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  1. With all due respect, these design competitions are best left to bhikhari organizations. The best way is to hire the best designers with a proven portfolio and industry reputation, and offer them a few themes and color choices and let them do the work.
  2. Agreed. No need to get hung up on colors or cede space to others over colors like Green.
  3. It's possible there's some silly rule not permitting private societies like BCCI to use national symbols but yes, the 4 lions of Ashoka would be a nice touch.
  4. India kits have been consistently good since last few years. I did fear the kit design might suffer once MPL came in place of Nike but thankfully that didn't come to pass.
  5. Dhoni has been inserted precisely to soak up all the credit if this team stumbles upon a surprise win. Understand the 5D chess being played by invisible puppet masters.
  6. Kohli is batting like latter day Yuvraj at the moment. And it'll only get progressively worse over time although there will be an odd inning here and there. He's cooked. Not a fan of Rohit in T20 either but he's still a better value with his leadership chops.
  7. Important that the selectors pick a slim squad with only those likely to get game time included. There would Ranji season on and players need to feature there after missing out on the full season last year.
  8. The good thing about this tour is that earlier these were scheduled in winter/autimn of the southern hemisphere with dead pitches. This time it'll be in the middle of their summer with challenging pitches so wheat should get separated from the chaff.
  9. Wasn't there a quadrangular U19 scheduled with Lanka, B'Desh and 2 Indian U19 sides? Has this been deferred or what?
  10. Leaks or planted story designed to look like leaks. Pretty clear that Kohli appears not to have the confidence of his trusted lieutenants anymore. OTOH, if there's even a minuscule grain of truth that these team members approached BCCI prez/secy straightaway instead of resolving difference within themselves or raising it via appropriate channels, then they need to be made an example out of.
  11. Bishnoi and Chahar are both work in progress and will continue to be for the next 5-6 years. This is how it rolls with spinners. Not to say that they cannot play for India right now but their best will come a few years from now. Even Axar looks a dramatically different bowler from 2014 when he debuted for India.
  12. Our girls get a fraction of resources that's spent on men's cricket. And they are up against the best team in the world in their backyard. Best to temper expectations instead of frothing at mouth when they come up short.
  13. India Women actually have a formidable top 4 - Smriti, Shefali, Yastika, and Jemima. Harmanpreet isn't shabby herself. I think Mithali's number is up.
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