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  1. so you dont believe any news which is published? you dont believe all the satellite photos? heck China has already claimed Galwan valley and i dont think Modi is going to stop them.
  2. a liar who has no equal,he willingly is ready to give up on the whole Galwan valley to appease a foreign leader,he should be removed asap.
  3. China is the greatest threat to the modern world,they want to dominate the world,India should weed themselves of all chinese influence and markets even if it takes a while.
  4. Indians are inherently racists,the class system still persists . we lump people into 2 broad groups-people who we think are higher class and people we look down upon mainly based on skin color,i bet if most people are capable of honest introspection they will realize this to be true.
  5. We need to deploy a completely reliable (easier said than done) Antibody test for Covid-19 to the general population.If people test positive then they have the antibodies to fight the virus and can go back to work. this is best shot to soldier on till the vaccine is developed.
  6. watching it right now,pretty good so far.
  7. trails are in phase 1 which will take months and there are 2 more phases to go before a vaccine is certified. Govermeent needs to think long term to especially help poor people who have to work to survive.
  8. whats the end game here for poor countries like india? Social distancing will continue well into next year imo until a vaccine or a cure can be found,we cant have a billion people stay at home unless we can provide food for them.
  9. they could as well be r/pakistan.as a liberal that subreddit gives me cancer,a bunch of self hating ,country hating cry babies.
  10. why not give people advance warning what you are going to do so they can stock up? Modi has the opposite of the midas touch,he really makes a well intentioned lockdown into a mess.
  11. finally being an ass hole bites somebody,the world is going mad and I kinda felt that's part of the job requirement.
  12. we do but the cold virus mutates a lot and each year its just a guessing game on which ones will be more prevalent that year,i believe each Flu vaccine can counteract 4 or 5 strains of the virus but even then they are only effective 50% percent of the time.so far the Corona virus has just 2 strains so it should be easier to develop a vaccine but even that will take over a year.
  13. does it really matter? if this thing doesnt go away even the WC will be cancelled.
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