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  1. No that is completely wrong, it was Pujara who was the rock for India drawing the Sydney test and winning Gabba test. Yes Pujara had issues with Lyon but Pant or anyone would have done what they did if Pujara was not there.
  2. Playing allrounder just for the sake of it serves no purpose. Guys like Shankar should not evn come close to Indian team .he adds no value. When guy like Pandya is useless what is point in having Shankar.This guy Shankar averages 50 plus in FC with ball and is no spring chicken has taken 40 odd wickets and score 2 FC100s. People want him to play test cricket. Jadeja or Ashwin can do better job than these so called allrounders on any wicket.
  3. So true, they just don't have that concept of taking quick singles and rotating strike over.
  4. Hope they don't hang around way past their sell date like Sachin, Dravid and Laxman. They need to be kicked out if they don't perform against England and start fresh with young team.
  5. This England series will be last for atleast one of them.
  6. He is as lousy bowler as they come with bowling avg over 50. Jadeja is 1000 time better choice than Vijay Shankar on any wicket even on green tops.
  7. Not just my opinion.Thankfully it the opinion of selectors too.Bits and pieces players like Pandya and Shankar don't take any team far. They ruin team more than they help.I am glad TM did not select Thakur also in the team for this match.
  8. On what basis exactly is Sundar qualified to play at number3.
  9. I don't think so, keep that guy away from Indian test team along with Pandya. We don't need either of them in test team.
  10. NZ was on the other hand was very conservative there was no need to play all five fast bowlers.They should have played a spinner in this match.NZ fast bowlers are one best batting units as Simon Doul was saying with Harsha.They have been the best batting unit in this WTC cycle.So there was no need for extra battting for them.
  11. We don't have non Pandya pacer allrounder. If there is one he would be first name on this team for this tour.
  12. Which one that is the big question.Both of them bring so much to the table.It is easy to say drop one spinner from already weak batting lineup.Thakur is not even an option.
  13. You wanted 5 batsmen plus Pant plus 1 fast bowling allrounder plus three fast bowlers. Who are they dropping from this eleven.
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