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  1. aditi ashok at -9,(3 shots back ) the final rd might not even happen is the hurricane hits so she needs a great 3rd rd to medal,btw she looks like ajit agarkar.
  2. lets see if the tail ender specialist can get tailenders out,i dont think so though.
  3. it feels like we are stuck in a *ing groundhog day every test, the idiot captain loses the toss and our heralded bowlers cant make breakthroughs and our spineless batsmen cant play swing to save their lives.
  4. match will be over in 3 days,I have zero faith in ANY indian batsman.
  5. i have more faith in Sundar than Hardik who has been a big flop in T20s for us.
  6. he needs faster pitches with true bounce to hit his shots.any slow and 2 paced wickets and he cant bat at all.he will be a big liability in the T20 WC and should not even be picked.
  7. these are all oympians but i feel we choke a lot,i watched some world cup archery before Olympics and we were winning it and now they all choke.
  8. i would drop Bumrah altogether from the test team,if he wants to prolong his career he needs to stick to LOI cricket.
  9. I have more confidence in the older SKY than Kishan and Shaw put together,.he may make it to the next WC if he keeps his form.
  10. as if our other options are expert openers,Rahul has a better chance of surviving than any other choice we have.
  11. as always i am right most of the time,Rahul should play in every england test.
  12. even hacks like ishan kishan can succeed in the modern game.
  13. how the heck did they catch it and why are they not vaccinated?
  14. is tthis a catch,shouldnt the player establish herself on the field before catching it?
  15. thank God this loser went back to india during the Australia tests,we would gave lost 4 if he stayed. this guy is a master demotivator, he is not a leader of men.
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