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  1. 12 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

    Get off him for now, spare him and his batting for a season & 2 matches, your activity on this forum will be hampered quite a bit once he retires from IPL as well :giggle:

     Believe it or not, I used to be a huge fan of thala back in the days. The posts are not on ICF anymore but I have even defended thala against yuvi :phehe:.!I think it was that centurion test match where he kept bowling Raina and pretty much conceded the match. Raina gave up 77 runs in 7 overs. This is where I went to the dark side. And all those process after process interviews just pushed me off the ledge. It was also a constant feud with chuski fans and dhoni was an easy target :phehe:

  2. 2 hours ago, SK_IH said:

    Did he hid at no.7 on his own volition? Let's not go back to that unfortunate match, there will lots to discuss.

    I was happy to see him at no.4, may be just another season to go. Unlike most on this forum, I look forward to batting, especially when he is gonna retire soon. But unfortunately he has made a mockery of his fans by continuously batting too low. Hopefully he gets a good innings in remaining two matches.

    Jagdeeshan unfortunately will never get chances in a chase, in most CSK chases after 10 overs are done, players in lower middle order gets pushed up


    Lol he’s not made a mockery of his fans by batting too low. He’s always chose to bat whenever he wants in the IPl. Don’t forget that IPl final against mumbai  where he sent everyone before himself and when the match was all but over he hit meaningless boundaries. Heck don’t even go that far. Just look at some of the earlier games where he sent all these pinch hitters before himself. He’s made a mockery of his fans by being a hypocrite. Don’t play youngsters at all. Then when you do play them and they fail for two games, you put them under the microscope by saying they don’t provide any spark. But you continuously  play freeloaders like jadeja  and jadhav. The hyprocrite will blame everyone and their mothers but not himself or his chelas.

  3. 1 hour ago, The Realist said:

    Disappointed there's no reference to process 

    Lol he did reference it


    remaining quotes:


    Cumulatively when three or four of your batsmen aren't doing well it becomes difficult. I feel it is part and parcel, you think more about the process. Even when you are hurting you put a smile on your face so that the management doesn't look like they are in panic. That is what the youngsters want and I feel the boys have done that. We have kept the dressing room like that and hopefully we can turn it around in the next three games at least for pride. We need to have a clear picture for the next year. The kind of auction, where the venues will be, and you want to give the boys a chance to perform and show their talent. We have to make the most of the next three games and it is good preparation for the next year. Identify the batsmen, who will bowl at the death and hopefully the players will soak up the pressure. Captain can't run away, so I'll be playing in all the games


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