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  1. Pandya is no Kapil Dev, said the wise Holding. Pandya is not even a Madan Lal, Prabhakar, or Roger Binny. He has no place in Test cricket and needs to be dispatched to the more colorful cricketing attire with some urgency. The guy struggles to play a proper forward defensive stroke and has been wicketless for four consecutive tests. His bowling is pedestrian. The guy struggles to pick up one wicket in a match at First Class level, and will struggle to do that in Tests as well, probably at an average topping 50. Incredible that India are playing a specialist batsman at number 7 and 8, a specialist batsman who averages 35 in First Class cricket. A specialist batsman should at least average 40. This cow-lasher has a First Class average of 35, and one century after lappebaazing the hapless Sri Lankans. Okay, leeway can be made for borderline all rounders. Stokes averages 35, but picks up 2+ wickets per match. Shastri averaged 35, but picked up 2 wickets per match, and opened and scored hundreds against good attacks away from home. This lappebaaz plays at number 7/8 and will struggle to pick up even one wicket per match. The guy is 25 and has no upside of becoming even a Prabhakar, Binny, or Madan Lal. Please spare Test cricket the presence of this cow lashing, lappebaaz, gun barrel straight, pie-chucker. EDIT: Adding stats to help with poal choices Sobers: Batting average - 58; Bowling average - 34 (2.5 Wickets per test) Kapil: Batting average - 31; Bowling average - 29 (3.5 Wickets per test) Flintoff: Batting average - 32; Bowling average - 33 (2.75 Wickets per test) Watson: Batting average - 35; Bowling average - 34 (1.25 Wickets per test) Shastri: Batting average - 36; Bowling average - 41 (1.9 Wickets per test) Prabhakar: Batting average - 33; Bowling average - 37 (2.4 Wickets per test) Abdul Razzaq: Batting average - 29; Bowling average - 37 (2.2 Wickets per test) Madan Lal: Batting average - 23; Bowling average - 40 (1.8 Wickets per test) Abid Ali: Batting average - 20; Bowling average - 42 (1.6 Wickets per test) Ronnie Irani: Batting average - 17; Bowling average - 37 (1 Wicket per test)
  2. This parliamentary act is the single biggest reason of fall of democracy in India after allowing chaddhidharis to do their nautanki with dead bodies of Muslims. Parliamentary debate on merits of bills have become redundant, because at the end of the day a whip will be issued. MP/MLAs no longer represent constituents but parties that nominated them. Provisions of the Anti Defection Law should apply only when a government might fall. Otherwise, this local representation of people's problems at a larger forum is a non starter.
  3. The earlier thread had some wonderful introductions and got lost somewhere. It was great getting to know a lot of you better, but let's do it once more with more contributions from the newcomers on this wonderful platform.
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