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  1. On 1/19/2021 at 3:32 PM, bossbhai2 said:

    Hello Everybody been a while since I was here. 


    Just wanted to say that in my many many decades of following Test Cricket ... I dont think there is a equal to this series given the unique circumstances and scenarios. The ultimate David vs Goliath contest.  Ultimately Indian Cricket team stood out like Rocky Balboa taking blow after blow for an entire month and emerged winner 5 minutes to the whistle !! Epic. 


    What do you guys think ?



    Welcome Saar :)


    This match brought me out of my slumber too, the first series I followed after many years since I was introducing my son to the game. And what a first Introduction it was.


    Let me know if you would like to revive any older databases for your analyses ;-)

  2. Let me translate: With a report of uttering of a slang word, yesterday in the match, while mentioning "Thanks to Nicholas", it was not any other slang word, not to create any confusion.
    You speak Afridi :woot: ? Afridi-speak is a meme crying out for some attention. "mah n**ga, my catheter, my khussi )
    bw (black-white, bandwagon, backwaters, IDK WTH it means, so ignore it for now)
    between ?
  3. who's in charge of the PTW? It's not updating the results. Please fix it. :two_thumbs_up:
    It's automated, and there are some issues with the Team names on cricinfo being different. Would be a pain to sort this out, and this is lower down the priority i'm afraid. Maybe if I get some time, I'll take a look in the coming week
  4. :two_thumbs_up:
    Bear in mind that in the past, due to the first match being delayed due to rain etc, there have been cases where the substitution window didn't open as the next match started before the first officially ended.
  5. So on the 21st will I be able to bring in India & Pak players in immediately after Ireland vs Holland game? :hmmm:
    As long as there is a minimum 10 minute gap between the end of first game and the start of next, you should have a window to make subs.
  6. Thats a big loss. I think it is wise to buy players before they start scoring so that only 30 points are cost.
    I don't think you understand. You will still lose only 30 points. Let me explain. My team before substitution: Player a: 100 points Player b: 50 points Player c: 50 points Total: 200 points Some Player d not in my team has 200 points. Now, say I want to substitute Player a for Player d. My team after substitution: Player d: 200 points Player b: 50 points Player c: 50 points Substitution Adjustments: -130 (100 - 200 - 30) Total: 170 points So, even though the substitution adjustment is of -130, I only lost 30 points (down to 170 from 200).
  7. Me too' date=' this is my second SS but i haven't understood the substitution rules properly.So i might end low in the table .[/quote'] It's quite simple really. You lose 30 points per substitution (for the T20 WC superselector). If before substitution, you have 1500 points, after substitution of 10 players you will have 1500 - 300 = 1200 points. What is confusing for people at times is the "Substitution Adjustments" row that is shown at the bottom. That is to make sure that the existing points of the player you are substituting in are not included in your tally as it will not be fair. For example, if I substitute a player who has got 5 points so far in the tournament with a player who has got 500 points in the tournament so far, it is unfair for me to get the 500 existing points for the new player. ICF SuperSelector only awards you for what what your selections do *after* you've selected them, not what they've done so far. So, you will find a substitution adjustment of (5 - 500 - 30) = -525 points Unlimited.
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