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  1. So the individual performances are judged by how others did. If others also performed,it only means conditions were easier. Moreover we lost Zak and had to call overhill RP Singh back.No way that'd led to win vs top Eng batting.
  2. Ganguly was definitely involved in Multan declaration too. Dravid was only stand in captain.
  3. and why do you think its the first time its done? Dhoni did the same and it was same Kanpur curator who announced it. It might well be a regular practice in Indian cricket. And last game was anything but a dustbowl.So if there is a reward for that,why would anyone make dustbowl?
  4. 2 50s in Aus and great at home. As an opener hes been good everywhere so far He's not going to get dropped if everyone else stinks,no?
  5. What's the harm after game is done?Did he break any rule?
  6. All wickets taken by NZ were by SLAs,is it a record?
  7. Lord

    Axar Patel

    we were not 500 ahead
  8. numbers over a small sample mean nothing. Outside ICF everyone recognised his role in Oval https://www.cricxtasy.com/ravindra-jadeja-all-round-the-oval-eng-vs-ind/
  9. how did Sundar do with ball in home series v England? We have enough batting options,just need to back them.Also a top 5 batsmen having ability to bowl is always handy like Sachin/Sehwag Thakur and Sundar are both support bowlers. That'd put too much pressure on 3 main bowlers.
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