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  1. Harvinder wasnt bad. Had good pace too, was discarded too soon. Kumaran was all about accuracy. Remember him being very miserly in his early ODIs.
  2. Nagarkoti had a mixed action before. His upper body was front on, while lower body side on in the past. Now he is completely side on.
  3. The difference is Bumrah and Shami got enough time before playing competitive cricket while Mavi just started bowling very recently. He was supposed to miss this IPL. While Nagarkoti got fit last year in December. Then played DY Patil in Feb 2020. Also, they have not played or bowled in last six months so there is rustiness. Mavi is more cautious because he has just recovered from injury. He has suffered two back injuries in two years. Last year too, he missed IPL due to back injury then again got injured late last year during Ranji trophy.
  4. I would add Akash Singh and Sabir Khan in the developmental list too. Sabir is probably as quick as Kartik.
  5. Natrajan plays fir TN, was a find of TNPL a few years back, kingx xi picked him then released him, then SRH picked, he had also struggled with injuries. He is as much a part of TN squad unless injury.
  6. Nagarkoti is just too short. Same case with Mavi. But Mavi being a high arm bowler has an advantage.
  7. I can see Khaleel is running in hard, trying to bowl quick too but just not able to generate the pace he uses to do before.
  8. He is also coming back from an injury which made him miss the ranji trophy. Players have hardly played any cricket since March.
  9. Yes, need a good video to analyze, but one thing is he isn't getting in right position at the delivery stride. He seems to be hip dominant but probably his centre of mass is falling ahead, may have an issue with impulse stride too. Centre of mass at the delivery stride should be in a vertical line but here feels like his upper body is falling and not straight.
  10. Khaleel's bowling action is absolutely messed up, all over the place. Bowling arm coming over inside his left shoulder instead of over it or a bit around it.
  11. Because mavi-koti both are undercooked coming back from long lay offs. Same is Prasidh.
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