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  1. Big downgrade anyways u look at ur current ride, consider this for ur next one https://auto.hindustantimes.com/auto/cars/bmw-i4-electric-sedan-to-launch-in-india-today-price-expectations-41653532838072.html
  2. Waste mat karo: what good savings/conservation values
  3. Assume what u want, i don't believe in rolling back all of history especially with respect to monuments.
  4. Come to an agreement outside the judicial system on Kashi & Mathura and don't change any other monument irrespective of survey results. That's the only reasonable way forward in my opinion.
  5. ^ The presenter is brutal. Former human rights minister, Pakistan has one ... Overall news is funny as hell, the general sentiment in Pak was to liberate Palestine and now there's this outreach being made
  6. It's not a large number in absolute terms, it's in the context of those who are supposed to pay and don't do so. I see rampant cheating in the salaried class via fake deductions worth lakhs and among the business class by misreporting income and would be surprised if that is disputed.
  7. Hey, I know you would prefer Prabhakaran to Nehru or Sardar coz language based Eelam is superior to India for u And btw that so called tiger was also inspired by social justice marxist ideas, it's ok to not know.
  8. Just so you know, the first constitutional democratic republic in the milky way was the Atheist Tambi Republic of Periyarland Eelam with Lord Velupillai Prabhakaran as its founding father. Unfortunately the Aryan invasion destroyed all it's monuments
  9. Pak Govt bans import of non-essential luxury items under 'emergency economic plan' List of banned items Automobiles Mobile phones Home appliances Fruits and dry fruits (except from Afghanistan) Crockery Private weapons and ammunition Shoes Chandeliers and lighting (except energy savers) Headphones and loudspeakers Sauces Doors and window frames Travelling bags and suitcases Sanitary ware Fish and frozen fish Carpets (except from Afghanistan) Preserved fruits Tissue paper Furnit
  10. I was gonna say rat in the hole earlier on comparing Kashi/Mathura with some local temple but calling someone marxist is enough of an abuse.
  11. Should I also act idiotic and cite Pakistan or BD with respect to ur Europe nonsense ? You may not wish Hinduism unites India to whatever extent but it does in certain ways from one border to another.
  12. Well good for them. As for the majority, they will speak on the polling booth, so lets leave it there.
  13. Again shifting goalpost. No one said people of a single religion all form a nation and nothing else. The statement you made is nothing united us. Its only your bigotry that makes you look away from the commonality across India, almost 6 out of every 7 people were Hindus in the 1951 census.
  14. I can tell what is included in the MOST important sites for Hinduism but you'd rather not with your hatred. Marxist (or extreme leftist) perception & influence in India is well known across spheres outside of economics. I really don't care about your awareness of it or your thoughts of mine but am happy for the initial efforts in removing some of its evils across the affected spheres.
  15. Dude, skipping 2 more places which are the holiest of sites of the majority community isn't exactly giving up one's beliefs. Its a well known compromise scenario of Ayodhya Kashi Mathura and nothing else and their orgs (and likely most people) don't concede an inch. Its just foolhardy on their part.
  16. Is the word Hindustan banned in your marxist ideology ? Does 80% of India follow some pagan heresy according to you ?
  17. You commies aren't capable of multi tasking or reading actual news and history or have a connection with reality while asking others to read up. Petrol or fuel is a function of international prices and not keeping up with them is the road to another $h1th0le like Venezuela or SL. Maybe that's another utopia in your head but not the rest of us. Reclaiming the holiest sites can happen besides a zillion other things. Maybe not in your head but the rest of us can deal with all of it.
  18. ok enough now, we're talking Kashi Mathura & not building some temple in Mecca Madina This is the problem with u marxists, don't have any respect for hinduism and will concede to every Islamist demand.
  19. Right, nothing to be gained, screw them hindooz and their beliefs and the sanctity of their holiest sites. Top notch Hinduphobia on display, did you pick this up from the imaginary schools you created once on this forum ? Its you who needs a lesson or two in history where remnants of extreme barbarism are cleared. It takes time, but it will be done eventually one way or another.
  20. Wow, I said reservations and you go on anti discrimination laws on crimes, what a classic shifting of goalpost The idea anyways was to correct some historical wrongs. One can't provide justice for centuries of oppression, but equal opportunity by indirect means was some kind of reparation. The same is the idea here, its just not feasible or fair to reverse the history and change thousands of religious sites. The bare minimum to to restore the holiest ones of Ayodhya Kashi & Mathura which bigots like you obviously have a problem with.
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