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  1. That was some impressive death bowling by sexter shami
  2. Geee I wonder why chuskis applauded Pakistani back in the day
  3. Jadhav has a strike rate of 98 for the last 3 years. 98 Gaikwad was the second highest scorer in the domestic tournament. ngidi hasn’t played since he bowled bad at Sharjah. Hazel wood just played today after playing one game I think earlier. dhoni is to blame. Why is he making excuses after excuses? And now putting the blame on the younger players who had to play out of position and rarely got a chance to play. Dhoni made excuses that they had to chase all the time. Now when he won the toss and batted first, they are scoring 125 runs. Where is th
  4. https://www.iplt20.com/video/219743/m37-csk-vs-rr-ms-dhoni-interview?tagNames=indian-premier-league
  5. It's about going back to the process, and then see if the process is wrong. We play in front of millions of people so there is nothing to hide. We're trying a few things. You don't want to chop and change. Insecurity is something you don't want to prevail in the dressing room. Fair enough, this season we weren't really there. Also the youngsters, we didn't see the spark to push the guys. But what this result has done is give those youngsters a chance in the rest of the tournament.
  6. And of course thala brings back jadeja into the attack when only 2 runs are required
  7. Two pathetic teams trying to outdo each other makes for quality cricket
  8. Lol they already did when he got out. Instead of criticizing his innings, they said his wicket made a difference of AT LEAST 10-15 runs.
  9. Sabka saath sabka vikaas If we won’t take care of the sick and the elderly, who will?
  10. You would never see that comment published on chuskibuzz lol
  11. These two will be taking it deep from both ends today
  12. I had to go to his profile and it’s working from there.
  13. Was that tweet removed? I can’t see it
  14. @Gollum darling bahar aaja. You are still at the top
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