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  1. “Cricket will lose something of its spirit as more decisions are referred but ultimately it is a game for players, not for umpires, and something has to be done.”

    This coming from one of the most famous umpires ever ! Take that you "umpires are an integral part of the game" ppl :P
  2. And btw, the last thing the team needs now is a new coach to join it now, with so much have happened already. I am slowly beginning to wonder, is this the most controversial test series ever ? I dont recollect too many series which such drama in it. Pathetic umpiring , dropped catches claimed, accusations of unsportsmanlike behavior, racial slur, threat of boycott.. This series has had it all !
    It might turn out to be one of the best series too. Here's hoping for an Indian fightback :pray:
  3. i take issue at last post. because i don't know what you guys are saying ' date=' Lol[/quote'] Well I asked sandtest why he was bringing politics into this thread, and reminded him that he also brought religion into the other thread. I was just generally getting exasperated with him (in a tongue-in-cheek way) He then proceeded to say that he wanted to point out that the Aussies/Kangaroos are crybabies not just in cricket but in Politics too.
  4. DSR...in fact you touched some really interesting issue. Lately, Aussie government is mighty p!ssed due to growing Naval Power of India in subcontinental water. Eastern goods/oil passes through Indian ocean and Indian Navy can block these in case of war --leaving adversaries suffocating. Worse is yet to come -- after introduction of Sukhoi-MKIs Aussies have became like cry-babies exactly same as in Cricket. read an assessment of Sukhoi by Aus media. http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Flanker.html
    Bhai, this is a cricket forum.. Ek jagah religion mein serious ho gaye, abhi yahaan politics par itna vistaar se bhashan de rahe ho. Tumhara kya karoon samajh nahi aata ! :D
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