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  1. So what, if Rohit gets 100 time the same delivery he got today, he will get out most of the time.Boult has to still put in that spot and get the ball to move, if he does Rohit will not have answer like he did not today or CT 2017 finals,
  2. Do you think Pakistan will not lose one more match rest of the way. NZ is not unbeatable by any means.
  3. Why should Ashwin be replaced with another spinner .You are not understanding that simple thing and you going on and on about consistent performances and all that nonsense . This squad has already enough spinners which includes VC it does not matter what their recent performances are in IPL. Ashwin was not selected because he lit up IPL with his performances . VC might not pick up a wicket in all matches he plays but his selection over Ashwin is still the right one as he is different.Ashwin had his chances , it is time to move on from him.
  4. There is nothing either Rahul or Rohit can do that is their weakness.Riturajs and Venketeshs of IPL world will do jack at this stage of their careers.Rohit and Rahul are 100% upgrade over them and it is not even close.
  5. If Boult can generate any swing both Rahul and Rohit will be sitting ducks again. That is fatal weakness for them and they won't have any answer for rest of their careers.You just hope Boult does not do what Afridi did today.
  6. They sure can turn around and get to semis as they are in weaker group.Winning whole thing was never a possiblity for this team. I would be suprised if this team does not make semis likewise if they win the whole thing it would be a bigger pleasant surprise.
  7. When you enter any match with just five bowling options , you are handcuffing the captain as he has no room to make any changes if one bowler is having bad day if multiple bowlers have bad day like today it will be a blowout..No other big team has just five bowling options. Winning against England in England or India does not prove anything.India still is a very unbalanced side. It is easier for any team to overcome losses like this than a close match.Other team was just better today, you accept it and move on to next match.
  8. Who cares what Ashwin did in warm up matches. Ashwin at this stage of his career cannot do anything different or be difference maker.VC on other hand has a chance to do very well atleast against certain teams.If he continues to flop he will be out other spinners will take his spot.There is no room for Ashwin in any playing eleven anyways so why waste a spot for him.
  9. Who cares if it was hammering or one run loss.Loss is a loss. They are good enough team to overcome this loss and make semis as they are in much weaker group.India is not fancied team by any measure over any other big teams in the tournament.They have the most glaring weaknesses unlike other top teams.Top 3 need to deliver and they have to get another bowler if pandya cannot bowl they will be alright.It is just one match.
  10. What is this nonsensical legacy. They were bound to win one match.It is better to lose first match than at the knockout stages.
  11. It is not a myth, VC has potential to win matches and that should be good enough reason for his selection. I told you Ashwin did not deserve to be in team another fast bowler should have been selected.All the spinners selected in the squad were enough. Ashwin has no business to be in the team.
  12. How is Jadeja a fraud, he is highly consistent on what he does, it is upto the team to use him properly. He should not be bowling 4 overs every match, he and sixth bowler should be bowling the fifth bowler quota. Pandya has not shown any improvement as batsman if he did he would be coming ahead of him all the time.They don’t expect this guy to play more than 10 to 12 deliveries in any given match. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Varun was selected for his xfactor, if fails , he will be gone forever.Don't make his selection as a mistake. Ashwin is not going win any matches on his own either but Varun might against some teams. Another younger fast bowler should have been in the team in place of Ashwin .Who is just a waste of spot. If he is sulking then he should be kicked out in middle of the tournament and sent home.It is not TM's fault that they cannot fit him into the team. BTW why the hell will Ashwin curse, he was rightly not selected for all those matches. he has no reason for any gripe.
  14. People tend to forget Rahul played world cup finals along with guys like Pandya but failed to deliver.I am not saying it was his fault for today's loss but he has always stunk under pressure.
  15. Where did get that information. Ashwin does not deserve to be in this team nor he deserved to be in the team in England. If he was/is aloof it was his problem.
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