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  1. I think we should move on from all of them after this set of away tours.Shami too. lets build a young team in home games
  2. should atleast get one bronze from men and women hockey teams great effort
  3. no we werent. Bumrah completely went missing and there were some(atleast one) schoolboy captaincy errors.Yet we bowled them out for 249 That's good enough if you bat well.We didn't in either innings
  4. He's definitely an asset to opposition bowlers
  5. Rohit Pujara Kohli Rahane KL Rahul Pant Jadeja Ashwin Siraj Shami Bumrah if its a greentop/rain forecast,then play Thakur for Ashwin
  6. Don't the bowlers bowl from different ends?
  7. In cricket they appropriate talent from SA and NZ
  8. Sindhu has age on her side Good for another medal in next Olympics
  9. I only have Sony Six.Thought they'll switch
  10. they are showing badminton final instead of hockey game
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