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  1. It's obviously a staged event and the media are pushing it. One man died and it has caused this much chaos throught many countries. It doesnt make any sense at all.
  2. You can't compare Buddha with Gandhi. Buddha preached non violence but never said that you should never retaliate if you are attacked. Sinhalese and Burmese Buddhist have deskt with Islamic extremism very well.
  3. Always have a backup plan if you're following an atypical career.
  4. Personally I prefer the more sadistic villains like Sanchez, Zorin, Alec Trevelyn. Live and Let Die's villains were also fantastic.
  5. The villains were simply too weak in TLD. Georgi was too camp, a general is meant to be tough. Sanchez on the other hand was great. The drug dealing aspect also made it more realistic than the typical take over/contaminate the world stories.
  6. No it was a good film that had emotion. That's also why Goldeneye was Brosnan's best film. Dalton was a great Bond who should have gotten the role even earlier. The producers wanted him to replace Connery in 1968 but he refused it as he was too young.
  7. I just watched this a couple of days ago. Dalton was a fantastic Bond, the world just wasn't ready for his take on the character. He was like Daniel Craig but 20 years earlier. The action sequences were good, Dalton brought real emotion, seriousness and depth to the character with just the right level of humour. The soundtrack is very good with some good funky beats and a great title song. The movie itself was good but it was a bit silly how Georgi could go from being seen as being a defector to having control of his own army again at the end. Whitaker was also a bit of a weak villain, more humorous than dangerous. The actor playing him was more suited to the loud dumb american character he played in the Pierce Brosnan movies. Even Georgi wasn't menacing enough, the blonde henchman however was as good as any sidekick in the series. The Bond girl was standard fare, nothing standout there. It's also funny how Bond is helping the precursor of the Taliban and Al Qaeda against the Russians, that did not age well. Likewise how did these mujahadeen gatecrash a classical concert in Europe at the end. I'd give it a 7/10, the next film Licemce To Kill is Dalton's best movie and one of the best Bond movies of all time. Dalton deserved more films, he would have been fantastic in Goldeneye if it was made in the early 90s.
  8. Here in the UK muslims definitely have an us vs them mentality. There have been several cases of their youth ignoring social distancing and playing cricket matches. Just this week in my hometown a policeman on a bicycle confronted a group of Pakistani youth who were playing cricket in a park. The youth ignored him, filmed him, ridiculed him and then took his bike and were riding it around him, circling him. Even the most idiotic Hindu or Sikh youth wouldn't do that to a policeman here. Religion plays a part in muslim poverty and ignoring the rules. If they made social distancing part of sharia law I can guarantee you that more of them would follow it.
  9. The Living Daylights was by A Ha not INXS.
  10. RIP As a kid in the early 90s I never liked him because he was fat. A hero should maintain a certain level of fitness. Heena was a good movie at the time.
  11. What are people's favourite James Bond theme songs? My top 3 would be: 1. A View To A Kill - Duran Duran 2. The Living Daylights - A Ha 3. You Know My Name (from Casino Royale) by Chris Cornell I'm really not liking these slow melancholic songs that have been in Craig's film since Quantum of Solace. The new one by Billie Eilish is tedious. My top 3 are good upbeat tunes!
  12. Moonraker definitely used the Star Wars hysteria at the time for it's benefit as did Man With The Golden Gun with the Kung Fu.
  13. Yes but you have to admit that a lot of Moore's films just copied whatever the trend was at the time. Blaxploitation, Kung Fu and Star Wars. Even today's Bond films have been mimicking the Bourne films. Bond has not been a trend setter since the 1960s.
  14. Look at where Japan and South Korea are now in football, light years ahead of India.
  15. A lot of Roger Moore's films just blatantly copied the trends of the time, Live and Let Die was made after the success of blaxploitation movies (like Shaft) in the early 1970s, Man With The Golden Gun was made after Bruce Lee mania and Moonraker was made to cash in on the success of Star Wars. His Bond was too comedic and charming for my liking, I never believed him as a killer. Connery made some absolute classics after his Bond hey day. His Bond also had the right mixture between being suave and aggressive. Craig is too much on the aggressive/cold side.
  16. Craig is very wooden, a poorer version of Timothy Dalton (who is underrated in my opinion).
  17. Connery is a very good actor and is the only Bond actor to win an oscar. The worst actor has to be Roger Moore, it's no surprise that he had no movie success after the Bond films.
  18. Sorry if this offends anyone but when muslims are in minorities they behave just like blacks in america and in the uk. No respect for the law, prone to rioting, hostile attitude, disproportionately involved in crime, blaming racism for all of their issues, not fixing the root causes of their social problems.
  19. Sorry if this offends anyone but when muslims are in minorities they behave just like blacks in america and in the uk. No respect for the law, prone to rioting, hostile attitude, disproportionately involved in crime, blaming racism for all of their issues, not fixing the root causes of their social problems.
  20. I've seen quite a few of his films and he always played the same kind of quirky character with the same mannerisms. He was a bit like the Indian Christopher Waltz. In fact, a lot of Indian actors who are praised as being different from the norm are guilty of the same thing - Om Puri, Nana Patekar (both always playing angry shouty men) and Nawazuddin Siddiqui(usually playing quiet weirdos). Amitabh Bachan is a far greater actor than all of these guys. Anyways I didn't want to be disrespectful. RIP.
  21. Bollywood on the other hand still does stereotypes very badly. Don't expect too much different from others if you are doing the same thing.
  22. That's what I like about Goodfellas. It shows the mafia to be the violent psychopathic scum that they truly are. The Godfather on the other hand glorifies and glamourises them somewhat. Goodfellas is more realistic and is based on a true story.
  23. I think Goodfellas is the best Italian American Mafia movie of all time. The Godfather is just too slow moving. A Bronx Tale is another great mafia movie. Shawshank is good but I don't find it as good as people say it is.
  24. The Shawshank Redemption The Green Mile The Godfather Aliens Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  25. Inbreeding makes IQ matters far worse but the biggest culprits are large families, wasting time on religious studies instead of real studies and placing more emphasis in the after life than this life. Is there any western country in the world where South Asian muslims have had more success than Hindus and Sikhs?
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