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  1. Source : Rediff,Big Sports Breakfast In a sensational interview, former Australia captain Michael Clarke claims that Australia players did not want to sledge Kohli because ‘I want him to pick me for Bangalore so I can make my USD 1 million for my six weeks' Australian cricketers were so keen to protect their lucrative deals in the Indian Premier League that they felt "scared" of sledging India captain Virat Kohli and his teammates during a particular period and instead "sucked up" to them, former skipper Michael Clarke has claimed. India and Australia have had some memorable bilateral duels, but Clarke felt that whenever the Australians would face India, their eyes would be trained on the cash-rich league. "Everybody knows how powerful India are in regards to the financial part of the game, internationally or domestically with the IPL," Clarke told Big Sports Breakfast. "I feel that Australian cricket, and probably every other team over a little period, went the opposite and actually sucked up to India. They were too scared to sledge Kohli or the other Indian players because they had to play with them in April," the World-Cup winning Australian skipper reckoned. Clarke believes that some of Australia's ruthless on-field character got compromised because the top-10 draws at the IPL auctions gave an impression that they would never sledge Kohli. "Name a list of ten players and they are bidding for these Australian players to get into their IPL team," he said. "The players were like: 'I'm not going to sledge Kohli, I want him to pick me for Bangalore so I can make my USD 1 million for my six weeks'. "I feel like that's where Australia went through that little phase where our cricket become a little bit softer or not as hard as we're accustomed to seeing," Clarke said about the time after the ball-tampering scandal when terms like "Elite honesty" were propagated. *************************************************************************************************************** Look at the balls on this idiot sucking up to every Indian Commentator.
  2. Nah bhai nah.. even if he takes 10 wickets in 10 balls, please isko nahin khilana..
  3. If only they had benched him for India Series too..
  4. Brainfart from NZ as soon as they land in Aus. Jamieson is a must in these pitches. They have benched him for Ferguson.
  5. Useless Pointless Series. Should not have been played at all.
  6. Jayasuriya would murder Bangar, Gony and co.
  7. A petition has been filed in Madras HC to cancel IPL. It will be heard on Mar 12.
  8. Cineplex HD on TV and airtelxtream on Mobile
  9. Kaif’s strike rate is more than Pathan
  10. Vaas looked in incredibly good shape.
  11. I want Kohli,the proven failures and Oldies to fail but would love to see Pandya smash a few.
  12. Has been resting in the NZ tour also.Didn't do anything.
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