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  1. Best result possible For india : draw , lose gracefully For Australia: win , draw because or rain. India if no rain : 100/3 , 180/6, 250 all out.
  2. They need Sanjay Manjrekar too with Imran khan. Without Manjrekar Imran is nothing and without Imran Manjrekar is nothing. Both can't do anything without each other.
  3. Good fight back. 111 for 0. I hate this commentators. They are one of the worst and biased .
  4. really good prospect. I hope that india can win at least three World Cups in incoming ten years.
  5. what happened to UV. I still remember his T20 World cup final struggle. Today he flopped again. he should stop playing cricket and start something else. 50 strike rate.
  6. he is targetting WT20. I dont think so he will retire before that. But you never know, he chicked out from Australian Test series in middle. he has habit of taking the things deep. Now he is just taking his retirement deep unto 50 overs i mean years.
  7. this. It must be investigated how and why certain players were backed. This is deep routed problem in indian team selection. It could open a pandora's box . give selection to private parties like Mumbai indians :)
  8. Bhuvi is decent bat and more assured bat than Dhoni against spinner.
  9. These guys are jokers. Dont take them seriously. just ignore. Baaswala Ali, abdul Mazzak ects are just a hungry for some cheap publicity. Dont give them publicity.
  10. I haven't watch the match. but this could be serious concern if true. we need hardik in final. he balance out jathav/dhoni's slowness. we can play with agrawal but he can't bowl. Including three seamer and agrawal means jadeda and kul/cha .
  11. Can India chase 300 against Australia? it will be define movement of the tournament the day india chase anything more than 250 with Dhoni's 150 SR.
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