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  1. Good luck feeding 1.3 billion on food imports. India is already a country with a lot of hunger and malnutrition.
  2. Good luck feeding 1.3 billion on food imports. India is already a country with a lot of hunger and malnutrition.
  3. You can say what you want about farmers but no farmers - no food - people dead. They play a much bigger role in society than any engineer, lawyer, IT worker.
  4. She comes across as a total coconut. Some of her pronunciations of the Indian players names is cringeworthy. Surely she puts that on.
  5. Bubble gut is not a result of steroids, it is due to HGH hormones, two completely different things. The classic bodybuilders from the 70s like Shwarzenegger and Zane were roided to the max and had no bubble gut. 93kg at 6ft is huge. 96kg at 6ft 1 is huge. There are rugby wingers that size.
  6. Maybe your friend was an exception. Do you know that Britain is the most obese nation in Europe and one of the top ones in the whole world? Have you seen the physiques of Flintoff in his early days, Gatting, Botham, Warne, Boon, Merv Hughes? Hardly Greek gods.
  7. Stop going on about inferior desi genes. It smacks of insecurity and inferiority. South Asians don't even take sports seriously, so no one knows their potential. There is something definitely off about Symonds and Watson. They are very heavily muscled, they are built like some rugby players and everyone knows that Rugby players are on roids.
  8. Abs on their own dont mean steroids. Abs with huge muscle mass are suspicious. Its very difficult to put on and maintain a large amount of muscle mass without gaining fat. That's the difference.
  9. Who do you think has used steroids during their career? The physiques of Symonds, Shane Watson and Chris Gayle look very suspicious to me. Both Symonds and Watson weighed well over 90kg with abs showing and are only just over 6ft. That is what a small heavyweight boxer weighs. There have always been rumours of Shoaib Akhtar as well.
  10. I say let the country develop, get everyone literate and then allow people to convert. Otherwise people will simply be tricked into conversions.
  11. When education levels improve and major poverty is eradicated.
  12. The parents of these girls are spineless. First of all you need to teach your daughters about the dangers of Islam and muslim men. Then if they do foolishly get involved with a muslim man, you take every step possible to end it.
  13. Ajay Devgan has done a double whammy from Vishal Degan to Ajay Devgan and now for good fortune Ajay Devgn.
  14. He did achieve great things but people over exagerrate his achievements and downplay the quality of his teammates. A small club Verona won Serie A in 1985, so it wasn't out of the ordinary Napoli winning in 1987. Also, remember that Napoli paid a World record fee to sign him so they weren't a bunch of paupers, they also made some other good signings in the 80s. As for his 1986 Argentina teammates being average that is also exaggerated. They had one of the best defensive records in the tournament. They may not have been household names because a lot of them played in Arg
  15. The most technically gifted player of all time, the only other player who came close to his skills was Ronaldinho. I'm not shocked by his death though, he boozed, did drugs and was overweight. It was only a matter of time. In fact it's a miracle he made it to 60, he was close to death in his 40s. Still, what a life he lived!
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