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  1. Boring-thats in all formats.they are borderline unwatchable nowadays.
  2. team is mentally shot as they have been playing non stop cricket,give everybody 2 months off and play the B team.
  3. is anybody more frustrating to watch than KL Rahul?.he looks like he is prime form and has it all figured out buts goes into a slump for so long that his place in the team will be questioned.
  4. I will go right and say Iyer is not test material,dude has no technique against the moving ball and his footwork is worse.
  5. one of the most hyped players i have ever seen in any sport ,none of his hype is based on actual play apart from once in a blue moon fluke performance.
  6. this was already decided when they picked him and rahane,we will likely see huge changes after this series.
  7. not the first time this has happened,i think they should ban the captain rather than docking points because he is the main culprit .
  8. good to see some new players.i dont know much about them but hope they play well.
  9. defintely,they are so good to take the pitch out of the equation.
  10. they are not dropping the 3 idiots this series as this is their swan song,i would play vihari instead of the lord and play umesh for ashwin if its a green top.
  11. no chance on the front foot plodder kohli,my guess would be a guy like Rahul or even Pant.
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