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  1. One off 141K can be ignored or it shows possibility that he can improve. he is a highly Skilled bowler with his skillset coming as close to BHuvi but he has to improve his Speed. I am most eager to watch his line length and Speed in T20 matches ( as he will play T20) as that could suggest if he is focusing to improve his pace or not. As per my best judgement , he can be a T20 bowler for India and if he improves he can play for INDIA in ODI Internationals. I don't see that he should be picked for Tests.
  2. did Nattu touch 141K ever? bcos in tests , I saw him between 127K to 136k and most of the time between 130k to 135k. if he can get most of his deliveries between 135 to 142K...He would become a demon bowler. SIraj got a fifer in the last test match second innings. I noticed that he bowled a lot of balls between 135 to 142 K in the last Match second innings. he was hurrying up batsman and he is already 10 on 10 on Line n length so he became a big Success. I see Bumrah, Siraj and Shardul playing in the first Test against England with 2 spinners. Is
  3. I dont think so, Washie is as good as or even better than Jaddo in bowling and Batting. yep jaddu is a better fielder than washie. washie is a very good batsman and a spinner who bowls at 92 to 97K, batsman are confused as they are not sure whether he is a Spinner or a trundling Pacer. Jadoo is good too But washie is no Less. washie played so well that we never missed Jaddoo.
  4. Mistakes Committed by TIM PAINE 1. Took India Lightly , Gave little runs specifically when they could see that the Pitch had not deteriorated much. they should have tried to score a little more runs instead of trying to hit out skilled India Pacers Siraj , washie and Shardul. NAttu also had the capability to get few wickets but I think Australians played him with caution. 2. When they saw that Gill had scored a 91 and Indians were going for a WIN , they should have defended. In tests even ultra wide balls are not declared as WIDE Balls , their Pacers should have defended
  5. No use of winning white washing england by preparing spin tracks. its very boring , secondly creates a wrong image about us. when we go abroad our batsman find it difficult to play quality Pace. we need to prepare ourselves to beat other countries on their Pitches /soil. Unke ghar Ja ke Marro. No one appreciates a Series win on their own Soil. even a second string Indian Side can beat foreign teams on Spinning tracks and I am most serious about this statement.
  6. if my wish was the command to selectors ..i would never select Pujara at least in India as he plays for a draw. it seems washie/jaddu one of them will always be in our team and Hardik/shardul one of these will always be in our team as all these 4 are All rounders. since they have picked Hardik, i think it is clear that he would be bowling else he would not have been picked. good to see avesh khan among net bowlers. seems shardul ishant and Bumrah will play in the 11 with washie and ashwin too as jadoo is not fit.
  7. Please check the above Post of mine. I had advised few pointers to PAINE. If i was Paine , I would have taken those pointers and advised my team to play slowly and score 400...any ways rain was expected. it made sense to practice batting as any how , India would have managed a draw for sure and if australia scored less , India would go for a win.
  8. we were predicting as to what will happen in GABBA. Check out my Post above. I said that If Smith gets out cheaply , we will win. I was partially correct as Sundar got Smith cheaply ( 36)in first innings and in second innings too, Smith scored 55 only. Australian team is too dependent on smith and warner. warner was unfit so he should not have been played. there was no point in playing an unfit player. Labuchagne is also a top player and he also got out as australians were going for a WIN. I had advised Paine not to go for a WIN and play out the o
  9. Great performance by GILL , Rishabh, Washie , Siraj and Shardul.
  10. she had rishabh for an interview and she asked one question and let him go...she had no questions to ask him. cant believe such a stupid interview. she is sexy but not a capable commentator.
  11. He looks frustrated and as if some one has told him, he wont be picked in future.
  12. Dear he is a genuine talent with the bat. earlier his batting skills could be less but as of today He is a better bowler than Hardik and a little bit less of a batsman than Hardik. He is way better than a Dubey or Vijay or other "wanna be Pace all rounders". His bowling was probably even better than Siraj in this Test, he got 7 and siraj got 6 wickets. He does give away some runs but once he plays fr India regularly , he will improve. best past is he bowls from 130 to 143K range with a lot of balls between 135 to 140K , he balls fuller length and can get l
  13. Yes Both of them have bowled very well in this Test. Shardul bowled from 130 to 141 K and siraj bowled 126 to 140K good to note that siraj also touched 140K in second innings
  14. He is playing is itself a miracle. He is carrying a groin strain.
  15. The way he played starc , cummins and Hazel and also lyon, he is definitely one who will be in future India ODI/T20/Test Team. This Innings will be a game changer for his career. HIs batting Talent will be recognized now. He is a pace all rounder , only genuine pace all rounder after Hardik. I think Virat will keep an eye for him now. Washie will be the spinning all rounder next to Jaddu. I see tough days ahead for yuzi , Kuldeep . good days ahead of washie, Varun chakrawarthy and shadam Nadeem etc... guy like Umesh will not be picke
  16. if I was Tim Paine today , I would play this match for a DRAW. Reasons- My Opposition Team ( Indian Team) seem to have strong Mental belief. Some Players are playing as if there is no tomorrow as they know whether they will play Next Test Match ever in Life or not. Facing a 150 K bowler who is targeting to not just get you out but also Hit you. Some Gyus like washie , shardul who are supposed to bowl seem to be genuine All rounders. so it is not clear that washie is a better batsman than shardul or even Rishabh is a better batsman than washie? there is so
  17. starc has started hitting washie and shardul on their body now... now our batsman may loose their Balance.
  18. 149.2 starc...Hats off Man. hats off to sundar and washie too..they are playing better than Many of our batsman. This is an eye opener...both these guys are genuinely fair batsman apart from their bowling skills. correct decision to play both of them in this test.
  19. shardul telling washie to play properly with full defence when washie's snick went for a 4..
  20. Shardul is showing full confidence against 146K Pace of Starc and Lyon....I wont be surprised if he goes towards scoring a 100. Sundar is playing a bit defensively so will get stuck and wont score big.
  21. The All rounders- washie and Thakur....( Kitne AADMI the..Purre 11 aur ham un sab se bhide akele).
  22. this is a great news.....opportunity for us to knock them out fast if all 4 pacers are available.
  23. yes I saw since morning..siraj was fast ...ranged from 134 to 140K and many balls were 137 138 and 138.x, i think a few 139.x too... i liked his pace , possibly averaging 137K. though i would love if he could average 139k. But he can definitely increase his pace.
  24. 4 over fast spells are ideal for fast bowlers. i think Rahane got Siraj to over bowl sometimes and Saini was underbowled. this was a mistake ..to give siraj a 7 over spell and get saini so late.
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