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  1. welcome back express and all others. missed you all. it seems shammi and may be shardul did get some practice during lockdown. whats the status of saini,prasidh and other upcoming youngsters. what is the update.
  2. interstate arrivals from mumbai are being asked for institutional qurantine fo 7 days even if the person is MOST FIT. I am in Mumbai and fit. PLan to fly back to Bangalore but surprising they want to quarantine for 14 days and that also 7 days instituational and 7 days Home. 7 days Institutional would be Hotel PAID BY ME , Myself , when I have a flat rented out there... For FIT folks , they should do Tests and possibly ask for Home qurantine at Most, why do I pay big money to Hotels to stay for 7 days?
  3. what ever i am reading shardul and shammi are practicing a bit in carona times but other pacers are not getting to bowl at all. any other information... fitness status of shivam mavi and nagarkoti, prasidh etc...?? any other fast bowling updates , specifically regards Indian fast bowlers.
  4. i think our experts can pick up a lot of information from social media about the Indian fast bowlers and others , I encourage all to open up and share what is deepak chahar , khaleel , even shardul, dubey,hardik doing. as a fast bowler , i am stuck to picking 140K bowlers but as all rounders or Genuine swing bowlers , a highly skilled bowler like deepak chahar and Bhuvi also deserve their place once a while in limited format of cricket.
  5. i am not seeing anyone responding to the topic...folks do share updates regards INDIAN FAST bowlers. what are you hearing about the, during lock down. have u guys heard about shivam mavi , siraj and Prasidh , new breed of pacers. any status update.
  6. top move... frings pacers like siraj, prasidh will be in at least one team , even genuine fast bowlers like varun aaron can get a second chance. as far as batsman are concerned , india has too many to choose from. hardik has back up in dubey and shardul so dubey/shardul can play in the team playing against the weaker team. to beat Lanka , we dont need Rohit sharma and Virat and shikhar. even a prithvi KL mayank can do the JOB. But yes even the weaker team should have balance of experience. shreyas gopal/ashwin/rahul chahar /jaddu/chahal/axar patel/ kuldeep few others -- we have many spinners who are quite good and can play. But in pacers i would still want to keep only 140k pacers and exception can be for Bhuvi and Deepak chahar as they are both Genuine Swing bowlers. if Umesh is bowling under 140K then (even)He is done. I know he still has the capability to bowl faster than even Saini( dont u guys agree?) .He has to just sort out his ****.
  7. Yes this is the same topic as the "Speed and Performance on Pacers in Important Matches". Why did I create this topic? Because original one has now 309 pages and we are not able to come to page 309. we are not able to access that at all. So folks do talk about All India and International Pacers in this Topic @Express @rkt and all others - Take a Note of this topic.
  8. i am not able to come to 309 page in this topic...Speed and performance..please help
  9. i am not able to come to 309 page in this topic...Speed and performance..please help
  10. i tried to go to the 309 page of "Speed and Performance of fast bowlers "thread that I had created but it was not going to the last page so i tried to wait fro one day. still that thread is not opening so idea of this thread is again to talk about New fast bowlers and fast bowlers that are playing in indian teams... also about Upcoming fast bowlers who have the capability to truly challenge these fast bowlers in near future or later. I also advise that some of us talk highly about some upcoming 17 year old but when due diligence is done , it comes out that he is just a 125k trundler- Point i want to make is if one wants to promote or talk highly about a promising pacer , do mention that currently he may be a 125k-130k pacer but in future he should improve. Main Pacers who are playing for india now are Shammi bumrah ishant saini umesh odi and t20:- deepak chahar ,bhuvi , khaleel
  11. i meant garner was the tallest and also a strong chap with capability to take wickets /hurt batsman and create a scare at will. i think he was taller than ambrose too..so probably the tallest fast bowler playing international cricket along with Bruce reid ( australian bowler who was tall but very weak).
  12. if i am the captain of a team and have to choose one attack out of these , I will Pick 80s: Marshall, Hadlee, Garner, and Imran/Qadir (if spin is needed but these bowlers are good in all conditions) Malcomn Marshall was 90 to 95 MPH and a 5 10" short sized fast bowler who was a little slower than Shoiab Akhtar , I would prefer to replace him with akhtar but since i cannot replace so i will go with him as he was nearly as good as Akhtar. malcom is better than donald and was some times unplayable. GARNER JOel was a 7 ft demon with a lot of bounce and any day when he stretched hard , he picked wickets almost at will. garner was probably better than ambrose. Hadlee- Most Skilled medium fast bowler with some batting skills too. qadir--a genuine legspinner and imran , a very good medium fast bowler.
  13. what i like about SHOAIB is that 1. see his run up..its at least 75 metres. big long run up to generate rhythm and then throws in with full energy....thats the attitude a fast bowler should have, bowl with full energy. one can see shoaib bowling and even till the end of his career , he used to try his best. ..fast bowler has to put all his energy in all his fast balls ( some slower one's he can be a bit tricky). Our bumrah and shammi do bowl fast but only 2 balls in an over are kinda fast , other 4 are medium pace. Umesh is turning into an under 140k bowler now.
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