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  1. They are clearly calibrating it while the match is on
  2. But but but...his current form demanded that he be dropped. Of course, just three tests before WTC final - in Boxing day test- he took 6 wickets to set up Indian win.
  3. India missed a good one in Neeraj Chopra. Have a good look at that hyperextension.
  4. Shardul on the money. Shape and then some seam too. And probably the most consistent of all bowlers. Outstanding so far.
  5. Shami bowling a yard short, wasting the new ball, and giving the ENG bats a sighter.
  6. Did the ENG top order in 2018 read Burns, SIbley, Crawley? If not, then how's it the same side?
  7. The TM could do worse than decide two out of Ashwin, jadeja and Shardul with a throw of dice. This is where I am inclined to give them a wide berth. Things to consider. 1. A rain affected match that would ensure pitch doesn't deteriorate enough for spin on day 4/5. 2. Shortened match means quicks won't be doing the grunt work so no question of flagging at the end of the day. IOW, 3 quicks are enough. 3. Jadeja could be played purely as a batsman. As good as Vihari and far superior to SHardul. His fielding/bowling being ''good to have''. 4. India needs to
  8. Agree with Gavaskar and Laxman predicting India win. For two good reasons. ENG does look a crappy batting side at the moment. The predictions pile on the pressure on Kohli publicly.
  9. Why not? He's someone who's excelled playing against the best and he expects the same from Kohli. He's not delusional he's a proud cricketer who's letting Kohli know what's expected from him and his team.
  10. Just had a look at the probable ENG XI on cricinfo preview. I have to say, Kohli should disappear in the nearest rat hole he can locate if his team doesn't absolutely bury this ENG team.
  11. KL is unlikely to open given the song and dance the TM made when asking for Shaw to be inducted in the squad. That leaves the team with Vihari, Easwaran and Pujara as possible candidates. Easwaran is unlikely to make a debut since, once again, the TM made such a song and dance about his alleged lack of quality. If Pujara is asked to open and he fails, then what? Does Mayank come in his place for 2nd test and Pujara moves back to 3 or would he (Pujara) find himself dropped altogether - given his recent lack of success? OTOH, if Vihari is asked to open and he fails then t
  12. Learned something new today. The state of Odisha sponsors both men and women national hockey teams.
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