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  1. Flattening won't happen now because things are open. Other countries opened lockdown when their curve flattened. We opened too early for flattening to occur.
  2. Lockdown hatne k baad ye to hona hi tha. Isme kaun si surprise wali baat hai.
  3. Things were bound to escalate once things opened up.
  4. SGs in delhi, Raj, Maha already increased VAT, CG hasn't.
  5. No one will talk about state govts increasing VAT on pily to generate revenue.
  6. No, you can still use the medicine even if it doesn't workon corona as it contains giloy and ashwagandha which is anyway good for immunity.
  7. Their study is half baked. Study was done on below 60 with mild symptoms and without any chronic issue. Most of them would recover without any medicine. So we don't know how much this medicine had on them.
  8. World cup for me is inconsequential. Test series win in SENA matters more than an ODI WC.
  9. 359k death will mean about 12-15 million infections.
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