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  1. i like NATTU's Bowling action..kinda makhan action. he runs in smoothly and has full control over his line n length. On green tracks abroad he can get pace also. I think he touched 137K in Australia but was between 127 to 137K and mostly around 135K mark. His and Siraj's Line and length are so good that we did not miss Ishant and Boom. Siraj and Nattu were so great in australia with regards to Line and length that INDIA Beat AUSTRALIA. There was a PACE and SWING GURU called Praveen Kumar, he played for INDIA for quite a lot bcos of his control over line and le
  2. This is one of the Tests which I hardly watched , i mean TV was runing but i was busy doing my official work not because I was forced to do but bcos i hardly had any Interest. oooh..Root bowling ahead of Anderson, broad and JOFFRA Archer. i remember a story, I was in 9th Class and i led a Team of players who studied in class 7th upto 9th. we decided a Match with one of my School colleagues who was in 9th too. We had a strict Agreement that no one elder , senior to us will be playing in the match. it was a 20 over CORK ball Match ( a Ball similar
  3. Don't agree. His action does not look fastish.
  4. Meritorious selection on capabilities. All are jabardast hitters and one is a strange bowler. If any of them starts connecting well..game can be ours. But they can mis hit too and get out. They should get 10 games and only then anything should be said about them. It should not be that sky hits a 4 and then gets caught and selectors dump him.
  5. Thats a nice plan, varun is bound to succeed in his first year at least....
  6. i think Umesh , Ishant and Boom will play with axar and ashwin.
  7. I want Prasidh or Avesh Khan , one of these to go to england as well. I think both of them are doing well now.
  8. i think Gill wont play..mayank may play. not sure if Gill's injury is fully recovered.
  9. gill is out of the series, time for mayank to show case his mettle. ishant Bumrah umesh ashwin and axar would be my bowling attack. ash and axar can bat well. i will prefer Umesh to Siraj.
  10. Nattu is way more accurate and many medium pacers are available for india selection who were accurate..just to refresh your memory..vinay kumar, Pankaj Singh, Sandeep Sharma and so many more failed big time in international cricket. Though they were very accurate and master of their art. Olly stone of England is not too accurate but he has a bright future because he is 140 to 152k pacer. Kindly suggest bowlers who can compete Archer bumrah Olly stone... international cricket is a different ball game
  11. I will not be happy beating English on turning tracks. Turning tracks are prepared now a days in Lanka and india. All others prepare fast bowling. Preparing spin trackx does not help us in long run.
  12. Agree about Kartik Tyagi and Prasidh. Porel is atleast 8 k slower than international pace bowler. He is more of a inswing line n length trundler. I would rate Deepak chahar Mavi Prasidh even khaleel and few more ahead of him. I am sure porel won't be selected for india 11. Nattu being a trundler was selected due to his exceptional Yorker skills mainly in shorter form. I did see nattu going upto 136k + too.
  13. i remember a match we played in Chennai, I played for my Chennai Company team against a Bank. it was a 20 over a side match. I opened and made 43 runs and was run out. we lost 5 wickets and we had 3 runs outs. Bank chased the runs and won the game. Point i want to make is we had three run outs and 2 catches when batsman tried to hit and mis hit. when we bowled it was so hot in June that our regular bowlers were not keen to bowl 4 overs too and we had to use 6th and 7th bowler who were dummies. I remember fielding and drinking so much water when d
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