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  1. And Chawla bowled in power plays against two set batsman. Dhoni kept jadeja back lol
  2. Tiwary fluking this innings would be the worst thing for mumbai
  3. Once again dhoni brings back jadeja to a new batsman so he can get easy overs in
  4. Sam Curran still tormenting indians I hate this prick
  5. I don’t think anyone called tiwary the next yuvi. I do recall they called tiwary replicate of younger dhoni because of his hair and they were from the same area
  6. Csk losing this match by less than 50 runs will be an upset
  7. This is some atrocious fielding. But it’s expected for senior citizens. Can’t expect them to bend down at this age.
  8. Hey look a match thread where page 2 opens and you don’t get stuck in endless loop of page 1 well done OP
  9. How is tiwary still playing cricket? This guy is unfit and he sucks
  10. That’s because jaddu is bowling now. You will see more excitement from thala.
  11. Looks like a new style. Thala is trying very hard to look young again
  12. Temporary thread while the admin gets his act together
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