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  1. Cricket doesn't receive any funding from govt.
  2. It happens when #1 seed is irrelevant. Like Punia #2 was also beaten badly.
  3. What a crap batting line up Australia is fielding. Mitchell Marsh and Henriques batting at 3 and 5.
  4. Yes. Ball straightened after pitching while Hawkeye showed it went straight
  5. Even McGrath didn't win his team every game. If we are looking to make an attack, all top 4/5 bowlers must be good enough to win us games and that should always be our target instead of making scapegoat out of 1-2 good bowlers we have.
  6. Shardul hitting high 120s. That is express pace In women's cricket
  7. He played as a WK early on. If he still played as WK/bat, they will still be okay. Jos butler, their current wk has same average after 50 tests.
  8. Ashwin isn't that good against Right handers
  9. What will you do by picking Ashwin? England has also picked 4 seamers.
  10. Neither Ashwin nor jaddu are going to win you games with the ball in England.
  11. We don't have perfect squad so can't pick perfect XI.
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