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  1. The pitch today is a belter....medium height bowlers like Siraj are gonna hit the sweet spot more often than not.
  2. Yes, Kuldeep and Tyagi are the next gen all phase bowlers....Umran is also there as he has all the deliveries in his arsenal. One of the issues with RR is that they are dependent on Chahal and Obed in death as both Prasidh and Boult aren't good death bowlers. I'm sure, Kuldeep wouldn't have served the halwa to Miller, which Prasidh was dishing out one after the other.
  3. Tyagi will be a GOLD, his skills are way better than his counterparts. Unfortunately, he is stuck with a franchise like SRH where Bhuvi, Natarajan are the first choice.
  4. RR need to figure out a way to include Kuldeep Sen. Boult and Prasidh both aren't death bowlers, Kuldeep has better ability to bowl yorkers at death in comparison to Prasidh. Prasidh at the moment is too reliant on his awkward bounce, which is a very good skill for ODI and Tests...but in T20 it's a big risk.
  5. Was slow today....131-135...fastest of 141. But he was getting movement
  6. Shami is bowling upto 144, but under helpful conditions his radar is bit off. He bowled some jaffas but mixed with some absolute freebies.
  7. I think Bumrah & Bhuvi will share the new ball as it looks. Again, if we would get a left armer who can bring the ball into the right handers that will be a killer wicket taking option. I haven't seen Khaleel, Arshdeep and Mohsin doing that (welcome to be corrected), Mukesh, Natarajan and Yash have shown that ability. One thing is, since Bhuvi & Harshal will more likely be a part of XI, that would allow Bumrah to get some overs upfront. Which may not be the bad the thing as he has the best chance of picking wickets amongst the names you mentioned.
  8. Right, I am observing this pattern from sometime that we tend to choose so called "economical" bowlers in shorter formats (ODI & T20) upon genuine wkt takers. I don't say that being economical isn't important, but stuffing a one-dimensional attack isn't the right approach. You can have one or max 2 economical bowler in XI, ...while others should be the attacking option who can take out the batsman by inducing mistakes instead of waiting for them to slog. Our mentality in Test matches is mostly correct, that's why genuine fans are more thrilled while watching tests than ODI's and T20
  9. Because hamare myopic selectors ko lagta hai, those who can bowl decently in death and has variations in a good T20 bowler (like Bhuvi and Harshal). While the bowlers like Khaleel and Umran can't bowl in death as they have no variations, hence they are a liability.
  10. Anu-Bhuvi bhaiya will get injured after bowling a 5 over spell. He is worse than Nehraji in terms of sustaining fitness in longer format. Shami and Bumrah will have to compensate for his overs as well (don't expect anything from Spinner Jadeja), thus greater chance of injuring themselves.
  11. Axar, Harshal, Bhuvi, Chahal will play 5/5 or atleast 4/5 marches. Kuldeep may get 1 match. Umran and Avesh will get some matches at no 11 (depending upon their performance), Arshdeep getting an opportunity is very very rare as there are 2 knuckle bowlers who are supposedly the death bowling expert. No 6 is a toss up between Venky and Pandya...I see Pandya getting a nod. KL, Kishan, Hooda, Pant, DK will be the top 5. Ruturaj may get 1-2 matches if Kishan fails, while I don't see Shreyas in the XI. starting XI will be KL Kishan Hooda Pant DK Pandya Axar Harshal Bhu
  12. THis year was his best chance, next year Deepak C will occupy the no 8. CSK should exchange him with the likes of Sandeep Sharma or Sid Kaul.
  13. SRH's season this year will remain a dream of unfulfilled promises. They had all the talent in their hands, and they just messed it up royally.
  14. So final match for RR and CSK in league stage 1) RR still going with McCoy, no Kuldeep Sen. 2) No chance for Hangargekar from CSK. They are juggling with their Rayudu's, Dubey's and Uthappa's.
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