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  1. A silly advert. If India is so great then why run off to America?
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/husband-admits-having-sex-chickens-22453075 I know about donkeys and goats but now chickens? And here in the UK? Even begum was involved. What is going on?
  3. As long as they don't boil or beat the dog alive like they do in China then they can eat whatever they want to.
  4. It looks like India is always reactive and not proactive when it comes to armed conflicts. It's embarrassing.
  5. Who was responsible for destroying his country in the first place?
  6. Ranvir

    Jazzy B

    Jazzy B and Hard Kaur are alcoholic druggies. Best to ignore them.
  7. Ranvir

    Jazzy B

    Please remove Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi's names from all buildings, monuments and roads in India.
  8. The freemason motto is order in chaos. Do you think these ppl who ruled the world would let a bunch of Mirpuris and jamaicans 'tear apart' their country without good reason? There is something much larger at play.
  9. Kallu is an offensive term, it's a commonly used insult towards dark people in India. Goreh is never used as an insult to light skinned people. Indians abroad wouldn't like to be called darkie or Pakii by white people. It cannot be defended. Having said all of that I'm pretty damned sure that Sammy knew what it meant all these years. He didn't speak out earlier because he didn't want to lose out on big IPL money. It's a bit like those actresses accusing Weinstein after their big paydays were over but never at their peak. Money always comes first.
  10. I've never heard any Sikh refer to a Sikh girl as a Sikhni. Maybe dumb loud ones like Taapsee Pannu who have grown up in Delhi might say it. The only term I have heard is Singhni which is only used for the religious Sikh girls who wear a turban.
  11. Sikhara/Sikhada is a derogatory term for Sikhs, often used by Pakistani muslims. Our word for them is musullah, and here in the UK it is sullah. Even Sikhni isn't great, I recommend that you don't use that in front of Sikh people. It's like saying Bahmani for a Hindu girl. The best term is simply Sikh girl, just like Hindu girl or Christian girl.
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