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  1. Pakistan was just one toss away from losing and kicking out of tournament. They were lucky to win all toss against top team. Batting first and they are done. Luck runs out for them finally.
  2. Pakistan's loss is one toss away. Chill. India will bounce back.
  3. South Korea vs china match will have full banchoo - mancho as Kohli in commentator.
  4. They just added the number of 550 security guard to show off. Actual number could be 50 lol. It is just a head count, if you shout in india ,1000 people will come out from street. the sheer number of humans we have are unbelievable.
  5. It is no rivalry. It is all about gloating. You can't beat india ( war, Technology, economics) in anywhere and there is decent change in cricket to beat any team that is all. Beating on intangible aspects like talent, passion, bravery, fart smells like arabian ittar are no sale in this era, it was hot commodity in 90s. So beating here and there in last two decades keep them going.
  6. Well done ECB. keep screwing them up. People who are having solidarity with Pak, remember that everything coming out from there has inferior motive : artist, cricketers, politicians. These are snakes and you can't have snake in your backyard and won't bite your kids. No Aman ki tamasha, india needs to handle our problem by ourselves and let them handle their problem.
  7. The pakistani think tanks are seriously discussing quitting cricket and putting entire nation to learn soccer. :)
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/sep/20/england-pull-out-of-next-months-cricket-tours-of-pakistan
  9. what happened to ENG visiting pakistan? any good news ?
  10. it is fun to watch the meltdown from Pakistani people in general. Their TV anchors, past cricketers, current cricketers, current-past cricketers ( Aamir , shoieb malik type), commentators, PCB personals all of them are so frustrated with this NZ snub that they are able to think from their brain anymore. This is the most hilarious meld down of any country for sporting event. Pakistan has nuclear bomb and they can't use to blackmail anyone on current situation is the worst thing. Think about you have very luxurious item but you cant show to your neibour when he gets new car. Man I am so loving i
  11. Pakistanis are dilutional awam and in our katta, they can beat NZ or even AUS because of SPIN friendly wickets. It will be their moral victories to beat NZ on spinning wicket. IMO, Let the them believe whatever they want, overall world will move on.
  12. what is the reason why they cancel? dont tell me security alert. Then why they have ever decided to go there. It is part of parcel of going in Pakistan. NZ could have say no like how they did in last 10 years.
  13. what excatly he wants? selected 100 players? if they both were selected then he might feel bad for varun chakrovorti. if SKY was not selected then he might cry for SKY.
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