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  1. I would love to see Siraj in indian conditions, heck I would love to see Bumrah in india too
  2. I have no problem of playing him in meaningless odis but he has to be better than rahul right to be a long time option?
  3. He still ha the same problem.his ideal format is Tests where there is no pressure of scoring runs every ball .his scoring areas are small and he can be easily restricted with good field placements.He should concentrate on TEsts and improve his keeping for now.
  4. i feel Gill gets out because he gets lazy feet,imo the majority of his dismissals are because he doesnt get to the pitch of the ball late in his innings or very early in the match.
  5. how cares about sports? these people have been discriminated for centuries ,its high time they are not treated as second class citizens.
  6. wtf man? is this what keeps you at night? after the 4 year of that nincompoop you should rejoice that we have a president with some compassion .
  7. we also dont have a lot of lefties in the team but in games it is markedly different how the lefties have such a easy time against Cummins compared to righties.
  8. ofcourse we shouldnt give up on him but its on him to get better.his footwork hasnt changed from his under 18 days,he can get away with it in india but not abroad.
  9. these are small countries with small populations and their parties dont use violence to get their way.they can afford to use Ballots.
  10. lets win at Chennia and Ahmedabad first,not sure why everybody thinks its a slam dunk.
  11. unless someone post concrete evidence of fraud then EVM is best for India,younger people might not remember rampant booth rigging pre EVM days.
  12. Gill was going fir the whole way,he knew Pujara would hold up one end.
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