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  1. that's why the 'maybe' I am okay with one anchor who can make it up later. Maybe play him in middle given he struggles v swing. No doubt about his tactical game though
  2. LMAO Will be happy if we make SF. Glad SL-BD are in other group.
  3. heavy dew and set openers. Both spinners were okay and actually better than our seamers
  4. there's a 'I don't give a damn' vibe from Kohli. Shake-up is least expected of him
  5. another name for assistant coach,director whatever you call it Surely he played a part in team selection and strategy
  6. good start was necessary else it would have been like today. Set it up for others
  7. Playing Bhuvi over Thakur No in form Kishan Jaddu over Pandya with spinners bowling Opening bowling with worst form bowler Bhuvi knowing target is small Bumrah not bowling towards the end. Saved one over for nothing.
  8. no. unless NZ loses to one of those teams and we have better NRR
  9. spinners bowled okay considering the odds. With heavy dew and openers still batting,nothing much they could do. Pacers were too legsidish
  10. bhai semis bhi mushkil lag raha hai ab. NZ always beat us
  11. shittiest LOI captain to captain for so long. Made 4-5 blunders today itself
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