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  1. This adds to the confusion :hmmmm2: Why is the T20 forum then locked during the T20 WC? :hmmm:
    Ah, I see. It's too late to open it I guess as people have been using the normal cricket forum for the T20 wc. Ok, lets just use it for IPL then. Will rename it back to IPL forum.
  2. I think the current bill has 20% and with this rule I don't think the likes of Walmart' date='Tesco etc would find it viable enough to come to India. The Govt will ultimately have to reduce this.[/quote'] The current bill has: - Min $100 million investment - 50% of that investment goes into rural areas for back-end cold storage and supply chain investment - Front-end stores only allowed in states that allow FDI - 30% to be sourced from Local SMSE (small & medium scale enterprises) - Doubtful: Front-end stores only allowed in towns and cities with min 1million popluation
  3. Rich are richer Poor are still poor. Most corrupt politicians in the world.
    Before independence: Rich are whites or servile desis. Most are poor (read up on the British Raj famines) Corruption was rampant even then. Most are illiterate (read up on literacy rates at the time of independence)
    Yup we have achieved a lot since Independence.
    yeah, the usual snarky cliches of the self-flagellating crowd.
  4. lol ya' date=' have to get back at them Chinese. One of them cheeky kunts in my class, we kid around alot his comments are funny but sorta true. We have same population but 4 medals, no gold :(([/quote'] Best so far man. We never had 4 medals earlier.. We are coming from a very low base, so it will take a while :) .. See the countries above us, most have a bigger GDP per capita than India. In India the so called elites (i.e. middle class and above like you and me) aren't interested in sports and ironically they are the only ones with easy access to sports facilities. Hopefully your kids won't have to face the taunts you face now :icflove:
  5. Yes atleast I will have something to counter them. For now it's "atleast we are the best in a real sport like cricket not fecking table tennis". Little do they know we are getting our asses handed to us in that as well. 8-0 : (
    Your life must be so sad :(
  6. :hysterical::hysterical: Did you see his gestures to the crowd before the second jump - Bolt se kum nahin the?
    I know.. Yeh aisa hi hai :facepalm: .. Although commonwealth games mein iski drameybaazi kaam kar gayi thi. Let's see what he does in the last attempt
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