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  1. Gishmoigidied CSK's giflabidy with your googus.
  2. Agree. Bumrah and Siraj are the two locks for me. Ishant probably would be the third one for offering something different in terms of height and ability to bowl dry in extended spells.
  3. Has to keep his job. So he's doing the barest minimum.
  4. Sanjay Bangar has had enough of Kohli's bullshit.
  5. Wasting precious powerplay overs and balls with a listless domestic journeyman when you have ABdV and Glenn padded up and twiddling their thumbs in the dugout. Just Virat things.
  6. That panicked face belongs in a pixar cartoon flick
  7. Kohli, the panicky she-dog, would have soiled his pajama. Like shat himself so hard while pulling faces on camera for our collective mirth.
  8. Mallu social media has got the material for the next 12 months.
  9. Nobody, not even his most bitter critics, question KLR's ability. His ability is why he has those numbers. But once again, Hooda with his limited ability showed why KLR wouldn't take his game to the next level. He is happy being in his comfort zone.
  10. If Chetan works hard then one day he can be as good as Unadcut.
  11. Used to rate Manish over Iyer as recently as 12 months ago. I was clearly wrong because for all his technical flaws, Iyer is superior by a good measure.
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