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  1. Pujara played very bravely this series, was a vital cog in the win but at the end of the day, he averaged a mere 34 lower than Gill, Rahane and Pant. Dravid during 2002-2006 used to own series in a way Pujara has done just once back in 2018. Pujara has an away average of 37 - 29 in England, 30 in South Africa, 20 in WI and 20 in NZ. There is no way he can be considered better than Dravid and definitely cannot displace anyone in an all time Indian XI with these numbers.
  2. Maybe he can replace Mayank.
  3. This is the our greatest series ever. Does Kohli warrant a place in this lineup?
  4. Pack it up boys. This guy’s test career is done. No point investing in an almost 34 year old now. Lyon has owned him. He played the exact same shot in Adelaide last tour and gave away his wicket last test also.
  5. This is Vihari's Joginder moment - long term, he needs to be replaced.
  6. Right up there with Napier. This is a GOAT partnership against a sensational attack.
  7. Win, lose or draw this is a stunning effort from everyone. Proud of this team.
  8. Any comparison between Pujara and Dravid is a joke. Dravid rotated the strike well and played the role of a stroke maker when needed. Pujara killed the momentum yesterday even and today derailed the inning. Aussies know that when he’s around run scoring will never cross 3 rpo even if the other end is blazing away.
  9. Pretty poor timing of this thread given how well he has bowled entire series. He is the leading wicket taker along with Cummins.
  10. And this has been done by excluding other batting positions for others like Dravid. This is some level of creativity to find some permutation/combination to show Tendulkar as inferior. Wonder how Dravid fared in Australia against McGrath and Warne. The andhbhakti is real.
  11. Player K Primary team South Africa Opposition team Australia or England or India or New Zealand or Pakistan or Sri Lanka or West Indies Home or away away (home of opposition) Batting position between 4 and 7 Ordered by default (ascending) Career averages Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF
  12. This is what this table for this period looks like away from home without minnow West Indies against who many filled their boots after Ambrose and Walsh retired. If you do this analysis over their careers away from home, Kallis' away average is 48 - a full 8 points below his career average vs a 1 point drop for Tendulkar.
  13. Enough of SENA obsession. Did we get humilated last week? Yes Have we done poorly there in the last 10 years? Yes But here's another way to look at this. In the last 50 years against Australia We have won as many test series in Australia as they have in India We have more tests in Australia than they have in India We have drawn more test series in Australia than they have in India In the last 50 years against England We have won as many test series in England as they have in India We have drawn as many test series in E
  14. This is an over reaction now. In 2011, Australia were 21/9 and then bowled out for 47 after a big lead against South Africa. In 2015 Ashes, Australia were bowled out for 60 and in 2019 Ashes, bowled England out for 60 a test they went on to lose. Australia were also bowled for 85 at home against RSA 4 years ago. All big teams have had such horror days. What matters is whether they can come back from this.
  15. Don’t want someone just batting as a batsman making a poor 28 (31) while chasing 390 and getting outscored by the likes of Jadeja.
  16. He's making a habit of making useless runs. He needs to finish games like Dhoni batting at the position he does. Even Agarkar and Irfan Pathan have made 80s/90s batting in the top order so this is not unique to Pandya. He needs to bowl to justify his position. If he's not bowling, he can be replaced by someone else.
  17. What he needs to get a lot of credit for are his man management skills - managing several legendary players, each with their own strong idiosyncratic personalities, effectively and successfully over a long period of time.
  18. 3 test absence is a bit much for the captain and best batsman. This is taking the mick.
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