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  1. Not watching but hopefully Dhongi is humiliating himself on the pitch. If I close my eyes I can almost see his constipated face.
  2. The tables pretty much, but not quite, at the edge of the cliff? And yes, the courtyard was massive. I ask before the last time I was there was in 2007 to burn the handshake money from amarchand. We also were getting around on rented honda activa and your description brought the memories back.
  3. Nobody begrudges samson his place in IPL and the success, sparse as they are, he has had. But talks of deserving a place in national XI because he hits sixes effortlessly? That's proper afretard territory with his legion of dopey paksters. Samson's domestic record prove one thing and one thing alone, he's not got the mental discipline and toughness that's needed to be the top dog.
  4. I am still to overcome the afretard-lites in that samson thread and here comes the cornered tiger.
  5. Did the place have a large courtyard with a DJ console in the middle?
  6. KLR is done for if he doesn't immediately find an antidote for the SR is sooo overrated chooran. Kohli is typical loudmouthed low IQ west delhi punjabi but he atleast had that pitbull like mindset. This KLR is low IQ *and* weak willed.
  7. I did not see this coming. 1) Samson already has the nucleus of a groupie building up, and 2) they are rehashing all the talking points we heard for Afretard. So what if samson plays like the mediocrity he is and scores no run have you seen his timing and the sixes?
  8. KL Rahul speaking like a man who sees national captaincy within sight. He's picked up well from Dhoni and Kohli. If you think about it, it's odd that Rohit never came out with such dopey quotes.
  9. People piling it on poor Jadhav. He's being paid to make Dhoni look good.
  10. Pandya can be relied on as a 5th bowling option, fitness permitting, on Indian pitches where the ball grips the surface.
  11. Rahul must never keep wickets. Best way to ruin his career now that he has found the confidence as a batsman. Brian Lara agrees with me. Dhawan's time is up. Ditto Jadeja. Gill is good but not yet assured/confident. He's still discovering his game. Just like KL Rahul till a few years ago. A good team to put together with 2023 in mind would go like this. Rohit and Shaw to open. Gill being the reserve opener. Kohli, KLR, Iyer in the middle. Iyer still on a notice to prove his game against pace. Pant and Pandya as lower order bats. Chahal, Saini,
  12. Smith has been cut down to his spastic size. He thought he could just walk in as an opener and deliver.
  13. Nice work everyone. Keep doing Lord's work.
  14. Oof. That was a ballgag and strapon sort of dominance tonight.
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