. Australia bossing this they are just too damn good
  9. It was very close. It went wide before the ball went past the crease
  10. That was a great shot from moeen bhai
  11. And they got exactly 20 lol
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