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  1. Bombay - not Mumbai for me, and that too the old school 80s and 90s where it was pure romance - I could breathe but my 1st trip after 10 year was in 2012. I wanted the GTFO as soon as possible from what seemed like a garbage pool which needed cleaning with one of those harpiks However, I miss it day n night and still flirt the idea that if I hit that Jackpot, I will go back but this could be Dhoni ka kutta na ghar na ghat ka syndrome
  2. Shows that old Aussie confidence in them, I wrote earlier that they were beating teams like squatting flies and I was kinda rooting for Delhi for the sake of "ek baar to dedo yaar" but Mumbai was too high class for all teams Great combo of players
  3. FLESH on Erosnow - Dirty, Disturbing, but WOW
  4. Have almost entire collection Koi fans hain, bole to?
  5. With so much cricket around, didn't really have time
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