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  1. Dont worry they'll still have many many sympathizers and supporters
  2. And again.... ... finally got arrested apparently
  3. Jarvo came back again in the 3rd test to bat for India wat a legend
  4. Kiwis or WIndians will win it this time
  5. Whatever happened to banter & tiffs without the use of swear words, makes u look low class Rat
  6. Hilarious like @velu pretends to be trans to go in to the girl's
  7. Rahane has always been lucky, right when he's abt to b dropped he comes up with some miraculous hard fought 50 that prolongs his career once again. While CHepu is still cashing in his past success. Step up or step down give others an opportunity
  8. if skateboarding can be an Olympic sport & golf is considered a 'sport' then Y not kabaddi?
  9. It's not Hahane's fault that he's a loser, we all know that he is, Q is how did he become VC.. MH lobby?
  10. Ok Pandey is a good stable batsman plus excellent fielder but NOT meant for t20s, give him a long run in ODIs and he will stabilize the middle order he can easily replace useless Kedar Jadav in ODIs
  11. Yes, But so is China yet they get boat load of medals every time how?
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