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  1. It is a national celebration . A parade is fitting way of celebrating it. As for the show of arms and soldiers.... We have rogue nations surrounding us,it doesn't hurt to thump the chest once a year. What we should stop is the drama at wagah. We give too much importance to that nation . No need. We are not equals. Just put a proper opaque gate there and let the clowns on the other side do their thing. We should stop that nonsense.
  2. Wishing all icfers a very happy Republic Day. May we become a stronger ,happier and healthier nation . God bless our land .
  3. It is one thing to not believe in allrounders in general....but to deny the all round performance of the ' all rounders' in the last few matches is just 'zidd ' .
  4. DC need another Indian wk keeper to sub for Rishab . May be get Anuj Rawat from RR. He plays for delhi ....fairly good bat .
  5. CSK buys Uttapa...cash trasfer from RR. He fits the age criteria. Wonder what they have against youngsters...
  6. Mr.Prasad...it is clowns like you who have been comparing .Now shut up because you are neither the selector nor good enough yourself to give advice to national cricketers. No body is asking for your advice .
  7. Pant made a few centuries before this but still had to struggle in his international career. This time he was well short of a century but this one will make him a bigger star in everyone's eyes. In contrast... Tendulkar's century in Bangladesh made him a villian in most people's eyes . Runs that help the team is what people remember. Centuries are for the media to hype.
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