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  1. Started watching "Motive". A very different approach to homicide investigation. They show right from the beginning who the victim is and who the killer is. Then the investigation ensues as you are taken through the before and aftermath of the murder. Very nice show. Good stories and good performances.

  2. Bud...show is no where near its best yet..just wait for 2nd season when alan learns secret of long speeches ...you will re watch episodes to see his performance !
    I still remember the episode where Denny Crane teaches that trick to Alan Shore. He tells him to keep going and not to stop till he signals him to stop. Alan Shore keeps looking at Denny from time to time till finally Denny signals him to stop and needless to say, the get an unlikely win. I still remember the name of the episode: Schadenfreude. Denny Crane is was a master of manipulating juries and the judges. Who can forget "Namby pamby"!!
  3. Watching Boston Legal. From the 9-10 episodes that I have seen till now' date=' it seems to be one of the best written shows that I have seen in a long time. And the humor is terrific.[/quote'] It will get better and then it will get worse in some ways. But it's a brilliant show. Alan Shore and Denny Crane rock.
  4. Just saw a movie called A Most Wanted Man *ng Philip Seymour Hoffman(I think it is one of his last completed movies) anyways brilliant-That is the way I like my Spy movie to be... keeps you on the edge of the seat without any shenanigans you associate with a spy thriller Fantastic movie highly recommended and seriously whatta performance by P.S.H.
    I have read the novel. Will catch the movie soon.
  5. Do you guys think standard of American shows has gone up in last 3-4 years? Last decade (2001-2010) was a decade of Reality shows but now all theses thrillers/drama seems really good...
    Yes, indeed, there is marked improvement. If the latest seasons of some of the American Shows like The Good Wife, Suits, The Mentalist etc, you will see vast improvement is writing, acting, direction, cinematography etc taking the whole game to a whole new level and a very clear increase in production value indicating higher budget than the previous seasons.
  6. Doctor Who is a very niche' serial and not many might like it. Pros 1) It is hard core science fiction. The story is about a time traveling alien/God called the Doctor, who is from a species called Time-Lord and travels in a time-machine. He is 1000 year old and his home planet is gone. He takes companions from earth and travels through space and time for multiple adventures, in the past and the future. 2) One of the core component of the series is something called regeneration where when the doctor is dying, he can regenerate. He becomes another person and this way the actor can change. This is why the series has been running for over 50 years, making it the longest running television series 3) The nature of the episodes can vary a lot, one episode can be comedy, there can be a big action with special effects and then next episode might be a scary one. Actors add their own personalities. Every adventure lasts only an episode or two Now the cons 1) It is a part of British culture and that is why they enjoy it the most, even some of the silliness. Otherwise, some of the episodes can really be bad and put you off watching all together. Not everyone might get the humor or the references. I was in Doctor Who right from childhood as we had these Doctor Who books in our school library. Maybe that is why I love the concept 2) Sexuality is limited to kisses as the show is on BBC 3) The older episodes do not stand the test of time. The special effects and costumes are really cheesy and would not suggest you to watch them at all The reboot happened in 2007, so you can start watching from series 1 of the new season. You can also pick and choose some episodes which are really good, you do not need to watch all
    Thanks. I have got the first few episodes of the 2005 series 1. Hope I will like it.
  7. I watched both the SRK episodes and Anupam Kher is getting worse as an anchor. Watching him struggle and overdo it so much I remembered how brilliant Farooq Sheikh was in his show on Zee TV.
    Oh man, even I remembered Farooq Sheikh during the first episode. He was brilliant in "Jeena isika naam hai". I miss him. BTW how is the show "Doctor Who"? Very high ratings on IMDB. Is it worth the time? Should I start watching from season 1 or a later season?
  8. RTaDOvaS48k Anupam Kher is overdoing it as an anchor, no?
    Yes, he is overdoing it. His "scroll" in the end in sudh Hindi is the most irritating part of the show. Sounds so fake and boring. Even the guests hate it. And he needs to stop interrupting the guests with his own stories. He seems so desperate. But I like the show. Currently it's the only show I am watching on Indian television.
  9. Last I saw matrix was when I was very young and tbh I didn't understand the movie. It was a weird green movie for me but since everybody liked it, I had to watch it. Saw it on iTunes via Apple TV and it was awesome. Finally I understood it and all day today I was thinking about "what if" lol
    Seriously, what if....?
  10. Has anyone seen the British crime mystery show Broadchurch starring David Tennant of Doctor Who. MV5BMTk4MTk3MjIwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTM2MDU1OQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_.jpg Brilliant, brilliant show! It's about solving a crime that takes place in a small town. They're remaking the show for US audience starring David Tennant as well.
    Yup. Superb how. I love stories about small towns.
  11. Am I the only one watching hindi shows?? Jhalak dikhlaja, comedy nights (people watch this i know) or dance india dance, boogie woogie , saregamapa, indian idol whenever they are on...
    I avoid talent shows that have kids performing, I hate to see these 4-8 year olds carrying so much pressure. IMO it should be illegal. Poor souls touch feet right left and center and cry all the time. Comedy nights was funny initially but When Kapil jokes about color or shape of people, it puts me off. I watch indian idol (not kids), big boss every year. I do try watching some serials but they are just pathetic.
    I love watching kids sing, but like Desi pointed out, if they are not being treated like kids, I don't watch the shows. We need some strict laws to ensure these kids are not being psychologically traumatized in these shows. I still remember that 15 years old girl commiting suicide after judges in a West Bengal dance reality shows mercilessly humiliated her. IIRC nothing happened to the judges, the makers of the show and the channel. I watch Jhalak occasionally, when I have time. Maddy :love: I watch Comedy Nights occasionally depending on who the celebrity guests are. Kapil himself does not hold my attention anymore. He is fading. I started watching The Anupam Kher Show last Sunday, liked it and decided to keep watching it. I watch other singing and dancing related reality shows if I have the time and if they are not boring me to death.
  12. Finished two seasons of "Line of Duty". What a fantastic show! Never before had I seen such high standards of acting from almost every character in a tv show. Some of the best interrogations I have ever seen - especially the one at the end of the penultimate episode of the second season. One of the best shows I have seen lately.

  13. gasy4aha.jpg
    The movie is not anymore interesting than this. Watched it yesterday. Michael Bay has outdone himself this time. It's a prime example of a movie with no story. No story at all - just excuses to keep the boring movie going on and on. Performances are bad. Dialog is horrible. And the movie just does not end. :wall:
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