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  1. Incompetant fools will blame everyone but themselves. They have a CM who has never held any administrative position and did a horrible job during a crisis .
  2. Cattle in the forest is not good for the forest. Their hooves destroy new growth of saplings in the forest bed. Besides this,there is also a danger of spread of deseases in the wild animals from these cattle.
  3. Cringy! He should learn from Warner and family who have been keeping his fans happy with fun videos.
  4. Very nice read Mariyam. Agree that Kathak is far more graceful and fun than Bharatnatyam.
  5. Lets not be too hard on them. In India lot of people can't go to old sick parents ,can't conduct last rites etc because of lockdown. People with influence and money can get their way through but most others are helpless. Unless you are rich influential person or a migrant worker.....you have no rights right now. People in the country are no different from those pak students. This lockdown business should have been sorted out by now . Two months is enough time .Can't take away people's basic rights to be with the people they love like this for so long.Nor can the govt take away peoples right to work for so long. We are not china...but right now it feels like we live in china.
  6. Can't believe numbers coming from Pak. How do we know the dead are being tested if they died of corona ? How do we know deaths are not being passed of as natural or from other illnesses?
  7. He’s not that old: MS Dhoni’s mother reacts on viral photo -
  8. An all Indian mini ipl is a better idea for the short term.
  9. WHO chief should be in jail. Bloody chinese stooge!
  10. Guys, where can I watch the M*A*S*H series?
  11. What a horrible year this is turning to be! RIP Irfan Khan. Om Shanti.
  12. https://m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/a-herd-immunity-strategy-could-actually-work-in-youthful-india/articleshow/75285241.cms
  13. Ronit Bose Roy (@RonitBoseRoy) Tweeted: No mask? Tension nahin Leneka! Simple hai! https://t.co/NSNPMikDZ3 https://twitter.com/RonitBoseRoy/status/1252135490884718592?s=20
  14. Jio has adhar info of millions of Indians.This was mandatory till govt put an end to it. I would be vary of jio now.
  15. Problem with testing is that you can be testing negative today and catch it tomorrow from some random person ,surface the next day. The solution is gently getting herd immunity ( hoping the bcg vaccine and the temperature rise makes it easier) or a mass produced vaccine .
  16. Social distancing is to make sure the infection is staggered over a period of time and the entire population does not get infected at the same time and the hospitals can manage the 10 % people who need to be hospitalized . Govt has already made quite a few hospitals ready including military hospitals. Protective equipment is being made available . The lockdown was to slow down infection rate and and hopefully be better prepared for the future infections.
  17. But can't forcibly keep people locked in homes while they watch their jobs ,businesses go bust. There is no choice. Lockdown has given the govt time to plan for it. Get hospitals ready and let people out with social distancing guidelines being followed. The govt should first let only people going to work out with passes . No need for the rest of the dependents to go out of homes. Slowly let normalcy come back in whatever form is possible.
  18. She is pretty immature for someone who has been in the limelight for so long.
  19. It can't go on forever. Need to think about economy too. People need to go to work. In the end everyone will get exposed and it will be like flu....it kills too but most people have a terrible 1-2 weeks are recover.
  20. Most people in India are. Specially in specified hot states.
  21. For CSK...he is a young chap. Khelte raho.....just stay away from blues.
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