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  1. unbelievable. Thakurs bowling is not suited for flat tracks at all.we need pace,i would have picked Tyagi ahead of Thakur.
  2. he is directly responsible for this.those terrorists took his "liberate Michigan" tweet by heart.Trump is the greatest threat the world has ever faced since Hitler and if you dont see it i feel sorry for you.
  3. If Trump wins or attempts a coup then i am leaving and i hope every indian leaves too.you dont want to live in a fascist state-trust me.these racist's will turn on asians next and they wont stop till they create a nation for whites only.
  4. the senior team is weak in the middle order.Iyer,Manish and Pandya cant score well against good fast bowling.i think the juniors have the edge in the batting department.
  5. I dont care about the IPl but i do care about Bangalore.They need to divorce themselves from Kohli next year,he is not a winner like Dhoni.I fear for Padikkal ,every talented guy fails when they play for RCB.
  6. I am pretty sure the ICC has a big clause in their constitution against this,SA may get suspended again from international cricket.
  7. you are saying indian americans are voting for indias best interest rather than their own interest and well being?.they would rather vote to make their lives worse to save india from its terrible neighbors?
  8. Trump is even more overtly racist and yet Indians are still voting for him,they are no different from uneducated rednecks.
  9. Stonis is freaking overrated,Warne was bigging him up and he was never going to live upto the Hulk nickname.
  10. this must be the special mysore pak then.Mysore pak is one of then few indian sweets i can eat because it doesnt have milk in it.
  11. I dont think they add milk to Mysore pak,me being still alive is the proof.
  12. what is special mysore pak? i only know of 2 kinds-that hard and the soft.is there a new kind in India now?
  13. she is speaking chinese,guessing the sauce is likely a mixture of soy sauce,shaoxing wine,garlic gingers and looks like chili oil
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