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  1. Word on the street is that he doesnt like grass on the pitch easier to doosra the ball in
  2. So effing tired stupid ads on Indian channels in US keep spouting South Asian, South Asian... like they are ashamed to claim Indian identity unless and until our high achiving neighbors are not included in the count under the tag "south Asian"
  3. Babar averages above 45 in tests and 50-plus in both one-dayers and Twenty20 Internationals, putting him in the top five of all three formats.
  4. Mumbai police = puppets of Thakeray govt-puppet of bollywood mafia... Its a vicious circle..... Rhea(nobody) is the sacrificial lamb in this disturbing saga
  5. Y is this tagged animal cruelty ?May be the animal enjoyed it...humans are animals too right?
  6. F that no one was safe with me thread or no thread
  7. Seriously? There is scarcity of mosque in Pakiland? that u have to convert a revered gurudwara- site of martyrdom of Bhai Taru Singh ji into one? Is this the 'naya Pakistan' than IK promised?
  8. The guy apparently was approved asylum to stay for 5 yrs
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