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  1. P Krishna has worked on his follow through. Good to see. Both these Kar bowlers showing the bounce in this track. This pitch deserved better batting line-ups.
  2. Imagine nicking behind to a 120 k full and wide one
  3. This bowler ramandeep better have decent batting skills. Otherwise it's sobering to know a short guy like him with a prank run-up, bowling short and wide can represent at national level.
  4. Poor cricket all around. Pedestrian bowling and batsmen struggling against it.
  5. गिद्ध हैं साले. पहले चांस नहीं दिया अब उसकी सक्सेस पे चोंच मार रहे हैं.
  6. Padikkal has the reach and long levers but he doesn't have a quick eye to judge lengths. He also premeditates often.
  7. Where's the gigantic LED though? Did they run out of money?
  8. First time watching the new motera stadium. Quality outfield. Wasn't expecting them to trim it so neatly so soon. Pitch has a tinge of green. Bit of seam and there's some swing to be found. Bounce is ok and pace off the pitch looks nice. A strokeplayer's pitch. The stadium itself with its two tiered stands doesn't look imposing like MCG. But nicely sized boundaries on all sides.
  9. Probably don't want to take a chance on republic day.
  10. Also not right to say basketball is more physical than cricket. It calls for very specific physical attributes but a claim that it's more physically grueling than cricket isn't accurate at all.
  11. 1. There are many NBA teams, and only one Team India 2. USA has less than 1/4th of India's population 3. Basketball rivals multiple other sports for talent Still, I didn;t say Gill specifically wouldn't have a decade plus career. Likely he would. I am thinking of the trends if there is a deluge of batting talent in years to come.
  12. SLAs are a must in playing XI in subcontinent. Axiomatic. Given that, who else could substitute Jadeja besides Axar accounting for some batting ability as well? Cannot think of another name.
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