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  1. While D Chahar went for the macho makeover...thakur decided on the Jetha Bhai look.
  2. Good. If players do not follow rules and put other players and the series at risk, they need to be punished. Players should be rotated to keep bubble fatigue at minimum . Players should be given the option to opt out .Once they agree to be part of the team,they should follow bubble rules and not put others at risk without being held accountable.
  3. No need for so much appeasing. If UP doesn't have a team, then J& K can wait. Besides why give chance for idiots to use the ipl for antinational agendas.Why give a chance for fringe elements to hijack or blackmail ipl functioning. I would rather have a mountain team from Himachal, Uttarakhand and J&K .
  4. How does one stay away from injury if one is injury prone ...some people are injury prone. It is not just about fitness, it is also about one's body, about genetics, about the environment one is raised as a young child. He was unlucky to be injured at wrong times. You think any player wants that? Dhoni ground him to dust when he was in form . There was no load management that time . Some players are injury prone and need load management like guys like Bumrah are getting now. As for the world cup...he is on trial just like others . So many bowlers are being tried along with h
  5. Who is fighting here for him to be regular?He played when declared fit and selected. No body is lobbying for him to be selected over others. He is coming back after the replacements are not working. We had a record new caps this series. What do guys on icf want? As for ODIs ...it is a B team...if you think guys like bhuvi should not be in the B team too...then you guys just live in some wonderland where we have a country full of international players just waiting for the older players to kick the bucket.
  6. Some people here are obsessed with bhuvi. The guy hardly plays any cricket now. When he does...he performs more often than he fails. Some people here are so obsessed that they just wait and pray for him to fail. Which player performs everytime? He is not a regular now. That gives enough opportunities for youngsters to be tried out and take his place . Some have done well and taken his place in tests while others have been more hype than replacements. When the replacements perform , they will replace him . What is the effing obsession . He does not have clout , PR su
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