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  1. Is Immy Khan being dumped already by the phouj Will his political career have the same retire-unretire flow repeatedly like his cricket career ?
  2. They're battle hardened in epidemic mgmt top to bottom. Forget testing kits, we used useless raincoats as a sorry excuse for PPEs in the early days. The less I say about junta the better. Don't u see the days it takes to add a lakh cases compared to earlier ? That's after all the bombarding of info and news for months. Those triple seat mawalis who roam without helmet & mask were supposed to locked into which cluster ?
  3. The Nimitz Carrier Strike Force composed of the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Groups conduct dual carrier operations in the South China Sea on Monday. the weekend's deployment of the two carriers, each of which support 60-plus aircraft, as well as accompanying guided-missile cruisers and destroyers, appears to be a clear statement that Washington is not about to cede any influence in the region to Beijing. It is the first time two US carriers have operated together in the South China Sea since 2014 and only the second time since 2001, according to Lt. Cmdr. Sean Brophy, a spokesperson aboard the Reagan. Even in Trumpian times, America projects a lot of power thousands of miles away. Wonder if this in any way contributed to the Chinese backing off, not wanting to bite off more than they could chew currently.
  4. Join kar lo public policy making mr heat theory. Every healthcare expert and serious politician has used lockdowns and still do while you pseudo intellectuals claim to know better while siding with Trump & his redneck bunch.
  5. That's the problem with you cynical folks, just assume hindsight as previously known information. There were no easy answers then and no easy answers now, the world is still trying to figure it out. We may have to deal with intermittent lockdowns time & again, that's also something happening in India and around the world. But you have to understand the following aspects: 1) The countries that dealt with the crisis successfully (Vietnam, NZ, Aus) had a lockdown as a containment strategy. 2) The country that avoided the lockdown (Sweden) still had a major hit on its economy while having many times more death rate than its immediate scandinavian neighbors. A responsible company should have mechanisms to limit covid spread at its premises. Toyota Kirloskar had suspended production when just 2 cases emerged positive. Here we have this money pinching rickshawala who doesn't see any problem with hundreds infected at his company and some employees dying.
  6. Won his academy award at the age of 87, what a legend! Ecstasy of Gold is such a timeless masterpiece.
  7. We're digressing from the topic, but 2014 & 2019 wins in UP weren't exactly a walk in the park for team Modi. Yogi got the CM chair from team Modi/Shah's performances nationally & at state level. Let him hold on to that at least once. I see a lot of cheerleading for team Yogi on this forum and don't mind reminding time & again the credentials of team Modi and how they got to where they are. The idea of meritocracy needs to be maintained rather than have anointed ones, else you're basically Congress + Cow. Over & out.
  8. Guj was primarily Cong state and was also ruled by Janta party in 90s. Modi term was transformational in building BJP as the de facto choice. You don't get close to two thirds majority just like that, long time cong loyalist voters switched sides. There needs to be some merit in the comparisons and suggestions for promotion, a track record is needed. With support from center, 2 terms of basic majority is expected to justify the comparisons and future roadmap. Even Rahul Gandhi managed twenty odd I think in 2009, is that the benchmark for Yogi now ?
  9. Sure, the covid virus flew to his factory via bajaj turbojet rickshaw during the lockdown, so it was meaningless to limit person to person contact. Either you're unaware of basic virus transmission or you're more likely the whiny/cynical types who just sees a problem with whatever is done.
  10. https://www.carandbike.com/news/bajaj-auto-unions-demand-factory-halt-after-250-workers-catch-coronavirus-2257476
  11. Lmao, Modi administration was a bigger badass in Gujarat. They took on the gangsters/terrorists like Sohrabuddin inspite of the Congress mafia targetting him through all available machinery at the center. Governing India is a different ball game than governing a state in India. Let this Yogi win a couple of UP elections by himself and then the comparisons can come in.
  12. Sympathy for the policemen, but they just walked into the trap. The gang blocks the approach road with a JCB, that's an open announcement of being locked & loaded. How do they just walk into the trap ?
  13. State laws is the compromise. Some don't allow beef, others do and a few allow dog meat. That's how you keep diverse India together.
  14. Sorry for distracting, but this cracked me up.
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