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  1. all 4 pacers looked good yesterday...all 4 bowled some jaffa's...some unplayable balls
  2. as a spinner ash n jaddu r chalk n cheese....ash is the cheese..much better. but in fielding..jaddu saves 25 runs in a test match so he starts his batting 25 runs ahead of ash... in batting jaddu is in his form of life kinda likely to score good runs in this test. ash has gone down as batsman. on swinging pitch..he gives away some runs..even jaddu leaks runs anyway i expect 19 or 20 wickets to be taken by pacers. siraj will bounce back with 3 wickets in next innings.
  3. i think Siraj and Shardul bowled well and one of them bats better than ashwin. Ashwin in a great spinner but on green tracks , he does give away a lot of runs to get his wickets. Jaddu is probably picked ahead of hanuma vihari as they think jaddu may score a 50. i think it is a fair call on green wickets to pick jaddu who bats and fields way better than ashwin. on green tracks ash wont do much as he would probably buy wickets. just see how many times shardul and siraj beat english batsman and many times they were about to get wickets. both swung the ball and even shammi swun
  4. good but Shammi is AWESOME....swing pace and High Skills...bowling fuller length....10/10
  5. shammi n bumrah have bowled well but a shade unlucky not to get more wickets...
  6. Sakaria is Useless...i knew it before. actually except Shaw, deepak chahar , rahul chahar , varun chakrabarthy , Surya Kumar and Ishan Kishan...i did not like any one. samson is inconsistent. even today's Pacer looked average. BHuvi is a shadow of his past , just swings the new ball , hardly any pace. pandya brothers also looking average.
  7. I am sure he would not. his batting skills seem to have gone down. seems he just defends well now...hardly has scoring shots.
  8. folks.....T20 is a game in which many slow bowlers , trundlers and smart bowlers can succeed big time ...eg sakaria, bhuvi, deepak chahar ,sandeep sharma and many other medium pacers and trundlers. batsman is ready to give his wicket away as He is in a hurry to score 10 to 12 runs that he has to score in the over. deepak , bhuvi, Nattu ,shardul are equally dangerous as genuine fast bowlers like shammi, bumrah in T 20's as even slow bowling variations are genuine wicket taking balls in t20. so in t20 ..fast bowlers do not have any edge over spinners or medium pacers
  9. atleast 2 good batsman sri lanka team had in the 11. good chance to beat them 3-0
  10. In Mumbai...Kambli was considered the better talent of the two..sachin and him ...but who suceeded big time- the one who applied himself better , one who was hard working. i think Hardik's case is also seeming to be another Kambli's case.
  11. i have met Robin uthappa and venkatesh prasad in Mumbai and Bangalore airport Lounges and had the pleasure to talk to them for a while. Also have pictures with them , tried to load here but it seems size here required is too small. i have met the indian cricket team , once or twice at airports but i do not know any one personally. I know Virat's Father in Law ( cant share his name here ) as He is a retired Colonel and he wants to remain calm and unknown ( from Indian Army) and My father got me to meet him once in a couple of Gatherings in an army Club. But it seems Virat and Anush
  12. lanka is lucky to get a genuine fast bowler in their ranks...he can improve a lot.
  13. I assume the yoyo test ..he would have cleared. I have played 45 over matches ..it's very tough..I agree. 5 day matches are very very tough but I hear they have cold n ice bath techniques that take away pain immediately..so I feel he is young n considered as shardul"s backup.
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