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  1. His ungainly bowling action is a big reason. Fatigue sets in time to time.
  2. Parag isn't his surname, it's His father's name, Parag Das former Assam cricketer. His surname is Das which he doesn't use.
  3. rkt.india

    Dubious Dube

    His biggest issue is lack of feet movement. No matter where the ball is his feet stays glued at one place.
  4. It looks ok to me. Spinners are allowed bend to some degrees, 15 degrees, IIRC. He is hardly turning the ball. If he was chucking, ball would have turned more than usual like it used to for Ajmal.
  5. PBJS have a solid middle order this season with likes of Hooda and SRK doing well.
  6. There's nothing wrong with his action. He is not bowling doosra and I didn't see any chucking.
  7. It's all about confidence he got after success in international cricket. Temperament comes from confidence in your own ability.
  8. Open with Abhishek and Bairstow, Warner 3, kane 4.
  9. Ordinary batsmen don't score 150 at 7 plus rpo in 20 overs on such pitches. Cricket has always been a highly condition dependent sport. On such pitches in 90s, 4 rpo used to be a norm. In 2003 and 2007 WC, we struggled to score 4 rpo against Holland and BD on similar slow sluggish pitches.
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