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  1. Willow for sure. I havent checked Hotstar in a while. But I read that they will also be broadcasting. I am covered eitherway.
  2. Yup, I see both day 1 and day 2 replay options. How strange !! There are not any other replay available at all. I have been subscribed to Hotstar for last 3 years. But I am glad it is available. It would be worth watching an interesting day's replay.
  3. Dang. I am dumb. I totally forgot to upgrade to annual membership. Hotstar was milking $10 a month from me for god knows how long. Changed to Yearly. I only paid $43 Yes east coast wont get to watch more than 1 session of play. See if it allows you to download on phone app. It does allow to download programs. I am planning to watch 2 sessions tonight.
  4. No it doesnt. Until match is being played, you can scroll back to watch reply but once the game is over, stream stops so you cannot watch anymore. They provide 6 min or 14-16min highlights within hour of the game. Highlights are available for replay but the game is gone soon after it is over. I have not had luck with watching full game later. That used to be the case like 2-3 years ago. not any more. So for viewers in US, they will miss most of the game. US west coast can watch 5-6 hours of game if they stay up a bit (2am), like right until tea. On the east coast thoug
  5. Pujara was unbelievable. Hats off. The game goes to him. If you know what i mean then you could imagine that this win was impossible. Puji tired Patty and Josh so much that they had no teeth left in the end. The whole thing is unbelievable. So happy to be wrong. 5 days of excellent cricket. Thats why Test cricket always rocks. Worth 100 block buster movies packed in 1 test. T20 cricket doesnt even come close to this. I didnt miss Dravid or Laxman or Tendulkar yesterday. Having said that young lads did excellent. This is perfect team work and win. Kudos to Rahane for le
  6. Of the last 3 tests we played at Gabba, twice we have scored first innings total over 400. Only teams who scored more than 400 in Brisbane are SA and Eng. each team did it only once in last 30 years.
  7. He has no business doing what he did on that crease line. This idiot has pea size brain or just plain stupid cunning attitude. What he did is not sports.
  8. Our relation with Aus is way too friendly for us to complain for such a petty matter. Guess what, nobody would remember what Aussies did. It will only be remembered for Heroics of Indian batters. A formal complaint would spoil it for us. Let us soak this fully. They will cheat again for us to complain. This aint it.
  9. Nah. No need to complain. They got the answers. Let their own ones criticize their performance. This behavior wont ever change. This is 2021. We have watched their cricket in 70s - 90s. LBW were quite common back then.
  10. Indeed. I have not seen such a great fight back in a long while. Aus GOAT attack couldnt get 8 wkts on the last day.
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