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  1. kitane sarre qatl kar ke nikar liye aur lathiya (intolerance) kis pe barasayi gayi tum (secularist) kaunsa choga ho pehen liye shayari tumhe bhi kufr hi bula gayi. Why insult my belief ? Securlars n libbus, why arent you against these kind?
  2. Every time someone is caught, the parents or sibling pretends that so n so is innocent and they have reared the idiot very well. This is some kind of sajishh against their child. What we are taught in our childhood by our parents is that, all of our bad actions will question their up bringing. We were questioned and severely punished if they found something unacceptable even if it was a trivial thing. Yahan bachha terrorist ban ke kuchh kar bhi deta hai to yeh log responsibility lete bhi nahi. Sala they always blame rss, mudi, indus, jews, govt, military and everyone else. No way t
  3. Why the heck we call these idiots as liberals?? Call them Left terrorist or left extremist. Left in india are not afraid of being biased. They are sick and I would never call them liberal.
  4. Hmm. How could they possibly know about Krishna???? Wow.
  5. Pure version in Adaana. Very subtle use of Darbari Kanada. Rest of the song is Adaana version only. Such a minute difference of expressing Shringar Rasa. Sometimes it is a Joyful expression of Shringar and sometimes it is a Peaceful expression of Shringar. OR another example Pure Gold of Gujari Todi, Jogi Baitha Bin bajaye. Reshmaji Little expansion of Todi here by Richa Sharma. Music is like space exploration. I even equally like Reshma ji or say Parveen Sultani ji.
  6. Yup Muahh. Shivranjani is my fav too. There were like dozens of songs based on it. On the topic, I would add my 2 cents. Most of their songs both Asha and Lata sung without any auto tuners, in 1 take. Sometimes they even rehearsed over the phone and came to studio and recorded it in first take. I consider myself too small in terms of knowledge and ability to judge any of these great singers. I hate to rank them because they are all different. Based on Bhimpalasi by Lata Based on some form of Todi by Shreya Based
  7. I bought 8G thumb drive 3-4 months back for about $20.
  8. Boss, Did you know the Last 50 ODIs, 43 innings of Richards??? He beats SRT hands down. Check this out. 50 matches, 43 innings, GRAND total of 1134 runs @ 29 with 110 being highest plus 4 50s Richards 50, 43, 1134, 110, 29, 1, 4 Almost 30% of ODIs he played had a pthetic avg of 29. Can you believe it. This is like late 80's and early 90s. When ODI standard started to improve lot among the other teams. Fielding improved lot. Teams understood this game lot better. Thats when SRT stepped in. A mere human mind was not enough to counter this FORCE called SRT, they spend $$$$$ MIL on tec
  9. Two coaches needed. One for my Head - There is infighting, confusion, insanity etc. etc. :hysterical:. Not able to think rational. Everything looks right or sometimes everything appears wrong. Badly needed a coach to my head. One should be balanced headed and should understand cricket thoroughly. SRT-IS-MY-GOD type of thinkers need not apply. Another for Indian Cricket team - no criteria. Anybody can apply. :haha:
  10. I would drop Ganguly just on his fielding inabilities. But my biggest trouble is there are many other younger players out there who are as pathetic as SG on field. RP, ZK they aren;t any better. And they are not outstanding bowlers. They are best what we have. Same goes for the opening batsmen. SRT and SG are best as of today and are doing great. I would hope that he could speed up his scoring a little bit and he is fine. Just by about 3-4 points. :two_thumbs_up: Go SG. I would drop pathetic bowler rather than consistent batsman.
  11. Excellent post BB...by giving their worse bowling figures you have proved what Viv dada has done to those bowlers. Look at what SRT has done to many bowlers, McG, Akto, Yonus, Akram, Warne, Ambros. Check their worse against SRT you will know the difference. And who said Viv didn't play Zim and Bongo teams back then. He certainly had SL, ENG and Ind to bang all over. Now we have Zim and Bongadesh.
  12. Yeah.. then why bowl them?? Especially ZK...Dhoni was one short of bowlers already, he knew what was going on especially wrong line by ZK. Plus I noticed one thing watching highlights. He kept on with same line. Dhoni should have asked him to bowl round the wkts instead. He bowled few balls and Afridi scooped one high in the air and almost got out.
  13. GK... Manali ko nahi jaanta...:hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
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