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  1. Are you kidding, he would have flourished if he was playing against Mcgrath and company. Kohli is not some bum he is one of greatest batsman ever to have played this game.
  2. She wants to associate herself with the team then she has to take the negative which come her way too. Which other Indian player's wife is seen so much with Indian team. Yes she has been dragged and criticized for wrong reasons but she wants to be in the centre of attraction with Indian cricket team.She is wife of Indian cricket captain and she has got nothing to do with Indian cricket team.Why is she taking pictures as part of Indian team on their official dinners.
  3. She has no business of being in the picture, what a tool, it does not matter who asked her to stay for that picture, she and her idiot husband should have refused it.Being Indian captain is great honor and stunts like these cheapen that position.
  4. Raina has been the backbone of CSk, Dhoni just got credit but Raina has been the overall best player in their franchise.
  5. I like Ponting as a coach a lot, If Ponting becomes Indian team's coach, it will do wonders for Indian team.
  6. Delhi team is very balanced, they have covered all bases.They should be favorite to win the title.
  7. RCB has no bowling as usual, who is picking their players from auction.
  8. Steyn stinks in odis and T20s.Steyn is not even a good bowler in both formats.I don't think RCB will go far if they bank on Steyn.
  9. Why is Anushaka so thin skinned, her husband has stunk so far and Sunny was just joking about it. Anushka needs lighten up it is not the end of world.Don't need to make a fuss about it.
  10. Dhoni somehow still has this fricking aura that he is the best finisher in the world. When was the last time he did anything .But if CSK wants to pay him and make him their captain.Then more power to Dhoni.
  11. I was talking just about six hitting ability against all bowlers.Rohit once set is nightmare , he can hit sixes at will against any type of bowling. Pant swings from his hips, he is more muscle than timing of Rohit. That pull shot by Rohit is his patented shot like Ponting had his but Ponting hit his pull shots more into ground.
  12. I hope he does become quicker.Something is missing from his bowling action, it does not look like he is in perfect sync.
  13. Dhoni was never a allround six hitter, he just had brute force in younger days . Rahul is there but I don't think he is as good as Rohit against spin.Iyer is still too early to say anything.
  14. Even after so many years of IPL Rohit is still our best six hitter. That is so sad.
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