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  1. This happened just two weeks after that 2o year old Pakistani refugee killed two people in a lunch break at Charlie hebdo office and they didn’t even work for them. And his terrorist father said he made Islam proud and the journalist was laughing. Kitne ghatiye log hai yaar
  2. He’s has some disciplinary issues as well in the past.
  3. These people will never change. We need to educate our families to stay away from that. As simple as that.
  4. Yeah bro I’m so deeply hurt. I don’t want Punjab, rcb, or Delhi to have more ipl championships than mumbai Looks like I touched a nerve. I don’t know why you question my fandom everytime but yeah I’m a mumbai fan because of Tendlya. Dude the last time you went to Delhi was what two years back? And that was what after 25 years? Lol and you’re questioning me
  5. See how delusional chuskis are? Still trying to find ways to see if they can make the playoffs.
  6. Most people in the world are happy as well since well the chuskis are at the bottom
  7. Believe it or not, I used to be a huge fan of thala back in the days. The posts are not on ICF anymore but I have even defended thala against yuvi .!I think it was that centurion test match where he kept bowling Raina and pretty much conceded the match. Raina gave up 77 runs in 7 overs. This is where I went to the dark side. And all those process after process interviews just pushed me off the ledge. It was also a constant feud with chuski fans and dhoni was an easy target
  8. MI's Win % vs each team vs KKR - 76.92 vs RCB - 61.53 vs CSK - 58.62 vs KXIP - 56.00 vs SRH - 53.33 vs RR - 52.38 vs DD/DC - 52.00
  9. Saala hypocrite im sure you have taliban khan on your Twitter feed
  10. Lol he’s not made a mockery of his fans by batting too low. He’s always chose to bat whenever he wants in the IPl. Don’t forget that IPl final against mumbai where he sent everyone before himself and when the match was all but over he hit meaningless boundaries. Heck don’t even go that far. Just look at some of the earlier games where he sent all these pinch hitters before himself. He’s made a mockery of his fans by being a hypocrite. Don’t play youngsters at all. Then when you do play them and they fail for two games, you put them under the microscope by saying they don’t provide any spark.
  11. I don’t think so. Our Achilles heel is poonjab and Delhi. we pretty much smack everyone around i still remember when we chased 195 against royals in 14 overs to make the playoffs
  12. Lol bhikhari phattechar always playing the victim when the so called educated leader is a dumbass, what do you expect from their retarded inbred public
  13. He came in when 33 runs were required from 39 balls. I bet you a youngster would have come in if it was 39 off of 33.
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