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  1. How is it Root's fault if England have no batting or bowling. They still played Anderson who is 40 years old.He carried that team's batting almost alone for last few years. People should have sane expectations.Just changing the captain will do nothing.
  2. Who are those youngsters again with whom India has a chance?
  3. Wow Bumrah has done great things for India but Kohli and Rohit have not done anything. Now I have heard everything.Bumrah has done nothing for India compared to those two guys. They have carried this Indian team batting for more than decade. Bumrah has stunk up the joint everytime when series is on line or in big matches.He is the biggest culprit for India losing in SA along with crappy middle order. Guys like Kishen are not even worth mentioning in same sentence.
  4. He wants to do well so bad but he is unable to do it.Lot of issues with his technique.He needs to get away from limelight and work on his game if he wants to play further.He might be the only player who has kept on playing all formats.Rohit was out injured during SA tour. He will only make it worse for himself and his teams.
  5. No one is offering any excuse.This guy's performance dropped off from a cliff since 2020.You don't decline like this guy has declined.It is not normal.It started since the bio bubbles started.
  6. Rahul becoming Indian captain itself was a joke, if guy like Pandya becomes Indian captain it would be a bigger joke. To become Indian captain you need to achieve something first as a player.
  7. Moronic idiots don't understand what these guys are going thru playing in these constant bubbles.Every player is different and how they cope with these bio bubbles is also going to be different.This guy Kohli has not been the same since these bio-bubbles started ,as Shastri said these guys need to be shown empathy.
  8. If he wants a second innings of his career, it would be wise for him to take a break and go back to domestic cricket.Nothing wrong in it every player goes thru it, he is complicating things.
  9. IPL is last thing you need to use as a metric to measure captaincy skills. Dhoni won IPL with CSK many times but he was a horrible T20 captain and player. IPL is all about team construction, it is all about how well the team managements construct their rosters.
  10. Ishan Kishen never impressed me. Pant on other hand always was impressive. Pant's major weakness is his strike rotation. Once he gets that sorted out, he would walk in to any team in the world,.
  11. I was not comparing Kohli to DK at all. DK has serious issues with dealing pressure.He even crumbles in test cricket as keeper.But T20 might be his best format, he just has to play his game. Other thing is we don't have anyone else who is even remotely close to DK.
  12. Spot on.PV Narshmiha rao was in a way is architect of modern India.He was a stateman who was unafraid to take help of opposition. He took help of Vajpayee to get India on UN to prsent India's case against Pakistan sponsored resolution.He never got his due recognition.
  13. I completely agree with you but all the speeches were about constitution and democracy. Jamhuuriyat was constant word being thrown around by every idiot who was talking.
  14. I never said Kohli had better technique than Sachin.I also disagree that Sachin somehow faced better bowlers.India never faced any great bowling attacks before 2000s. Sachin's Perth 100 was made against three medium pace bowlers and one Mcdermott and not against Lillee and Thompson. Kohli's Perth 100 was made on new Perth stadium against legitmate great fast bowling attack on fast wicket.His score was the highest in the match too. Kohli if he continues to play like might end up with less avg than Rahane.That is not my point, with Kohli and Tendulkar at their best, I wi
  15. This guy Shehbaz Sherrif becoming PM is a biggest joke in any democracy.
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