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  1. Happy for Sakaria In fact I am happy for every Indian youngster and hope that they perform well in Internationals representing the Country.
  2. So Dhoni dives full stretch here to save his ass in this inconsequential paisa league match and doesn’t dive when needed most in the SF
  3. You never know. May be Dhoni told him to anchor the innings.
  4. Brain fade from Dhoni. Curran could have tonked a few. I bet he knows all that. Just trying to selfishly get some form.
  5. Riley could have gone for 60-70 runs had he continued. Where did they find him
  6. Was it Rahul who said before the start of the tournament that we will see an aggressive side to his batting..
  7. As long as they perform in Internationals,I could care less about IPL.Bumrah performs brilliantly at IPL death overs but has started to leak runs in Internations.It's all complicated.
  8. RCB was saved by ABD again.Rahul or someone needed to push that score beyond 210.
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