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  1. You are just a keyboad warrior hiding in your momma's closet. BTW, I did not come after until you started posting lies and consipracy theories about transgenders and moon landing and whatever else you could think of. Being old does not mean I have to act like a vegetable. However, being "what you call as young" in your head almost certainly means being dumb as a door nail. You have done nothing with your life, so you are putting out your frustrations on me hiding behind a keyboard. You are truly a pathetic soul. Go do something with your life so that you do have to use this forum to vent your
  2. Better than being dumb and paranoid. As far as age, don't worry you will get older one day and some young a-hole will make fun of you in a typical asinine desi style that you are doing. Keep doing what you are doing.
  3. They could not plan the pregnancy? I think they got bored with the COVID isolation and miscalculated. Without the best player in 3 tests, Aussies will stick it to Team India. Actually what is point of playing one test. Just stay home and let another player get the opportunity of a full series. Rohit in tests will be a disaster. Only hope if Pujara finds the same form as in last series and occupy the wicket and everyone else bat around him. Nonetheless, it will be a nice change to watch test cricket at a sane time in the US.
  4. Once you go black, you do not come back. Once you go desi, you just become a sissy. No wonder Kamala identifies as black. P.S. Once you go white, it just ain't right!
  5. I know some folks who are born into Muslim families, but do not practice the religion or have become atheists. This is in USA however where the repercussions are not grave.
  6. This is in WB or Bangladesh? From the Bangal accent, seems like Bongobondu, but so many of them have infiltrated to WB, it is hard to tell.
  7. First the moderate Muslims have to get a voice. Right now, they are either scared or getting drowned out. You’re right it will take several more centuries. Think of this way, Christianity was founded about 600 odd years before Islam. So Islam is where Christianity was back in medieval ages.
  8. Western Europe is seeing the ill effects of indiscriminate immigration from Islamic countries. On top of this most of these folks form the underclass, so chances of radicalized are even more. Hope they can change course.
  9. @Real McCoy FYI, I do not work at NASA. The professional career I have had so far, you would not even dream of a fraction of that with that intellect of yours. You are just a loser hiding behind a keyboard. Keep posting your meaningless conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, we have many idiots like you on this planet and many in the US. You really need mental counseling. You are a delusional person. I hope you get some help.
  10. I think @Real McCoy is a tranny in Real Life. That is why he(she) is projecting all the time. @Real McCoy what is your favorite lingerie brand?
  11. I had to look him up. One story I was talking about is the death of an author who had published a book where he mentioned that Muhammad had some missing teeth. He was stabbed in broad daylight when he was leaving the publisher's office in College St (a famous area for books, publishers, and the local intellegensia in Calcutta). This was in the 80s. There was also a riot when a local newspaper published a story title "Muhammad the Idiot", where there was no reference to the Prophet, rather the name of the protagonist was Muhammad. Why are these guys such snowflakes? I on
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