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  1. Siraj is the most important fast bowler for us.Bumrah doesnt pick early wickets so siraj is the one making early inroads.
  2. there is no home advantage with these walking wickets on our team,i think we will struggle to even make the finals of the WTC this cycle.
  3. these guys are shameless, they will keep playing till someone kicks them out.
  4. drop all 3,i will have immense respect for Dravid if he does it because its clear all 3 are done.
  5. i would ideally replace both pujara and rahane but pujara is like a thrall collar on our batting and he needs to go.
  6. can anybody confirm if Siraj is injured?
  7. blame the idiot selectors first,they should ripped the band aid off long time ago.
  8. what a joke,genuine all rounder my foot.dude is a charlatan and guys like you eat it up.
  9. if siraj was playing we would have a 150 run lead,Dravid has dissapointed me so far in making the right choices and he continues Shastris seniority first nonsense,
  10. this is not an ideal pitch,its so slow even our spinners are struggling on it
  11. that series is dead and so might other series like the Ashes if this variant is more virulent than Delta.
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