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  1. He made every excuses in the book today. What a fraud. Rayudu got injured and the rest of the batsmen weren't turning up and we just kept putting pressure on the batting order. Whenever we did not get off to a good start it kept getting difficult for the middle order. In cricket when you are going through a tough phase, you need a bit of luck to go your way. But in this tournament it hasn't really gone our way. We haven't really won the toss, when we are batting second there hasn't been a lot of dew and when we are batting first all of a sudden there is a lot of dew o
  2. I watched about 10 overs of CSK batting and he was nowhere to be seen
  3. You can literally see the pain the chuskis must be in each and every word of the commentary on Cricbuzz commiserations to them
  4. Ghatiya captaincy bring back boult and bumrah and end this already
  5. Bring back boult and bumrah and end this would be fitting to see these bunch of losers score less than 49
  6. Would feel bad if he wasn’t such as asshole in the press conferences
  7. One of the most disgraceful T20 performances ever well done thala and company
  8. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/cricket/international/england/10957724/England-v-India-Murali-Vijay-provides-the-spark-to-reignite-love-affair-with-Test-cricket.html thala must have read this article spark
  9. Trump just called india air filthy lol saala bastard he right though lol
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