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  1. Can’t have a specialist bat coming in at 7 and playing such a garbage knock.
  2. You give Kohli ATG Windies or Aussie team vs any Dhoni led CSK. Dhoni still might beat him.
  3. Pakistani fans are like the "humare zamane main" Uncle who can only relive the few glory days they had because they have nothing today except their fungus riddled cassettes and DVDs of matches that happened eons ago and which get taken out from dusty shelves to cope with yet another loss to us. They sit in their chairs rocking back and forth with misty eyes muttering "mere Javed- Imran" aayenge. Despite their superior record to us, they have won fewer world cups than us, have never been #1 in test cricket for as long as we have and have never won series in more countries than we ha
  4. EU should ban New Zealand travelers from Europe for humilating Italians like this.
  5. Sad day in the history of the legendary and coveted Oye Hoye cup
  6. What an epic last minute betrayal Bigger betrayal than Kattappa
  7. Saw him overawed for the first time in a while. While he's missed the GS, he should get to 21 in Jan-22 for sure.
  8. If you’d asked an Indian fan in the 90s, what is your wish list, they would have said a) world class pace bowler/attack and b) destructive WK batsman. While we got b) in 2004, a) took another 10 years but it’s been worth the wait. Bumrah might end up amongst top 10 fast bowlers ever the way he’s going.
  9. Pal do pal ka shayar is back Pant and Kishan to be mentored on taking it deep©
  10. By results, he probably is. In terms of astuteness, vision, leading from the front and selection, probably not. “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants.” I think this quote applies to Ponting and Kohli quite aptly.
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