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  1. 4 has been a very good number. Good stuff from Lalit Modi
  2. It seems pretty serious out there. Not sure how long they can go on...
  3. Not sure about your logic here. RCB are the most undeserving of the lot, riding on momentum from the first few matches. Whereas SRH have shown guts when it mattered, have beat all the top teams, and deserve to be in the finals more. In fact, they might even win, but Bambis look a class apart this season. In fact, it'd have been interesting to have KXIP instead of RCB. Tomorrow is a cakewalk for SRH.
  4. SRH are clearly winning this. They have beat all the top teams. Congrats bava
  5. lol I guess it is time for the northies to have some glory
  6. OK, I'm completely out of the loop. When the f did crikey start back up again? And, I just saw that IPL is back in Sept. :wtf:
  7. Thank you for sharing this! What amazing parents to support their son in sports, and to give the precise guidance on how to master his chosen profession. So awesome to get to know this.
  8. Bangers are getting real good. And, with Afghanistan in the fray, I'm ready for this. Got tired of the Sri Lankas and Bhais.
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