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  1. Also, one doesn't need to be a natural athlete to be a good bowler. Likes of Bumrah, Aaron, Bhuvi, Shami, Ishant aren't natural athletes. It also depends on what his neurotype is. For that, he will have to do neurotyping test created by Christian Thibaudeauh.
  2. Here is the second pic showing lack of pre-turn and closed body position.
  3. Bhai hip dominant doesn't mean you are using your hip. Hip dominant is a position decided by your backfoot landing. I didn't say Arjun doesn't have technical issues. He does but his back foot position at the crease makes him a hip dominant bowler. It has nothing to do with hip position but position of backfoot at the crease. In modern fast bowling coaching, fast bowlers are categorised in two types. In the past, we would have three types side in, front on, semi side on. But now with new research and techniques, new methods, fast bowlers are typed in two categories knee dominant and hip dominant. Look at this pic, in this, his backfoot is almost vertical to the ground on first landing and this makes him a hip dominant bowler. It has nothing to do with how he is using his hips or not. It's just the position that determines what kind of a bowler you are. He is lacking hip drive because he is not able to separate his hips and shoulders, not able to do the preturn because he jumps away before landing and closes his body after landing. Second pic shows his closed body after landing.
  4. No. He has dropped dollies at times out of slips.
  5. You forgot Akash Chopra, was one of the best close in fielder I have seen from India. Short leg, silly point.
  6. Just a regulation running back catch it was.
  7. Kohli isn't a reliable fielder, drops too many catches.
  8. He is also jumping away at the crease instead of staying straight. Arjun seems to have potential but he needs a good coach, a better coach. Someone like Steffan Jones can make a huge difference in his bowling, improve his technical issues. He is still just 20. Four weeks under Jones will do him world of good.
  9. Here is an example of cross base alignment. There are hosting technical issues here. Cross base alignment will help him swing the ball into the right bander like with Trent bolt who also has cross base alignment. Seems like his landing is too soft.
  10. This is his last year's video. Very difficult to asses from just one angle. Need front and side on angle video as well. But the little I can assess from this is it seems his centre of mass (COM) isn't in the right position on landing and is probably falling over, only side on slow mo video can confirm that. He needs to some drills of four tent pegs to work on that. There also seems to be cross-base alignment.
  11. Had to watch his video on YouTube, slowed it down and I was right. He is a hip dominant bowler. As a coach, this is the first thing I look for in a bowler. Because unless you know the body type of a bowler, you can mold him or improve him. This categorisation of bowlers in two categories is the biggest thing in modern fast bowling coaching. It has made a huge difference in how fast bowlers are coached. Before this, it was different. Knee dominants and hip dominants cannot be coached same way. Their drills, their workouts are now different which wasn't the case before. Arjun has good backfoot landing, hip dominant. Not landing on heels is one of the most important things to get off the backfoot quickly and transfer momentum on to the backfoot.
  12. Bhai. His left leg gets off the ground quickly and his knee doesn't make big angle that is why he is hip dominant. That lift you are talking about makes him hip dominant bowler. Apart from that regarding his body balance, hip-shoulder separation , braced front leg. All these things can only be assessed by proper slo-mo video. Only thing that can be assessed from these videos is that he is a hip dominant bowler. He is lacking hip shoulder separation but he is still a hip dominant bowler. Hip dominant and knee dominant are two different positions of a bowler on landing. In modern fast bowling coaching manual, we categorize fast bowlers in these two categories based on their backfoot landing and angle of the knee. I am talking about these technicalities as a coach and you are assessing him in layman's terms.
  13. Hip dominant doesn't mean, you need to move your hip. There are two types of bowlers hip dominant and knee dominant. Angle of your knee while Landing of your Blackfoot on the crease defines your category. Bowlers who have knee angle between 45-90 degrees are knee dominant bowler for eg shami, yadav, ishant, Mitch johnson, Brett lee, akhtar, tait, bond, stanlake, Loki etc. Bowlers with angle less than 45 degrees are defined as hip dominant bowlers which means their back foot is less bent or more straight while landing for eg Bumrah, starc, Cummins, archer, Steyn, tabadala etc. These two types of bowlers differs in how they generate pace. Hip dominant need fast runups and quickly off the back foot on the crease. Look how quick Arjun gets of his back foot. While knee dominant bowlers need more time on the back foot for eg Mitch Johnson. Hip dominant bowlers are more springy, fascia-tendon elasticity driven bowlers. They need more time running, jumping as their workout, less gym work. While knee dominants are mostly muscle driven, strength driven bowlers. They need more time in gym to gain strength and make use of RSI (reactive strength index). Example with a picture. First row is of hip dominant. Second is of knee dominant bowlers
  14. Arjun looks very good. Apparently, he is hip dominant, fascia-tendon driven springy fast bowler, gets off the backfoot very quickly, so doesn't lose the momentum he generates through his bustling run-up. His action is also much more refined than before.
  15. Area had record breaking rains. Kolaba recorded second highest 24 hour rain ever. Dahanu recorded highest ever 24 hour rain. Mumbai had 3 consecutive days of over 100-200 mm rain. Almost 70% of monthly rain in 3 days
  16. Kartik Tyagi is much bigger and more skillful talent than these two because of their short height. I liked Akash Singh too.
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