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  1. if one man could make a diff to the team's fortune, it would be ABDV. Look at proteas now, getting slaughtered by Pak in their own backyard.
  2. top of the table 1st time in ipl history However, I feel over reliance on ABDV will cost them in the playoffs
  3. Texy

    Dubious Dube

    Worst cricketer in IPL HISTORY? can't bowl, can't bat sold for 4+ crores???
  4. Who would've thought India is producing good bowlers and Pakistan producing good batsmen
  5. can he make it back now that Dhoni is gone?
  6. Jaddu's injury has hurt us the most, gun fielder, quickfire bat, wicket taking bowler
  7. mazaa nehi aaya This feels like in an argument when wife accepts defeat before the argument even begins, instead of gradually defeating her argument point by point, that satisfaction is indescribable.
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