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  1. If it weren't for Sydney's shytty weather, they would have been knocked out in semi here also.
  2. NZ are a good team. They just have a mental block against Australia.
  3. Brat might have sledged Paine about being a temporary captain last Australian summer, but if not Paine, who's gonna be the Aussie test skipper in the short term? - Hazlewood? Cummins? Lyon? They NEVER give the captaincy to a bowler. - Head? Captain of South Australia, but still hasn't found a permanent place in the Test team. - Labuschagne? Looks like he could become a permanent fixture, but he isn't just yet. Let him concentrate on his batting and part-time spin for now. - Finch (the ODI and T20I captain)? Hopelessly exposed against India in the Test series last sum
  4. Congrats to Australia on retaining the Ashes. First time in England since 2001. The obnoxious twats in the Aussie media (Crash Craddock, et al) will be insufferable now.
  5. Smith making a century nearly every time he bats is getting a bit boring now.
  6. Craig Overton in for Woakes for England. Wtf does Sam Curran have to do to get a game? Roy and Denly swap positions - Denly to open, Roy to #4. So I suppose Roy has swapped coming in at the beginning of the innings for coming in at 2 for 10?
  7. Highly entertaining, but also highly effective.
  8. I live for the day when Stuart Broad gets fined for excessive appealing.
  9. Cummins and Pattinson bowling together...
  10. Looks like all three of the "Sandpaper Trio" could be playing in the first test, with Bancroft favoured to partner Warner at the top of the order, and Smith batting at four. The Barmy Army are waiting...this is what is on the back of their official series polos and t-shirts:
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