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  1. Badam thooser @ganeshran ran away again seeing his disgraceful team crap in their lungis
  2. Huh? How was that six by stoinis a top edge? Chuskibuzz lol ignorant slime balls
  3. Nothing related to luck. Rahane is simply not good. He’s a limited player.
  4. The opposition do not even celebrate after getting his wicket lol
  5. Opposition not even celebrating after getting thala out lol
  6. Ashwin not even bothering to get anyone out. Didn’t even throw
  7. Thala already midway down the pitch when raydu hit that so eager to face stoinis
  8. Disgraceful umpiring worst no ball call I ever saw watching cricket
  9. Such a pleasure to see that POS Curran out for a duck.
  10. @PunterLogplease use the spoiler button in the beheaded post
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