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  1. Dugout commentary is fun with Swann and Lara. Sanjay Bangar is annoying.
  2. Those IPL fans they show on TV screens are so bloody fake ..paid actors..
  3. Should be a cakewalk unless pooran is given the ‘script’ in timeout and Punjab avoids brain farts ..
  4. Shaw looks like a chhota Shastri only 5 feet smaller..
  5. Pant - Can’t bat, Can’t keep Ads main kar leta hoon..aap batting and wicket keeping kar lo..
  6. Like Dhawan, Shami has also regained some of his form..bowled brilliantly at death with many yorkers. Last game confidence I guess..
  7. So one batsman is standing on 100 plus with a healthy strike rate of over 170 and still the team only manages 160 odd..what chutyipa from other players..
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