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    what about my ICF $ that I bet on the future games :giggle:
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    but because of u we all are becoming alcoholics :cheers:
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    amits tujhay sharam ani chahiye ... I used to respect you :banghead: please dont tell me that u copied it from PissPiss.net :nervous:
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    The BCCI, announced its "grand vision" yesterday, for its future IPL seasons, that is likely to elevate cricket to the next level. As part of its grand vision, the BCCI announced that the IPL will be renamed IPPL (Indian Prolonged Premier League), that will be played through out the year. "At first, the thought of playing a league for 12 months, might sound crazy. But its possible. The challenge is to ensure that the traditional forms of cricket are unimpacted by the IPPL", Mr. I.S. Bindra, told the ICF staff. When concerns were raised about India's Test & ODI calendar that are part of ICC's FTP, Mr. Bindra was quick to point, "Look, we have the best interests of Indian cricket at heart. Do you think, we have not thought about this ? Ofcourse, regular cricket will go on, unaffected. The idea is to play ODIs early in the morning, Test cricket during the day & the IPPL T20 games at night. This is the IPPL, we are talking about -- cricket 24x7. We have to dream big". We have reliably learnt that as many as 200 franchises will be introduced in the upcoming IPPL. When queried about scheduling such a complex league, Mr. Bindra remarked, "We are considering several graph theory algorithms to optimize the league stage of this tournament. Obviously, with so many teams, a full mesh matchup, is unworkable. We hope to have hierarchical tiers of leagues within the IPPL itself. We will reveal our plans in the upcoming weeks". Following the success of orange & purple caps at the IPL, the IPPL, will introduce white cap (for the best umpire), yellow cap (for the best third umpire), green cap (for Pakistani players), red cap (for the biggest six hitter), pink cap (for the best cheer leader) and black cap (for all performing kiwi players). However, salary cap, is expected to be removed. "But, how does this IPPL, revolutionize cricket, sir ? Does it not quell the careers of budding Test cricketers ?", quipped a cynical ICF reporter. But Mr. Bindra was his usual eloquent self. In his response, he said "Before jumping to such conclusions, its important to understand, how cricketers develop. We plan to introduce a parallel league called the IBL (Indian babies league), to provide ample opportunities for under-5 cricketers. We are talking about making tomorrow's cricketers out of babies that have just begun to walk. Now tell me, which board in the world is so proactive ? Its all part of the grand vision, you see!" In the mean time, the ICF staff have learnt from reliable sources that Pietersen is in talks with the Mumbai Indians for a possible 10 year, $20 million deal with the IPPL. "To me English cricket comes first. I'll never sell myself to the IPPL at the cost of not being able to play for England. Since the entire English team plays at the IPPL, there is no possibility of any English cricket, at the moment", remarked Pietersen. We've learnt that the brain behind the IPPL, is none other than the honorable, Lalit Modi, the future Vice President of the BCCI. When asked about the possible profit from this venture, Mr. Modi, denied that this is a profit oriented initiative. "BCCI is a non-profit organization. When i was dinged by the State court in North Carolina in 1985, I was asked to perform 100 hours of community service. I am merely fulfilling my commitments as a law abiding honest-to-goodness, citizen. In my humble capacity as a knowledgeable businessman, I hope the minimum I can do, is serve this great country and its cricket. With the blueprint of the IPPL, I hope to continue to serve humanity in the forseeable future". With all male children lined up for the IBL and females for the cheerleading squad, the future of India throughly lies in its cricket, for sure.
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    Brits introduced the rule of law in India long before they brought in cricket. But when it comes to dealing with violations of the famed ‘spirit’ of cricket, Indian authorities have somehow made a virtue of not invoking the rule of law embodied in the ICC code of conduct. Despite the succession of gratuitous provocations from Aussies in the course of the ongoing series, Indian cricket administrators and players seem to prefer whining and playing martyrs to the cause of "gentleman's game" than seeking legal remedies available to them within the ICC framework. Their reluctance to take recourse to the law is all the more mysterious and self-defeating given the frequency with which their opponents or umpires have thrown the book at them and built a record of breaches over the years that suggests (however undeservedly) that Indians are about the worst behaved cricketers in the world. BCCI and team management could not get over their inhibition to lodge a complaint under the ICC code even when Matthew Hayden, in the latest instance of offence caused by Aussies, called Harbhajan Singh an "obnoxious little weed." They chose to forego the legal remedy although Hayden's verbal abuse in a radio interview very much constituted Level 1.7 offence of the ICC code, which penalizes "public criticism of, or inappropriate comment on a match-related incident." India's failure to move ICC gave scope for Cricket Australia to conduct an internal inquiry and, after going through the motions of a three-hour hearing, let Hayden off with nothing more than a reprimand. Given the lack of pressure from India, CA did not even deem it fit to make Hayden express an apology to Harbhajan for using such offensive language. The gravity of India's omission is evident from the fact that just before the Hayden episode, ICC had penalized Ishant Sharma by fining him 15% of his match fee for pointing Andrew Symonds towards the pavilion after bowling him. The action followed despite a finding from ICC match referee Jeff Crowe that the 19-year-old bowler might have been "provoked" by Symonds. Had it been pro-active, India could have used that very incident to turn the tables on Aussies and exposed Symonds for what he was - a repeat offender. But since India did not lodge a complaint against Symonds for abusing Sharma in the first place, all that Crowe could do with his finding against Symonds was to cite it as a mitigating circumstance for imposing a lesser penalty on Sharma. In his order, Crowe reiterated ICC's policy that "a zero tolerance attitude will be shown to abusive or insulting language and actions." What he left unsaid was that, in the absence of a complaint from India, Symonds' "action" was glossed over while Sharma's "reaction" was subjected to that zero tolerance attitude. The one occasion on which India did lodge a complaint in the infamous Sydney Test, it promptly dropped the charge against Brad Hogg in an apparent attempt to put moral pressure on Australia to make a reciprocal gesture in the earlier case against Harbhajan Singh. Incidentally, even in that racial abuse case, ICC appeals commissioner John Hansen held that Harbhajan's offence was in reaction to the aggressive manner in which Symonds objected to his friendly overture to Brett Lee. No lesson seems to have been learnt from that experience as India continues to be at the receiving end because of its peculiar attitude that invocation of the ICC Code would run contrary to the spirit of cricket. The unstated policy of keeping away from legal remedies has been taken so far that after Sharma's indictment, the only counter that captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni could think of was to learn the "art" of sledging. It's as if India would do anything, even take to sledging, to avoid taking recourse to law.
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