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  1. ^^ jokes apart, we once saw a Mumbai police runner in one of those corporate teamwork type wannabe marathons where 4 of us complete 20 km. Us unhealthy nerds were in the low to high 30s for 5 km while the police runner was in the 15-16 min range. I guess the army runners would be at least in that range if not quicker.
  2. Is Broad injured or Karan just plays ahead of him ? Sounds silly if its the latter.
  3. Half of it is a commie way of showing off ur large army with marching soldiers & military weapons, not required at all. The other half is a 1950s musical in 20 odd languages.
  4. Trump is no saint, he also engaged in some sabre rattling with North Korea & slapped Iran in the face with the Soleimani assassination. Thankfully Iran's leadership didn't respond emotionally and waited out the Trump presidency while continuing their other conflicts, else war in the middle east was very much a possibility.
  5. Contrarian here compared to popular opinion: Saha should be playing as keeper. Without Jadeja we don't have our top gun bowling attack and even with him I'd want all the chances grabbed as far as possible. He's no stud with the bat like Pant but he's no mug either, has 2 hundreds in India and 1 in WI. I'm not anti-Pant, I just believe the best XI which also demands the best wicket keeper should play. Saha averages 30 in India, suppose Pant averages 50-55, I would prefer not to risk the potentially missed chances costing more than those extra runs. I'm not including that positive energy Pant's
  6. Don't you remember the months long protests by jews in nazi germany against providing citizenship to oppressed minorities from neighboring countries as well as complete refusal of accepting updated farm/commodities/trade laws ? How ignorant/bigoted of you!
  7. The math and other claims on this thread present quite a convoluted picture. The link below says Rs. 1.73 lakh is the avg subsidy per farmer in Punjab. So does the farmer with their own land holding (as claimed here) actually lose money on the basis of 60-80 hrs of hard work every week since they're making 10k per month (as claimed here) and thus all the hard work results in them owing 4-5k per month if not for the 14-15k per month subsidy on avg ? Quite some job this, you work so damn hard so that you can pay money for doing that work!
  8. There's enough quotes on soldiers and their guns too. So which do u prefer, atom bombs or charity ?
  9. If ur baloch independence supporter, u die! If u contest with any different information, sue! What is it with these neighbours
  10. Humor us here since we're talking absurd hypotheticals, what does the Indian farmer do without the Army protecting him ? Does he embrace a slave life under greater China/Pak once the neighbours smell the coffee or does he fight back their tanks with his tractor/buffalo ?
  11. Clarke

    Watch Thread !!!

    @velu You sure its not a pakistani special edition ? color of the watch looks like green with white numerals & hand as well, besides the crescent moon & star.
  12. Unlike the Trump inauguration where BILLIONS of people attended, there is a TOTAL BOYCOTT of this one and the only people around are some illegals who are covering their faces so as not to disclose their illegal status! Well done DEEP STATE!
  13. Same as Rohit, not being a total @r$3 (i.e. twitter's proud husband and father) makes him cricket's Sun Tzu. At least Rohit scores a lot in ODIs, wish this guy did half as well in tests.
  14. Again a childish & idiotic argument. No one's going on strike, not 57% of the population and neither side has the wherewithal to survive without the other. Its not like farmers will survive without doctors or water supply or police or army or whatever essential service one can think of. You remove one core piece and the entire stack falls down and there are no winners, only losers. Repeating the trolling again in this thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeF_o1Ss1NQ Which do you prefer? a)Atom Bombs (Army/police etc) b)Charity (Farme
  15. Clarke

    Fcuk China

    Layman perspective: are we able to carry out construction beyond the suggested McMohan line like the Chinese ? If not, we got a big problem at hand.
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