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  1. WTF is this? is this Team Byju's being sponsored by INDIA
  2. feel like Pandey will be an asset for ODIs,gun fielder, Raina ofthe past, t20 is not as well suited 4 him.
  3. If that happens tics will start eating chkunn
  4. Several dead, target Jewish synagogue. Multiple attackers source What's happening to Europe
  5. Now a greek orthodox priest shot from back in serious condition. Must be terror related. France is F****d
  6. Why am I not surprised? Padosi forum is defending attacker and most of those posters are based in EU... gdluck Europe in next few years. You're responsible for this downfall
  7. How can this happen in India? Whose fault is it? That you become the victim all the time? Are Hindus that pathetic that they let this happen over and over? Why are Hindus so pathetic?
  8. Nah will never happen, Its all about " humanity" there.... where else can jihadis apply for monthly benefits from govt. after attacking them?
  9. The only ones who can reform ISLAM are muslims themselves, anyone else attempting otherwise will be seen as outsider trying to attack the religion
  10. source The attacker, Touseef, and his friend Rehan, were apparently waiting in a car for her to come out. Touseef and Nikita knew each other and he had kidnapped her in 2018 too, said Faridabad police officer OP Singh. Apparently, family had withdrawn FIR after consulting good for nothing village elders. Negligence on part of both family & police as well
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