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  1. Why? Is it helping him in any way? Fed up with the trundlers.
  2. First time seeing Bawa.. He has power hitting game and blessed with good timing.
  3. He is on 127 off 88 so far with 12 fours and 6 sixes!
  4. Only Hangargekar looks international material.
  5. Under KL.... No. Choohon ki saina hai yeh
  6. He is what KL can never be. In your face fighter attitude and to give it back. KL and Dravid... Hahahaha.. Even Zim will queue up to beat this combination
  7. Off topic but i would really love Yusuf Pathan in the T20 squad. Can still hammer the ball a long way. Currently hammering Murali, Kulasekara, Gul.. 47 off 23. Really enjoying his batting.
  8. Yes.. Don't know why he isn't on the radar. He spins the ball miles and is not easy to pick. Should have played ahead of Mistri in the WC.
  9. Legend Khatmal dropped a catch here too.
  10. Where is the match thread of Indian Maharajas vs Pak Lions Indian Team is doing full chewtiyapanti there as well. Binny, Ojha, Venugopal Rao, Gony, Hemang Badani, Badrinath are the batsmen... Good luck chasing even 100..
  11. Nice try Khujara.. now fukkk off and take that Hahane with you.
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