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  1. Bradford high school cricket ground is being prepared for that.
  2. Very good record in T20s this year, avg 22.6 and SR 114 Virat when not in good form has avg 115 & SR 147 Imagine that, your avg > opponents SR and your SR > opponents avg + SR and hence lahori logic states opponent is better
  3. Wouldn't mind T20 as a test bed, that helped in 2007 with no baggage to carry around.
  4. Intro to Lahori logic chapter 2: Shaheen is better new ball bowler than Bumrah Instructor: Aqib Javed
  5. It is odd how the likes ofChahal haven't adapted at all to the format despite kaptaan's faith in him. Mostly quicker through the air, good amount of variety in pace/trajectory and googly etc along with control works well. There's also the batsman specific areas that are needed these days. That guy just bowls regular stuff and expects the wide flighted delivery to get a catch in the covers, only to be tonked at international level
  6. Whats with the catch practice & tuk tuk ? Poyz making some money today ?
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