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  1. Happy retirement Raina. You were an awesome player to watch on the field.
  2. It’s a bit disappointing we couldn’t gift him a farewell match. And no I don’t count IPL as a farewell match.
  3. All the best mahi in your future endeavors. You were an awesome player to watch when in full flow. Still remember those huge sixes against West Indies in a test match.
  4. Happy Independence day
  5. Lol did abid Ali just raise his bat and took of his helmet after a half century filled with so many edges
  6. That’s a horrible stance
  7. Not just India but Uk is *ed too. And most of Europe.
  8. What a bunch of nutjobs it was a fkng fb post. A fb post and they did all this. Dhimmis need to wake up to the reality.
  9. This is pretty much what they live for. It will keep increasing as their population increases. Sad but this is the reality.
  10. Laaloo


    Hey long time are you the same coconut oil business guy?
  11. Of course the aussies would prefer the Pakistani to them who forget winning a test match, haven’t even been able to draw a test match in 20+ years
  12. Oh man. That’s like choosing between paneer tikka masala and paneer chili. I would love if the poyzz get thrashed but all those collapses 10 years ago were so awesome to watch.
  13. It just means your batting is so ****, it doesn’t set a big 4th innings total for the opposition
  14. I don’t care. Want a 3-0 defeat. Hopefully two big innings defeat next two games.
  15. We couldn’t chase 208 in England last tour. We also couldn’t chase what 130? In 2015 in SL?
  16. How is that false bravado? Our bowling attack is pretty good now if you ask me if india would have chased down 277 I would have said no. Heck we would not have chased anything over 150
  17. No forget 277 we would not have chased even 175
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