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  1. John Abraham isn't getting any movies, so I am out of a job.
  2. My co-worker pooped thrice yesterday and then made me chase him to clean him up, so there's that.
  3. Another thing I found in my own experience is that if you do make your passion your career, it often comes with lots of other things that you may not be so keen about. So in theory it is great, but reality is a bit less rosy. Of course if you are independently wealthy, you don't need to gaf. Taking an example of cricketers...one can say that someone like Sachin probably just wanted to play cricket..but had to deal with all the team/BCCI politics, media scrutiny, loss of normal young/adult life etc. etc.
  4. Your passion doesn't have to be your profession.
  5. Is 14 gsngs of wasseypur
  6. Story of every 90s kid getting introduced to the maestro: Came for lisa ray, stayed for the damn good music.
  7. Mariyam is a flat pitch bully.
  8. ^Excellent . What is the Buenos aires guess rationale ?
  9. Interesting ..quite a brainteaser..is this an original @Mariyam production? . @velu i think 1 is moscow, 11 is kabul. Here are others i cud guess: 1 moscow, 2 seoul, 4 washington, 5 rome, 8 baghdad, 9 dublin, 13 manila, 14 amsterdam, 16 warsaw, 17 bern, 20 tehran (not sure?)
  10. ^ maybe they put up a statue ? or named the college after him
  11. The irony is that one of the main reasons for wet markets (from where corona originated) is people like to eat exotic animals for their rumored mardana takat enhancing capabilities. I would have thought the last people to need so much mardana takat would be the population that had to enact 1 child policy or risk blowing up to 10B.
  12. Left vaale numbers are just placeholders (replace them with aalu, pyaaz, number plates). Right number is their total value, value of each digit on left is added to give the total.
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