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  1. Sahi pakda hain. thanks. if i am in the selection committee, i would keep 7 to 9 fast bowlers playing for india , rotated across formats. any fast bowler who slows down(like umesh) would be warned to increase speed else sent back to domestic circuit. Slow balls and knuckle balls would be welcome but once or twice in an over. no over use of slow balls, knuckle balls , slow bouncers. use them but not as a norm. Fast bowling is serious hard work, if the fast bowler gets his mojo, he can run thru a line up and win a Test.
  2. Anderson in england test matches is like a LION in a Jungle , practically he turns up as the best bowler of both the teams in each innings. he got 3 wickets in first innings but not to take a single wicket in 15 overs in second innings possibly cost england the Match. Anderson has been taking bucket full of wickets in england and he had mastered the art to succeed in england. But may be he wont succeed that big in future. Archer was very good in the second innings and wood was fast but not at all accurate and full, he was short most of the time. All Swing bowlers use saliva excessively to swing the ball and maintain the ball. even fast bowlers use saliva. Point i want to make is fast bowlers use the energy, power ,rhythm but medium pacers find it very tough with the older ball. New Ball - even a medium pacer like Vinay kumar can sneak in a fast bowl so i agree brand new ball does not need saliva, but later it possibly helps. As an analyst i see Fast bowlers like SHAMMI, BUMRAH, ARCHER ,( i m not counting wood as he does not possess the right length at this stage )rocking in near future. Also Very TALL fast bowlers like ISHANT,Prasidh , even tall medium pacers like WI captain succeeding. Highly skilled bowlers like Anderson,broad ,bhuvi, deepak chahar can also succeed but only if they are medium fast and in the range of 136 to 142K. if they go slower , they will be mince meat as swing kind of diminishes with out saliva. even our Umesh and Shammi wont succeed big time in india due to saliva not being used.
  3. now post carona times with NO SALIVA...Swing bowlers are hit big time, anderson looked like a joke of a bowler and archer and wood and even stokes out bowled him in this Test match. even gabriel who was bowling from 85mph to 94 mph got 9 wickets and won the Man on the match. woods bowled too short and did create chances , archer got 5 wickets and bowled 85 to 93 mph and bowled a lot of bouncers , he got few batsman out twice too, created many chances. I want to highlight that POST CARONA , swing bowlers and Medium pacers will fail big time. fast bowlers who bowl short only will also fail big time. genuine fast bowling and Bounce bowling will succeed. tall guys like ishant will become the talk of the town.
  4. i expect him and anderson to run through west indies today. mark woods bowled fast and quick though he was a bit short. kemar rooch was too slow. holder was very accurate and got good bounce bcos of his height and thats why he got his wickets. gabriel was a bit shorter than full else he would have got more wickets. alzary joseph was always short or too full..he could have got stokes of a 89 mph bouncer but that catch was dropped by roach. Kemar is not worth playing for WI now, he looks slower than bhuvi...
  5. thanks for the details. actually i have been going for jog 4 times a week since unlockdown1. During walk i wear mask but during jog , i pull down the mask. since i am regular on exercise , i feel my immunity has further increased. i have been having tulsi ,adrak tea n kadha too once in few days and vitamin C tablet. i may be wrong (you may share your views) but i feel remaining locked reduces your immunity as you are hardly able to digest what you eat. my take is to slow jog or brisk walk and carona will be away. In joggers track 90 percent brisk walk or jog without mask and all seem to be increasing their stamina n strength. i feel develop your strength stamina and immunity by having fruits, vitamin C etc and exercise and do wear mask , also don't get into heavy crowd.
  6. no one is giving any updates that you may have heard about indian fast bowlers..avesh prasidh shivam mavi nagar koti and others who may be in the second rung ready to challenge the main Pacers...
  7. Prasidh Krishna is the Next Javagal Srinath. Ideal bowler to replace ISHANT.
  8. Time to unleash Prasidh Krishna. Pick Shammi Saini Ishant bumrah and Prasidh. Supported by Hardik the All rounder as he is a genuine All rounder, if hardik is not available than take BHUVI as All rounder. Only Spinner should be Kuldeep. My 15 would be Rohit Mayank Pujara Virat Prithvi OR GILL Rishabh Hardik or VIHARI depending on the Pitch. Kuldeep 3 pacers from SHAMMI, BUMRAH,ISHANT, SAINI, PRASIDH.
