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  1. Ever heard of hindi chini bhai bhai ? It was based on that. The hindi in this context is people of hind/hindustan, not some particular state(s).
  2. I'm with u on that. Solving this western (and north eastern) border problem one way or another is also a part of the solution which allows us to direct our ₹₹₹ & energy internally.
  3. Yea, coz the match was NZ vs Gujarat where Axar/Jaddu represented the latter more than anything else
  4. are waah, i'm awakened but then Sooryavanshi is islamophobic as per opinion articles on NYT, WaPo & BbQ
  5. If I recall the overwhelming choice of fav cricketer among females (and looks form a key component for them unlike us guys) I've talked to over the years, its MSD. He's not even on the list.
  6. Maybe the state govt should offer MSP instead of other freebies. It sounds better than expecting rest of the country to give guarantees to their farmers. Wouldn't that set the cat among the pigeons once the cost of the demands is realised.
  7. IIRC Ramiz being particularly involved in an Indo Pak game long back, that moment is stuck in my head. It's that game where Anwar scored 194 & Ramiz was in commentary. It was a stiff target of 328 and Sachin was out early. Sourav was timing the ball well, Ramiz explicitly gave a tip or two to a Pakistani player and very soon Sourav was gone, caught on the off side boundary. Dravid & co tried their bit but it wasn't enough. The other such memory is Miandad suggesting Moin what shot to play in the final over while chasing 349. Doesn't come across too well.
  8. Captain also contributed to Mayank's big century, innit
  9. It's been a general embarrassment about incompetence & corruption, nothing specific about this 10 wicket thing.
  10. Not concerned that it came against us, we should win this despite our glaring weaknesses.
  11. Incredible achievement that should be recognised by all, third time in international cricket history for such a feat to be accomplished.
  12. Very selfless knock. Made sure he did not suck up balls to compensate for loss of overs due to weather. Basically he is responsible for Mayank getting to play so many deliveries & scoring big. We need such dynamic players who can transform from Dracula to Duckula depending on the game.
  13. Maybe he means that Pujara will be taking a leaf out of Pandya's book & will be declaring himself fit to bowl, that makes it 3 innings to contribute.
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