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  1. yesh yesh! Why can't we go back to the days when the state media would just whitewash the present and state historians would whitewash the past and then hope the muslims would be appeased. Need to have those days back!
  2. The US vs THEM mentality saw humanity through their most creative, inventive periods. But no, a fancy theory from the pseudoscience that's psychology would now deign to tell us how mistaken we were about it all.
  3. Secular PPP in an constitutionally islamist theocracy that is Pakistan. Kyun tina intelligence insult karte ho yaar?
  4. What's bitter here exactly? The post I quoted had me thinking the Tamils were rubbing shoulders with scandinavians in human advance and perfection. You mad that I showed a mirror? BIGLY LOL at ''no matter what anyone thinks''.
  5. Crazy maybe but certainly an obfuscator. A weak distraction trying to make it about the hostile neighbor when it's about the Indian sullas. Hope that helps.
  6. No khulli chhoot was provided to Hindus in Delhi. This is the kind of ill thought post that propagates the canards that Indian state is with Hindus, they are not. If anything, khulli chhoot was provided to sullas in delhi to deposit fire bombs on rooftops and install weapons grade slings. The hapless hindus only retaliated with all they had, and it was them who brought the rioting under control. Not the police, who watched with their lathis in hand.
  7. What I liked about this show of strength from the sullas was their chanting in chaste Urdu. Time for kannada supremacists to make common ground with them against the common enemy, the naarthie hindi speakers.
  8. True dat. TN is such a success story that in delhi NCR, after the bengalis, it's the tamils - even more than biharis - who dominate the domestic bai scene. Come to railway tracks crossing Lajpat Nagar II and observe the success story in action, masses of slummy tamils living and shitting in open.
  9. Saying that covid deaths or patients are difficult to hide does not make it so. It's easy to hide in a military police state like Pakistan. What's even easier to hide is the number of infected people by keeping the number of tests low. The military pakistani state has done well to use its incompetence of low testing numbers and minimal contact tracing to turn it into a story of success in controlling the virus. Knowing that a vast majority of these infected people would require no in-person care, it works for the pakistani state to keep the number artificially low.
  10. And as I noted above, it'd be a challenge but by no means an insurmountable one. Besides, this case you are illustrating to rail against the NEP proposal would affect what percentage of the total cohort? My optimistic guess is less than 10 percent. Remember, no policy measure is EVER a 100 percent hit. There are trade offs and there are misses. On balance, this NEP proposal passes the muster for me.
  11. If you are going to be this agitated about your precious tamil, it's best to read up the NEP. Being uninformed and that fake forum bluster is NOT a good look. The NEP categorically says kids are to be taught either in their mother tongue or the local language till grade 5.
  12. Nobody has banned the english language itself. Or even the teaching of english in schools. Read up and stop wasting internet bandwidth.
  13. True to forum/Social Media styled discussions, you have picked side and being bone headed about it regardless of evidence and arguments. There's going to be no law ever that says only kannada medium schools would run in Karnataka - although a vast majority of schools would be in the local language. The rules are yet to be spelt out but it's certain that by MT, the NEP means any Indian language - a tamil school can run in bengaluru given enough demand for it.
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