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  1. Greg is writing lot of nonsense, Other than Gill who is the last great batting talent to have emerged from India in last decade. Morons who think it was Kohli who had stopped talented players from playing for India. Whose are those talented batsmen.
  2. When Shakib does anything against big team , we will talk. What the hell has Shakib done as a bowler against any big team.Jadeja averages 21 with 150 plus wickets in India and Shakib over 31 in Bangladesh. Jadeja as a testbowler in Indian conditions is not just great, he is ATG bowler. There is no comparsion between Jadeja the bowler and Shakib.
  3. I don't why Siva and Sunny still are in commentary booth, both have to be phased out. Gavaskar is not adding anything worthwhile for a long long time.Bhogle is another guy who needs to be phased out. We need fresh voices.
  4. Jajdeja currently will make Indian team as batsman and bowler. He is absolute match winner with ball in test cricket in Asian conditions which no other allrounder can claim.Jadeja is 1000 times better bowler than Shakib.Shakib is better batsman but overall Jadeja brings more to the team.Stokes is not capable of winning the match as a bowler in any conditions. Stokes is a batsman who can bowl.
  5. Stokes can rarely win matches with ball. Jadeja needs to improve with bat but he is right up there. Holder has regressed he needs to improve his stroke play for other formats. Jadeja is the best allrounder in subcontinent conditions and Stokes in SENA.
  6. There is nothing to go overboard or it is an overaction of him scoring runs against putrid bowling attack. Joe Root is more naturally talented than other three. Who said Kohli is ahead of him in sheer class.
  7. No, any sane umpire will not give that out.Ball tracking there was nonsense.
  8. You cannot bowl over the wicket. He needs to go round the wicket.
  9. Not just shots.He has a very good technique which will travel everywhere in world. I would rate his natural talent higher than Kohli, Wiliamson or Smith. You can see the difference in class between Johnny and Root. He is just toying with their bowling. India has to find a solution for their sweeping.
  10. Wow, Joe Root is a wonderful batsman to watch. This guy is so talented , he is doing injustice to his talent.
  11. Yes, it would be good riddle, Rahane is the weaklink in batting among top five in India.
  12. They did not talk much about Gill which is very surprising.To me Gill was 80% reason for this win. It was his fearless approach and audacity which would have given immense self belief for others. Pant got the credit but Gill was the man.
  13. Sridhar makes a great point, fresh legs .Playing fast bowlers for whole series might be a wrong thing to do in future too. They need to take 6 to 7 fast bowlers on tours from now onwards.
  14. If Pant is not upto the mark as keeper for spinners, he should play as a batsman for this series. It is a big indictment on Pant that he was so overweight had had to lose weight before major tour.
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