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  1. I don't think it is a disaster by any means.Nobody expected this kind of second wave.
  2. Sundar is a bits and pieces player who has to be picked purely based on the need.He cannot be a core player for any Indian side. Dhawan is proven odi batsman who has always done well under pressure.Now Dhawan seems to have found a new touch .
  3. How is Jay Shah even a credible guy, Ganguly other than being a captain has no management experience. Both of them have no business overruling franchise owners/personnel who are much more adapt in handling things.IPL2020 was conducted without any issues. Who was incharge of that operations. They should have been given the control for this one too. Why was IPL being conducted in so many citites. We even saw during test series, there was no social distancing nor there were any protocols being followed both by public and organizers.
  4. Giving that benefit of doubt to the umpire is the issue and you somehow are not able to understand that point.
  5. Their approach is vindicated, once Rohit and Kohli realize that they have decent batting to follow , they will change their approach too. It does not happen overnight, it takes time to adjust for them also. , SKY looks like a real deal he should number 3 in T20 world cup.I wish he could have played in odis.
  6. Pandya catches those catches in his sleep.Thakur to me got too comfortable taking that catch. Cacthing needs to worked on by this team.Slip catching is horrible.Outfield catching and fielding is fine.
  7. We are going to win more matches than we lose with this approach. Knockout matches require some luck. Is Kohli going thru a bad phase which happens to every great batsman is the bigger question. If he and Rohit can be themselves till 2023 World Cup then they just need to find complimentary players around them plus find bowlers especially spinners who can take wickets. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Top three still are the heart and soul of this team. Has this series showed anything different. Pant went @ 192 SR but only 125 at number 4. Getting better bowlers is easier way to improve this team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. To bat deep, you need to to have atleast three bowlers who can handle the bat .
  10. Indian approach needs slight tweaking nothing major as most people seem to indicate. Guy like Pant could come in at number and express himself because there was solid foundation set. The problem is not India's batting approach, it is lack of sixth bowling option and spinners unable to do any sort of damage during middle overs. How many scores of 330 plus plus have been chased by teams. India needs to look more wicket taking bowlers who can take wickets upfront and give spinners a chance to bowl to new batsmen. Bhuvi for all his control averages less than wicket per match.
  11. Rahul did nothing of that sort. His celebrations were quite normal .Some people have very thin skin. Rahul is allowed to express his feelings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Rahul could not emulate what Stokes or England players did today .How does that make his 100 worthless. Did he face pie throwing Krunal Pandya or totally lost head case in Kuldeep.People have some unreal expectations.
  13. Pant is there to provide that impetus, that is the role for number 5 and number 6. There is nothing 90 cricket about today's play. You are assuming that Pant would have gone at same SR if he batted at number 4.
  14. Nothing wrong with his innings today.He came to the crease at 35/2.He had to rebuld the innings with Kohli.
  15. I am sorry , I did not see that 25 years part. But common, in what sense Jayasurya is stylish?
  16. There is nothing graceful about Williamson, Yousuf , Aravinda or even Anwar. Sachin with bottom handed grip also not graceful in classic sense.
  17. If they are not sure, then let it stay not out. Players will understand that and get on with things. The problem is umpire's call you are not getting that point.
  18. BCCI has done the right thing by not allowing their players for other leagues. They are paying top dollar for even domestic players so they are being well compensated for not playing other leagues.
  19. World cup should not be the only yard stick to measure greatness. Malcolm Marshall did not win world cup does it make him any lesser bowler.He is still considered the greatest fast bowler by many.
  20. Guy like Thakur cannot play every match, he has to be picked for couple of matches in a series to get best out of him.Test matches in SENA, he would play one of two matches per series based on the wickets.
  21. You are still not getting the point. It is not about the error rates. You simply cannot have two different outcomes for the same event. Make all LBWs to be ruled by third umpire.
  22. They have that committee now, it is led by Kumble. Strauss and other former captains are in that committee. If I am not wrong it was committee led by Mahela that made the reduction in umpire’s call strike zone from 100% ball hitting to 50%. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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