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  1. Really loved watchig Fringe a few months ago. What other good sci-fi series I can watch.
  2. Started watching "Motive". A very different approach to homicide investigation. They show right from the beginning who the victim is and who the killer is. Then the investigation ensues as you are taken through the before and aftermath of the murder. Very nice show. Good stories and good performances.
  3. I still remember the episode where Denny Crane teaches that trick to Alan Shore. He tells him to keep going and not to stop till he signals him to stop. Alan Shore keeps looking at Denny from time to time till finally Denny signals him to stop and needless to say, the get an unlikely win. I still remember the name of the episode: Schadenfreude. Denny Crane is was a master of manipulating juries and the judges. Who can forget "Namby pamby"!!
  4. I watched a few episodes of first, skipped second and jumped straight to third.
  5. Yes, indeed, there is marked improvement. If the latest seasons of some of the American Shows like The Good Wife, Suits, The Mentalist etc, you will see vast improvement is writing, acting, direction, cinematography etc taking the whole game to a whole new level and a very clear increase in production value indicating higher budget than the previous seasons.
  6. Just finished House MD season 1. Quite interesting, though the episodes seem to fall into a pattern. I hope the next season will be good. Also finished Psych season 4. Brilliant.
  7. Thanks. I have got the first few episodes of the 2005 series 1. Hope I will like it.
  8. Oh man, even I remembered Farooq Sheikh during the first episode. He was brilliant in "Jeena isika naam hai". I miss him. BTW how is the show "Doctor Who"? Very high ratings on IMDB. Is it worth the time? Should I start watching from season 1 or a later season?
  9. Yes, he is overdoing it. His "scroll" in the end in sudh Hindi is the most irritating part of the show. Sounds so fake and boring. Even the guests hate it. And he needs to stop interrupting the guests with his own stories. He seems so desperate. But I like the show. Currently it's the only show I am watching on Indian television.
  10. Watching a UK tv show called "Judge John Deed". Very nice show.
  11. Yup. Superb how. I love stories about small towns.
  12. I love watching kids sing, but like Desi pointed out, if they are not being treated like kids, I don't watch the shows. We need some strict laws to ensure these kids are not being psychologically traumatized in these shows. I still remember that 15 years old girl commiting suicide after judges in a West Bengal dance reality shows mercilessly humiliated her. IIRC nothing happened to the judges, the makers of the show and the channel. I watch Jhalak occasionally, when I have time. Maddy I watch Comedy Nights occasionally depending on who the celebrity guests are. Kapil himself does not ho
  13. Finished two seasons of "Line of Duty". What a fantastic show! Never before had I seen such high standards of acting from almost every character in a tv show. Some of the best interrogations I have ever seen - especially the one at the end of the penultimate episode of the second season. One of the best shows I have seen lately.
  14. I started watching the last season and stopped half way through. It's boring.
  15. I have watched it. one of the best shows I have ever seen.
  16. She is a hottie. Not too shy to show some skin too.
  17. Brilliant spy show. I am already half way through the second season.
  18. Good news. The Mentalist has been approved for another season.
  19. I have a feeling they should have gotten a new actor this time. May be another character altogether with Baur being in a senior position now.
  20. Yup, just watched the first two episodes of Fargo. Brilliant performances. Martin Freeman is superb in that role.
  21. I am on a Bones marathon right now. Finished season 3, started season 4. BTW, are they terminating The Mentalist this season? Apparently the channel does not want to continue and the producers can't find another channel.
  22. Finished seasons 4 and 5 of the Mentalist. Watching season 6 right now. This season is much better than the earlier ones.
  23. Finished Broadchurch in one day. Brilliant show. Accused. A very good show. See two episodes so far.
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