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  1. its unfortunate, I feel for the players who have been in these bio bubbles forever.they should cancel the IPL and give these players a mental break before the WC but BCCI wont do it.
  2. If this was in India they will be favs but most of these guys cant play spin.
  3. you can still test positive on the PCR test even with vaccination because of the new variant even with no symptoms at all.I feel for the Cricketers who have been in isolaton for so long but Shastri really screwed us here.
  4. Kishan is ugly hoicker.not a fan of Pant in LOi games but I will take him over Kishan.
  5. agree on Pandya,he should be killing spinners but he is barely managing run a ball against them,he needs to contribute with bat and ball.
  6. these are not high scoring grounds or pitches.these players can hit spinners well and get to a par score and then we can demolish any side with our spinners.If we dont win the WC i will be royally pissed.
  7. First time i have felt they nailed the LOI team selection.Ashwin may not play a game but he will be a good backup in case of injury.lets hope Bhuvi and Bumrah remain injury free/
  8. it will be the same team and it's a mistake on a dry track with no rain around.
  9. he is better equipped to face the new ball then any other options we have right now and that incudes Rohit.
  10. you guys are getting carried away.We were so close to a loss at Lords had the poms bowled at the stumps on day 5.make no mistake,this teams middle order is in rapid decline and they are getting worse and we dont have any backups for them at all.
  11. even the stats backup that Sharduls better than ishant right now and he can bat.
  12. we have to open with Rohit and KL,thats a no brainer.
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