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  1. Pandya is the biggest scam after Harshad Mehta ..........
  2. Yes.. Him and Chakri. Both bought the swagger and the X factor. Well.. Both choked on bigger stage. Early days but I'm not that confident. Let's see how Ishan does.
  3. Ind play all our matches last so they will know the exact permutations and combinations to better the NRR in winning matches. They will absolutely have to pummel some teams to do that.
  4. Good one but they have to be given specific roles.KL,Pant,Kishan have to strike even if the openers go early.No scope for unnecessary defense.
  5. Run bana lo fir.Open with Kishan,drop KL to 4.Include Shardul.We are stuck with useless Sharma,a darpok KL and cunning Kohli who will continue to leech this team.
  6. No one not even the die hard fans of Pak cricket predicted that fine spell of swing bowling from Shaheen especially in UAE. That was sensational. I hope Sharma and KL are alert to Boult this time.
  7. Don't know about that but Vada Pav Sharma is equally pathetic. Hit the lowest form in his career. Looks a joke
  8. He was the most crappiest and has been for a while.
  9. We got humiliated by 10 wickets and our NRR is in gutter. Pak may defeat NZ but I doubt if that will be easy. We have to beat NZ convincingly ( Huge IF) and smash Minnows. Can't see it happening
  10. Plus the stupid toss factor. We lose all the important tosses.
  11. Beaten by Bangla, Beat Bermuda ( smashed 400 if I am not mistaken) and then got beat by SL.. Here, thrahed by Pak, will lose to NZ and beat AFG.
  12. India looked demotivated and not interested. They already had their bags full of IPL cash. Don't wanna waste more time. Will lose to NZ and one of the minnows and come back.
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