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  1. Samson is yet to do anything like that for Indian team.
  2. As a talent, Samson is far superior but temperamentally Iyer is superior.
  3. Yahan bhi khuda hai, vahan bhi khuda hai, jahan jahan khuda tha vahan vahan khuda hai.
  4. 25k is nothing irrespective of the place. If you live on rent, you have to pay between 5-10k as rent alone. 50k is minimum requirement even for very small towns.
  5. That's what I have always argued about. Our per capita income is very low. Lot of the money is unequally distributed.
  6. If talking about what's the most common thing most people celebrate culturally all over India than go nowhere but Tirupati Balaji aka God Vishnu Aka Shri Krishna aka Laddoo Gopal. The most famous temple of Shri Krishna is Tirupati and Shri Krishna Janmashtami is one of the biggest festival in the north, west, central India.
  7. Bumrah too debuted under Dhoni. Dhoni was LOI captain till 2017. Kohli did back fast bowlers in tests.
  8. Even in this below average IPL, pant has 340 at runs 30 and SR over 150. He has just couldn't play big innings he was known for. Both captaincy and his fitness played it's part. His fitness is shameful for a player like him. I would in fact as a coach and selector would put him in NCA for 3 months working on his fitness. He dearly needs to lose 5-8 kilos. He was always a stocky guy but at least main that fitness level of 2018-20 period.
  9. I want him to be able to pick wickets up front that's our biggest problem. If he can swing the ball both ways at pace, he will be must. No other Indian left armer swings the ball at pace.
  10. He will still play against SA if picked. He isn't asking for rest. There are still two weeks before the series.
  11. Khaleel bowls good Yorkers. He didn't bowl today is a different issue. Probably wet ball or sweaty palms. I wouldn't be too harsh on bowlers in these weather conditions. This time of the year in India isn't meant to play cricket. It looks very easy sitting watching at home.
  12. Khaleel's swing is still work in progress. He needs to perfect his inswinger.
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