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  1. no,i am just talking about the 4th test BRisbane wicket, compared to other Tests there is was much easier to bat on day 5.
  2. it was flat even in brisbane.most of the time Gabba wickets deteriorate on day 4-5 with big cracks.
  3. whats wrong with him,he played so well in Australia.I feel indian pitches are not to his liking,he needs ultra flat ones to just tee off.
  4. I am so sad that the modern indian batsmen have such poor footwork.three of the best indian prospect in Shaw,Gill and even Padikkal have such bad footwork and i dont know f they will ever overcome it.you can replace Shaws legs with 2 tree stumps and the result will be identical.Gill never gets to the pitch of the ball,he played well on ultra flat wickets in Australia but i fear his lack of footwork is going to a hindrance in him solidifying his Test status.Padikkal is also a concern,his front foot is always stick in the pitch,he gets away with it in white ball cricket but right now he is not
  5. I feel Bumrah is way overrated.he hardly has played in Indian tests and when he does makes no impact,heck Shami is way better than him in India.he strictly is a death over speacialist,doesnt even take early wickets in LOI competitions.
  6. I dont get Bumrah over Jadeja either,by any metric Jadeja is the most important player in our whole team,why is this often injured Bumrah getting a bigger contract than Jaddu?
  7. um.. the whole concept of Biryani seems misconstrued by you.The meat is definitely marinated in Hyderbadi Biryani and the rice is half cooked and layered over the biryani and cooked on Dum.If the rice doesnt absorb the meat flavor as it cooks then you are not doing it right.
  8. India are overwhelming favorites.If we actually play on pitches with some turn then we will win the tournament undefeated.
  9. there is no way they can successfully manage this for 6 weeks ,this will end the same way as the PSL.
  10. I didnt even know they stopped at the bottom of the bails which doesnt make sense,this was a obvious change to make and should benefit every bowler.
  11. you know what would help more? get everybody involved vaccinated and not put them in mind numbing bio bubbles.
  12. ofcourse we need spinners,not all tracks in India are so flat as we found in Pune,England would have lost all the LOI games if the spinners had some help from the pitch.my pet peeve with modern games is the lack of talent from modern batsmen to play spin,the flat track bullies of england can only win on pitches which have no seem movement or offer any spin.
  13. Will train during IPL with England Tests in mind: Bhuvneshwar https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/116832/will-train-during-ipl-with-england-tests-in-mind-bhuvneshwar
  14. i am not saying Ashwin would be better but surely he needs to come back into the team to actually see if he is serviceable? the 2 dumbo leggies cant bat either and i think they are done in International cricket for the time being.
  15. they are dropping sitters though,i doubt its because the fielding coach is teaching them bad technique.
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