  9. Prithvi is our Best Batting Talent who scores runs fast in TEST so we have to fit him into a test 11, he is going to replace RAHANE sooner than later. if mayank continues to do well in opening , we cant play Prithvi at no 1 , rohit is Premium. so Prithvi at rahane's place is the only choice. Second choice is shubman gill. if it is a fast Pitch ( in england or australia), game is won by the medium pace all rounder. we cannot afford to play VIHARI when the Pitch requires a fast bowling all rounder and thats why I have kept it as Vihari as first choice but in fast conditions - hardik. SKY can play at other batting spots ( not no 3) but his exploits have been great recently and he has batted against best indian fast bowlers so I definitely think that he should be tried out in T20 cricket. in T20....i have gone for Rishabh/KL and Rohit as Main batsman and others like hardik/dubey/SKY/Krunnal as BIG Game changing Batsman. t20 is about 20 overs and KL and rohit have a tendency to score 50's so in normal conditions we do not need a Shreyas Iyer or a manish Pandey but a SKY or DUBEY OR Hardik to fire straight. krunnal bowls left arm fastish spin, fields well and bats OK- over all , he is a COMBO Pack and so I would pick him. washington is dropped as I had missed rishabh.
  10. in my t 20 team...india"s hardest hitters of the cricket ball are being played - likes of SKY,shivam Dubey, Hardik, Krunnal,rishabh. Rohit and KL will provide stability. deepak chahar , bumrah n bhuvi are our best t20 pacers and a rookie fast bowler avesh khan. rahul chahar is a good spinner n can be ahead of KULCHA as kulcha give too many runs.
  11. i would select a test team and an ODI Team and a T 20 Team. I will not consider the COMMON POINT ( if they are common so be it). Among Pacers - I would DROP UMESH, Bring in Deepak Chahar, Avesh Khan and Mohd Siraj. Also would be temted to bring in Shivam Mavi but i am assuming that he is not fit. Test team Rohit mayank Pujara Virat prithvi will play ahead of shubman gill and rahane. prithvi or shubman gill are my choices. Vihari or hardik pandey pant kuldeep Shammi bumrah Saini Ishant is 12th man. odi shikhar rohit virat kl rahul shreyas iyer hardik pandey Sanju Samson jaddu deepak chahar Prasidh krishna shammi or bumrah but only one of them Mohd Siraj t20 team kl rahul rohit surya kumar yadav shivam dubey- hard hitting all rounder , once virat sent him ahead of him and he batted well, indicates that they guy has serious talent. i feel he is better than Vijay Shankar. hardik Pandya....- hard hitting india's no 1 all rounder krunnal Pandya- spinning all rounder. rishabh pant deepak chahar- pace all rounder rahul chahar ahead of yuzvendra chahal- spin bowler bumrah bhuvi Avesh Khan- new fast bowler who can easily bowl 4 overs at 140 K pace specially with the new ball and fetch few wickets.
  12. welcome back express and all others. missed you all. it seems shammi and may be shardul did get some practice during lockdown. whats the status of saini,prasidh and other upcoming youngsters. what is the update.
  13. interstate arrivals from mumbai are being asked for institutional qurantine fo 7 days even if the person is MOST FIT. I am in Mumbai and fit. PLan to fly back to Bangalore but surprising they want to quarantine for 14 days and that also 7 days instituational and 7 days Home. 7 days Institutional would be Hotel PAID BY ME , Myself , when I have a flat rented out there... For FIT folks , they should do Tests and possibly ask for Home qurantine at Most, why do I pay big money to Hotels to stay for 7 days?
  14. what ever i am reading shardul and shammi are practicing a bit in carona times but other pacers are not getting to bowl at all. any other information... fitness status of shivam mavi and nagarkoti, prasidh etc...?? any other fast bowling updates , specifically regards Indian fast bowlers.
  15. i think our experts can pick up a lot of information from social media about the Indian fast bowlers and others , I encourage all to open up and share what is deepak chahar , khaleel , even shardul, dubey,hardik doing. as a fast bowler , i am stuck to picking 140K bowlers but as all rounders or Genuine swing bowlers , a highly skilled bowler like deepak chahar and Bhuvi also deserve their place once a while in limited format of cricket.
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