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  1. OK, I'm completely out of the loop. When the f did crikey start back up again? And, I just saw that IPL is back in Sept. :wtf:
  2. @bhakum20, wishing you solace and courage in these times. It comes down to subjective experience, and so there are no objective answers. When She is the Cause of everything, and is everything, there is no separation. Even as humanity suffers, there are other species on Earth, for whom, this is a very different experience of regeneration and relief from human oppression. Why should a Higher Force be restricted to just human affairs?
  3. Actually you can. They need to focus on ramping up tests. And also focus on serological surveys. That is the only way out of lockdown by identifying the people who are immune and can return to work. Case in point: South Korea Aggressive testing is the only way. I understand there are not enough tests, but ramping up production of tests is the way to go, not denying tests. On top of that everyone needs to wear masks, especially because there are not enough tests and we do not know who the asymptomatic carriers are. Homemade handkerchief masks will do. Th
  4. Chloroquine has negative cardiac side effects And, even HCQ is not completely free, but that is the best we have. But, from what I understand, these are both zinc ionophores (zinc is what blocks virus replication), and so may not have much of an effect on people with zinc-deficiency (like obese people etc.) Anyways, Quercetin is also a zinc-ionophore, and can be used in place of HCQ. I'm supplementing right now as a prophylactic.
  5. Which world are you living in? The exemplars on how to deal with this are South Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Czech Republic. Certainly not the uneducated backwaters of USA, UK, Western Europe.
  6. I don't have to make excuses for WFH anymore, I wake up at 10 and login, get my work done, and don't have to "pretend to work", and just go to my living room, and do some kettlebells, stretching. Cooking! I've been meaning to start cooking for a while, and took a break after moving to my new condo, now getting back to things. Gotta love Instant Pot! Peruvian Chicken is next. I had to substitute my Berbere with Ras-el-hanout the other day, so my Ethiopian Chicken stew became Moroccan I'm "hanging out" and connecting with more friends now, as more events are
  7. This amreeka is made of uneducated leaders with no foresight. Florida still has beaches filled with people. It's not gonna be pretty. American Exceptionalism (It won't happen to us)
  8. Stay safe bava. Best wishes for you and your family <3
  9. Yes, they had SARS. What I find appalling is that even with the right methodologies being modeled in real life in other countries with a 3-4 weeks lead time, western world still got caught with their pants down...
  10. It's completely shambolic how the US, UK, have handled this. And even much of Western Europe (Italy took it lightly first, Spain also said it was just the flu). But SE Asia have been on TOP.
  11. Why are you comparing against Trump? Compare against those who are on top of this like South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore. Although South Korea didn't do hardcore lockdown. Thier strategy was aggressive testing. But, might not be possible in India with 1.3 Billion
  12. lol, I just tuned into this, and came to see who on ICF was discussing this. It starts with a sex scene lol. Karke aa rahen hai sab.
  13. Thank you for sharing this! What amazing parents to support their son in sports, and to give the precise guidance on how to master his chosen profession. So awesome to get to know this.
  14. Bangers are getting real good. And, with Afghanistan in the fray, I'm ready for this. Got tired of the Sri Lankas and Bhais.
  15. NEW ZEALAND! In my book, the world champions!
  16. And, he wasn't there before? What kind of a hall is that?
  17. Isn't that their job? And, isn't it the job of ICC to pick umpires who know their job for a World Cup final? And, what are the third and fourth umpires doing in this case? Why can't the be on alert? Do other sports have snafus like this? With this much technological support, and this much at stake?
  18. England invented the game, and the rules supported them.
  19. He definitely looks like he has surprises to offer.
  20. They are not harming anyone, so I don't see why people are getting so upset lol
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