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  1. The point is not about "kaali billi raasta kaat gayi" kind of superstitions. It's about people being hoodwinked out of their money and savings after being sold services which cannot be realistically provided.
    Ok, this boils down to unkept promises based on monetary transactions (religious or otherwise). Trouble is, many people actually believe that whatever the "hoodwinker" did helped them. How do you deal with that ? If a person feels hoodwinked, he goes to court and gets justice. Don't we already have a law for that. What is the purpose of this law ?
    I would imagine it's reasonably straightforward to differentiate between touching a book to your head and someone trying to convince you that you will crack an interview if you make a donation of some amount. How is that different from a Ponzi scheme for which people go to jail, but don't when they carry out fraud in some other guise?
    IMO, the worst kind of scheme is not just looting money from people, but looting their whole life due to religious fantasies. Would you make a law to make religion illegal ?
  2. 2. Advertising services which you cannot realistically provide is fraud, religious or non religious.
    All religion can be classified under that. For example, the promise of swarg, jannat, heaven for faithfully following a religion cannot be proved and could be classified as fraud. Religious belief by definition is blind faith. Many people actually believe that some of these superstitions work. I remember as a kid if I touched a book with my foot, I would then proceed to touch it to my head just as a superstition. Then there was the "kaali-billi raasta kaat gayi" superstition. I doubt the wisdom in trying to do a Mao style cultural-revolution eradication of these customs or superstitions. For change to happen in a painless and sustainable manner, it should happen organically rather than be enforced from the top.
  3. Why does it say I have -860 points for Substitution when I haven't made a single substitution since I saved my team for the first time ??? Someone please look into this matter else delete my team. No point participating in fraud Ashes Super selector. :protest:
    Did you happen to submit your team *after* the match started ? It looks like it. I've fixed it for you this time, but remember to submit the team *before* the match starts.
  4. I know nothing about rules for ICF SS. Is it true there's a cost for subs? How many subs allowed? How many points per wicket, how do you get bonus points for batsmen or bowlers. Is there the captain gets double points rule as usual. Will I get unlimited free subs before start of first match? Will join before start of match tomorrow.
    • Unlimited subs (not allowed during match of course)
    • Substitution cost: 25 per player in this SS (configurable for each SS -- you will see the cost on top of your team after the SS has started)
    • No double points for captain.
    • Point system is based on a lot of factors
      • for bowlers: economy, extras given, wickets taken, fifers
      • for batsmen: Strike rate, runs scored, sixes, fours, fifty-scored, century-scored
      • for fielders: catches and runouts
      • the weight for each of the factors mentioned depends upon the type of match it is

      [*]You can find a lot more info about the point system here: http://www.indiancricketfans.com/showpost.php?p=223598&postcount=1 [*]You can see the points earned by a player in all matches and it's details by clicking on the points for the player in the Superselector page. [*]The points for a given match can also be browsed by clicking the Matches Links on the right of the SuperSelector page. Example link: http://www.indiancricketfans.com/index.php?pageid=scorecard&cinfourl=http://content.cricinfo.com/icc-champions-trophy-2013/engine/match/578623.html

  5. Can you turn off auto-play on the radio thing on homepage?
    can someone seriously stop that test match sofa link on the home page? it keeps autoplaying
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