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  1. They are giving far more that that . May be your state is skimping ....but people are getting more than they had in pre pandemic times. You will never see any good ....so it is difficult to believe you.
  2. How do people expect the govt to raise money? Giving free food to so many people for 6-7 months needs money. Food for the poor who may have lost jobs is more important that petrol in the car.
  3. This happened and Grant let it go just like that? Looks a bit unbelievable. It is either something that was done in a fun kind of way or he is exaggerating. He couldn't be so hard pressed for money that he had to lay low and continue to work after having a knife on his throat.
  4. There is not much difference between favoritism and discrimination if it ignores merit.
  5. oh! 'former'.... Did they quit because of this case?
  6. Bast@#$$ will not leave this caste nonsense even there. Hope they get fired .
  7. 83 killed after being hit by lightning in Bihar, PM Modi tweets on the disaster https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/83-killed-after-being-hit-by-lightning-in-bihar-pm-modi-tweets-on-the-disaster/story-gSpahwCcHeMj24iMyIUMbM.html This year just keeps getting worse. Most of them were farmers working in their fields. OM Shanti
  8. Take care @vayuu1 and rest of your family.
  9. https://www.wisden.com/stories/news-stories/dravid-beats-tendulkar-in-wisden-india-poll-on-greatest-indian-test-batsman
  10. Toffee kumar....can't beat that for a name !!!The best ever nickname given to a player.
  11. Free time on hand and U tube
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