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  1. Not in my book. Most of Eng batting seems hit or miss and doesn't seem to have one batsman with the quality and finesse of a Damien Martyn, let alone Ponting. Who's gonna hold up an end when conditions are tougher, Joe the Root canal ? Aussies were actually a rampaging juggernaut in World Cups going unbeaten for a long time, these guys barely won on a technicality in 2019. Even when it comes to bowling, Archer & Wood look good but do they have the quality of McGrath & Lee/others over the long term ? I'm not gonna insult Warne by comparing him to English spinners. In WC 2003, they almost didn't miss Warnie, that's how well rounded that team was at its peak. Someone mentioned Eng lower order batting being better, may be this is partially true. The thing is Eng go about taking a lot of risks and end up depending on the rescue acts now and then. Aus didn't need that, and once in a while Lee/Warne did make some contribution. Who knows, they may have made more runs if they needed to do so as often as Eng does. Buttler & Stokes are comparable to Gilchrist & Symonds, for every other equivalent Aus is hands down superior, which is why this is a flawed comparison. Would we have this discussion if Smith was playing & helped whitewash Eng on their turf ?
  2. English isn't Russian, and you're again skipping the point that we already have a lot of schooling in Indian languages. I doubt there is any finding in India that schooling in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc has produced innovators beyond English schools. Even if hypothetically there was one, don't we have the space for all to exist ? What you've done is picked the strengths of East Asia which were actually achieved by working their fingers to the bone, highlighted our systemic deficiencies such as rote learning and blamed it on English education with local language being the savior. That sounds like manipulation rather than causality.
  3. The tech & other progress doesn't have anything to do with language. There's plenty of local language schools already in India. Adding to them in some way won't make us any superior technologically. A nobel laureate, at least a meritorious one, will be one in a million type of individual and won't be held back by language of instruction.
  4. What aspect r u referring to that is powered by local language
  5. Fans have no role in selection, it's no democracy or popularity contest after all. Whatever the problems with the millions of bhakts and haters of players, it shouldn't affect the Indian squad in terms of personnel.
  6. Yaar tu Indian visa apply kar aur mil jae to lecture deta firna har gaon aur sheher mein. Khoob chappal ande tamatar milenge ekdum muft.
  7. Ignored for first game, roars back in next two to win man of series. Whatta playa
  8. Barbie & Clouderson are like our Jumbo was in the past & Ashwin in the present. Not terrific in all conditions but great workhorses who have been simply outstanding at home and had their moment or two in alien conditions. They're not the ATGs like Steyn & Murali but just one tier below, which is still an achievement in itself.
  9. ^goes without saying, actors will want to be paid for their work.
  10. Will we see him bowl in Eng ? I forgot what's the Pak bowling attack like these days, who are their best bowlers
  11. His duel with the world's best test batsman in his debut series got him the hype in the format. It's rare to see a batsman of Smith's calibre rattled. Early to say whether he's the one capable of winning matches for Eng consistently, huge boots to fill in home tests considering Anderson & Broad's record.
  12. Said this two weeks back in this thread, somehow Anderson & Broad are still running through the WI batting, 34-4 between them. Swing & seam skill is paramount in Eng. They should get to a combined 1100 test wickets this summer, a mind boggling number.
  13. The Judge (2014) - Hollywood wala family oriented film, much diff from our Barjatya ones. Downey Jr & Duvall are terrific. Bhagam Bhag (2006) - I find this way funnier than the welcome housefull and whatever other comedies filled theatres in recent years.
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