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  1. My Pick for first test would be Jasprit, Shammi, SAINI ahead of Siraj and Umesh would be the last option. if they play 4 pacers i will pick Saini and Siraj both. Umesh has to show his form.
  2. i have a feelng that Hardik will bowl in odi's and t20's in australia. many reasons- he is posting gymming etc in insta and social media. if he is fit he definitely will bowl when he plays for INDIA. if he was unfit he would not have played so well in ipl. i feel he will bowl
  3. Hardik is like Sheer talent...some one like Sachin and Bumrah ...excessive talent gifted from God. i have seen him playing shots of balls which others would defend. yes he deserves to be in t20 and odi as a batsman alone but i want him to get his bowling back else he will always be under pressure to score big time as a batsman alone. but i think as a pace bowler also he has sheer talent. Shardul is picked in ODI most probably only because Hardik is not playing. Its hard to believe shardul playing in the 11 ahead of SAINI or even Umesh just as a fast bowler. Probab
  4. he is physically very powerful, when he gets his rhythm and flow , he has to just use his strength and a bit of intelligence and he can manage the opponents as Bumrah and SHammi manage often. if he is not in rhythm , he is not worth being in the 11.
  5. Kohli should not play T20's and Rohit should be our t20 captain. Kohli is a must for TESTS and ODI and t20's are fun cricket. Any lappeBaaj can also be a hit on his day in T20 so T20 should be played by LappeBaaj players. If I was Kohli, I would not play T20's. Any batsman who wants to play Genuine cricketting shots may not succeed in T20. Its a game where Strength and risky and adventerous Shots rule the roost. Pollard , Hardik and KKR HItman are considered as important as Rohit and Virat . if i am captain , I would not play SHAMMI for any T20's and ma
  6. i agree. I would have picked prasidh for the tour. whether he would have got an entry into 11 or not is not that important. he would have got to learn from the great shammi , bumrah. with bhuvi and Ishant not in the team, there are good chances that Umesh ,saini and siraj could play in tests , at least one test. i will not be surprised if there are 4 pacers in one of the tests too as playing more than 1 spinner in Australian pitches don't sound logical. i would play ASHWIN as the only Spinner in test team and play 3 Pacers or 4 Pacers depending on the track.
  7. out of the Above Indian Fast bowlers , i feel a few of them are on a UPSWING in their career and a few are in the down swing( Performance is going down). Saini, Bumrah, Tyagi, Prasidh, Mavi , SHammi, Nagarkoti, Siraj and Deshpande are in an Up Swing. Aaron, Umesh and Khaleel seem to be in a down swing. Aaron's pace is slightly down ( compared to his erst while speek 142 to 150K ) , his line and length are still a question Mark, Only he says that he has a good slower ball. All others agree that he does have a Slower ball but dont agree that it is a good slower bal
  8. Exactly I hope prasidh gets to fly to Australia atleast as a support bowler..who knows he gets picked.
  9. If I am the chief selector- My INdian t20 team in Australia would be- Rohit Sharma Dhawan KL RAHUL Sanju Samson Gill Hardik Washington Sundar -only Spinner in my 14. I don't expect Australia to create Spinning tracks and hence I have picked a Fast SPinner( does he actually spin the ball) Saini Shammi BHUVI if available else Deepak CHanhar but only one of the two. Booom boom bumrah Prasidh Mayank Agarwal- back up opener. Siraj- back up pacer virat should play odi n tests, these are genu
  10. My Take about Natarajan is "Average". I don't see him succeeding in international cricket. why? HIs Pace is under 141 K His swing is Negligible. He definitely has Yorkers but otherwise his bowling is Predictable. For me Picking up a Prasidh is investing in him. He is just fairly good in a t20. Not many will pick him in an ODI. He is picked just because Khaleel was a failure. Had we got a better left arm pacer , Natrajan would not be picked.
  11. nortje was 148K off this ball and holder has no clue how to play him. Above 142K it is more of a guess game for a batsman , i was facing a 125 to 130K pacer and what ever i remember of playing was just a wild move of my bat as per my best GUess. i remember one bawl touched my bat and then i could not find the ball, to my surprise ball had crossed the boundary toward the leg side of the keeper. i saw my team outside clapping and I realised my bat had nicked the ball and i got a 4. very soon the same bowler got me out. All my team mates were appreciating the way i put my bat and pla
  12. batsman was decided to go for a big shot where as he had to play a straight drive against that ball, he swung it to hit for a 6. game is nearly finished ...hyd is 3 down. stoinis got 2 wickets and both were ordinary balls and batsman were under pressure to score big shots in power play.
  13. dangerous bowler.- nortje... All batsman are going mad over the weak pacer Stoinis and giving away wickets. Dont think that stoinis is throwing BOMBSHELLS, it is just that the batsman are going crazy against him with out settling down properly. they dont want to hit nortje and rabada and want to score against stoinis.
  14. i have had under the knee hamstring...it started i think when i got my pads a little extra tight and scored a 50.....my half leg got hard n i had to retire. yes its an issue for sure. rohit has to resolve the hamstring issue but he could have been picked as there is time to goto australia n play the first match.
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