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  1. Brett Lee looked fast, felt fast. Ask Kalis himself who is mentioned in the article.
  2. Moeen isn't as bad a bowler as you are making him. He is very good bowler for English standards. Had he played for India, he wouldn't be any less than Ashwin. He used to put more revs than Ashwin and was fairly accurate. Ashwin averages 40 in SENA. Moeen 38. So there isn't much difference between the two. Ashwin looks good ot become of his home bowling or in WI, spin bowling paradise. Regarding old gen, they too had their share of Clarks and Udals and others. Getting out 76 at home etc
  3. Pitches overseas are still fine but at home too spin friendly.
  4. As mentioned in the article above, Naseem reached quicker to the batsman than Cummins but Cummins is a much more successful bowler. The reason Naseem reached quicker because he is shorter, ball has less distance to travel once released from the hand than Cummins.
  5. Jis team ke 3 middle order batsmen ka 2 saal me 25 average ho uska bhagwan hi Malik hai. It's Zimbabwe level batting. We should have been languishing at 6-7 with this kind of batting.
  6. Iyer, Mayank can at least score at home unlike the Trimurti. Even against England at home, openers and lower order saved us. Any half decent domestic middle order batter will do better than them at home.
  7. Speed guns don't mislead. A 145k ball is 145k. A 135 ball won't feel like 145k. Speed in the air is always important to feel quick to the batsman. Some may lose less pace, some more.
  8. 45 in this era is as good as 50 in 2000s flat pitch era.
  9. Even Bumrah has a lot to prove in India
  10. Day dreaming? Kohli is phiksed on seniors. Ishant, Shami, Umesh. Saini and Prasidh won't play ahead of them. Pray he doesn't drop Siraj for them.
  11. He isn't a spraygun. He just lost his rhythm due to injuries and lack of games in lockdown.
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